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Yukon Flood Risk After Record Snowpack; Europe’s Colder-Than-Average April; + Global Commodity Prices Continue to Soar

Yukon Flood Risk After Record Snowpack

Northern hemisphere snow mass fired well-above the 1981-2012 average this winter season, and much of it is still lingering.

Across Canada, for example, gone are the AGW-concerns of ‘no snow’ but in their place are fresh frettings of severe flooding due to record-high snowpack — yet another example of the climate movement stacking the deck.

Holly Goulding, senior hydrologist with Yukon’s Department of Environment has said spring weather is critical to predicting the flood risk. She says the best-case scenario is a gradual melt of this winter’s record-high snowpack, because rapid warming and significant precipitation would cause water levels in rivers to rise.

Goulding added that record-low temperatures across the Yukon in April resulted in delayed snowmelt and that the flooding potential is “actively evolving”–which is government agency speak for ‘we don’t have clue what’s going to happen’ and ‘it’s a wait and see’.

Also, this year is looking like a repeat of 2021, when Whitehorse snowpack reached 300% of normal:

Similarly in Kamloops, B.C. April 2022 was unusually cold and snowy.

“There were days in the middle of the month when you had record minimum temperatures,” said ECCC meteorologist Armel Castellan: “Minus 4.5C and minus 5.5C on the 11th and the 16th.”

Rare snow was also observed, with Castellan noting that the monitoring station at the Kamloops Airport logged 0.6cm on April 9 — only the 30th occasions since 1890 that Kamloops has witnessed April snow.

May is starting off in a similar vein, but relief may be in sight; but as with the Yukon, hopes are that the spring warm-up, whenever it finally arrives, will be gradual, to limit how rapidly the high elevation snow melts.

Europe’s Colder-Than-Average April

It was an anomalously chilly April across Europe where, for much if the continent, spring 2022 is still refusing to materialize.

April in Estonia finished with an average temperature of 4C, which is -0.9C below the multidecadal norm.

And in nearby Lithuania, April had average temperature of 5.7C, some -1.5C below normal.

Likewise in Latvia, April 2022 came out at 5.0C, which is -1.1C below normal (below map courtesy of LVGMC):


The Netherlands had an average temperature of 9.3C — -0.5C below the norm.

And in Belgium, April averaged 10.1C, which is -0.3C below (map by IRM):


All of this anomalous cold on a planet supposedly on the brink of a heat-induced catastrophe…

Today, Earth’s average temperature is holding at just 0.1C above the 1979-2000 base, according to the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine — a reading that the institute’s Climate Reanalyzer tool has been showing for weeks now:

Note that Antarctica continues to hold around -3C below the 1979-2000 average, as it has been for weeks and weeks.

Commodity Prices Continue to Soar

U.S. natural gas hit its highest price level in over 13 years and is trading up again Thursday, adding to inflation woes.

Nymex futures are trading in the $8 per mmBtu range. The last time prices were at this level was in the fall of 2008. By comparison, natural gas futures spent most of the 2010s below $5 per mmBtu — in some cases well below $3 per mmBtu.

Also, the current price represents a $4.98 increase from just a year earlier.

Energy costs, overall, have risen by more than a third over the past year and have driven broader inflation. As widely reported, market analysts have pointed particularly to sustained cold temperatures and record-high liquefied natural gas production, which have together led to net withdrawals from storage, driving prices up.

Natural gas is not alone when it comes to soaring prices. Oil has ticked back above $100 per barrel, currently $107.6, and diesel marked a new record-high price this week (which has led me to consider running my truck 50/50 on diesel and veg oil).

Along with energy, food prices are contributing to spiraling inflation, too.

And to that point, today comes the news that Russia has increased the export duty on sunflower oil by $152.80/mt or 41% to $525/mt, according to local media citing the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, beginning June 1 and running indefinitely. The commission was determined based on a floating index that values ​​sunflower oil at $1,750/mt.

Overall, the global food index continues its ‘price exploration’ phase. Put simply, food has never cost this much (at least not in living memory):

The FAO Food Price Index through March 2022 (April update due in a few days).

The house of cards is collapsing.

History shows repeatedly that a devalued fiat currency leads to financial collapse.

Today’s pandemic and war-driven supply chain issues are the fronts for the death of the dollar.


Chaos is inbound.

Secure your family’s energy and food security — get off-grid and grow your own.

[Featured image: Weimar Republic children playing with hyperinflated currency in 1922].

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre). Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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15 Thoughts to “Yukon Flood Risk After Record Snowpack; Europe’s Colder-Than-Average April; + Global Commodity Prices Continue to Soar”

  1. DIrk Pitt

    Seattle had a cooler than normal April:
    Nancy Pelosi stopped by here yesterday on her way back from an around the World tour leading us to war with Russia to bitch about global warming, link up on KOMO if you want to see her in action.
    The forecast is for cooler than normal into May, snowpack is above normal:
    More snow forecast, rainy and windy. Typical La Nina:—add-more-layers/overlays?snowAccu,next10d,47.346,-113.445,6,m:eUrac5x
    Will warming N Indian O strengthen La Nina this winter?
    I have plant starts warming by the woodstove- spuds, squash, cukes, tomatoes. More starts by the slider under a lamp, some outside under a hoop hut doing OK. It’s a start. I drove 120 miles round trip to the grocery store yesterday to top off on stuff between squalls. No lines at the store, shelves were full, and Dow was up a grand when I got home before noon – everything’s awesome, for now.

  2. Mystic’s Mystic

    Why are these contentious issues developing in the USA just before the hot summer riot season? Elon Musk buys Twitter but it still can’t be used by conservatives until after the election. Row vs Wade possible reversal. Food shortages become public news including the destruction of large numbers of our processing plants. Our super predator elite president maintains an open door policy at the border allowing enemy saboteurs to enter the country freely and in large numbers. Good luck reigning in Russia and China if they attack Taiwan. Maybe that’s the plan.

  3. Balboa

    “It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”
    Seems that any and all governments at some point reach critical mass, size and scope, where unelected elitist bureacracy is ruling and the figure heads are just along for the ride. U.S.A reached critical mass after the so called patriot act. I just refuse to believe what we are seeing is not by some grand design. The divide in ideas has never been so wide and vitriolic in my lifetime. The U.S.S.A has moved past point of no return. The world is ripe for the great deceiver to emerge, as we move closer and closer to a one world electric currency and microchipping. Forced vaxxes to stay employed could be interpretted as such.

    In 2014/15 cannot remember the date, at my daughters soccer game, a very loud screeching/horns was heard from the sky, very intense noise like and orchestra warming up and came from nowhere in particular but loud. There were a few youtube video recordings of this noise. What was odd was this noise hurt my ears, but because adults around me acted as though they heard nothing i said nothing. I know what i heard. Was it one of the seals being broken, maybe but since many acts have been occurring. Be ready and prepared.

  4. Matt Dalby

    Hi Cap, I know that you have to do what’s best for you and your family, but I would urge you to reconsider converting your truck to run on 50% veg oil. IMO burning food (of any description) instead of fossil fuels is immoral, and with tens of millions of people around the world facing starvation/malnutrition could be considered a crime against humanity. I don’t know how much cropland globally is used to produce biofuels, but it’s likely to be enough to feed millions of people. Some of the first food riots of the 21st centuary accorded in 2008 after ethanol mandates in the U.S. and Europe led to massive price rises (as shown in the graph presented in your post). With commodity prices now even higher anything that adds further to these increases is only going to heap more misery on the world’s poor.
    I know it could be argued that what one individual does makes no real difference globally, but I strongly believe that before making a decision we should think what the consequences would be if a significant percentage of the world’s population made a similar decision.

    1. Ragnar Ravn

      Interesting moral dilemma. Is Cap responsible for ESG insanity, having prevented exploration and new production of fossil fuel reserves and should he suffer in solidarity with those populations, that can not live from what they produce, because of the number of citizen they have produced.

      Should we all bear the burden of feeding the countries that have exploded the last 50 years, like the globalists probably intend us to or is it a national and sovereign responsibility to make sure that your country can and do live within its means.

      Is national responsibility international and should food export bans, to ensure enough for you own population, be banned ? Like Hungary and some South American countries and what Thailand did to rice in 2011.

      When this food crises and famine hits for real, later this year and next will UN take over the right, to distribute all countries food resources globally, denying national hoarding or favouritism. Is that fair or the new communism ?

      EU and US has denied the calls to expand the growing acreages and include lands that been taken out of production to spare nature. Why is nature more important than food for the hungry masses and what kind of people can live with decisions like that.

      The next couple of years turmoil has probably been game planned and run in computer simulations a million times and they know exactly what the outcome will be.

      Personally .I think that Cap should hoard all the veg oil he can get and so, make it possible to live outside the system, the rest of us are slaves to. Asking a single foresighted family to suffer for the technocrats decisions in solidarity with the sheeps is immoral.

      I hope the coming global regime will let the people like Cap in peace and concentrate their control and oppression on those in the cities that are unable to take care of themselves.

  5. Rosco

    How come they can measure the Earth’s temperature accurate to 0.1°C ?

    Surely they learnt nothing in University science courses ?

    1. Daisy Duke

      OK Rosco, and don’t call us Surely or Shirley, now this ain’t for the hard of thinkin’ or learnin’ but here goes anyway: you take a lot of ww temperature measurements from a set number of locations, x, and then average all them temperatures out over time (say a year) and then add them numbers all together, y, and the earth’s average yearly temperature, n, is thus determined by y/x =n. [and if done right the earth’s average temperature can be calculated accurately to 0.1°C. Capiche? Sheesh… surely you can figure that out!

  6. Speedy Gonzales... not Gonzalo... maybe Gonzo

    “(which has led me to consider running my truck 50/50 on diesel and veg oil)”

    Since the vegetable oil is thicker than diesel fuel, it’s going to change the way the fuel injectors spray the fuel into the combustion chamber. Fuel injectors are designed to atomize diesel fuel so that it burns in the best way possible. They’re not designed to achieve the same effect with a thicker, more viscous fuel. So what will happen is the injectors will spray the vegetable oil into the cylinder, but the spray won’t be as fine. That means you’ll get a lot more unburned or partially burned fuel, which means lower mileage and higher emissions. You’ll also get significant deposit buildup in all areas of the engine that are associated with combustion – the fuel injectors, combustion chamber, etc. And since it is thicker, you may also expect to wear out your injectors and fuel pump from having to work harder to pump and spray the thicker fuel. We don’t want Cap’n Quixote’s horse-[power] to suffer, Amigo.
    Situation Update, May 5, 2022 – The most dangerous economic STORM in history is now upon us

    1. Deb

      When I had two rottweillers ( father and son, now deceased), I considered buying a cart for them to pull. That’s what they are bred to do. In the great scheme of things, cars haven’t been around very long.

      However, one of them had been feral, and the other raised while I was still on the learning curve of dog training, and I could never break them from bolting after cats, rabbits, etc. I decided I did not want to die in a “cart crash”!

      Rottweillers are wonderful multi-purpose dogs, bred for herding, pulling and guarding. And, they are the best huggers in the canine family.

      If I ever go that route, I’ll start with pups.

  7. James Charles

    “The rate of global warming has tripled in the past 20 years.”

    1. Doktor Seltsamer Wetterliebhaber

      WEF ‘Net Zero’ or ‘The rate of global warming’ data interpretation hasn’t the same meaning/significance for the ranchers as it does for the cattle.

  8. Deb

    No matter how you look at it, hard times are coming, and city folks are going to suffer more than country folks. Small town and country people have been raised in a culture that encourages cooperation and helping your neighbor. City folks, not so much.

    This is the time for families to forget old grudges and forgive one another. People who came to America from the old country (any old country) knew the value of standing by your family. But here we have been encouraged to separate and divide.

    After my eldest brother died, we experienced a lot of division, recriminations, etc. I’m ashamed to admit I treated one of my brothers like a leper. But recently, I saw it was time to forgive and let any resentment go. I kissed him on the cheek and pursued peace. My dad would have approved. He always tried to pound family solidarity into us.

    Blood is usually thicker than water, but not always, or else married couples would not be able to think of one another as family. But that partakes of the mystery of marriage, as the Bible puts it. The sacrament of marriage is designed to teach us something of the Trinity, because “the two become one.”

    The time is coming soon when we will need to stay close to the ones we love, or else how will any of us survive?

    1. Heraclitus

      Unfortunately for many blood related families being of “like religious/church mind” while shunning their “crazy” discerning situation conspiracy aware mostly “Husband/Father/Uncle/Brother/Son/Cousin(s)” has left them divided and now mostly poisoned in multiple ways including physically. Eugenics works… and it’s OK. The like minded with eyes/ears and discernment will now become friends, neighbors, family once mutual trust and respect can be established again. Eventually “blood relative” family will once again become the “name of the game”… just not real soon… it’s a cycle too.

      This recent christian (not catholic) production is 3 hrs long but contains a lot of philosophical (including biblical) logos. Sassy, your note above maybe your best post ever since your Rockwellian bread making story. No joke. Really. Cheers.

      1. Deb

        Thx. I’d like to watch the video but I’m sitting in the park in my vehicle because they have free wifi. After 3 hours, they might do a wellness check on me, lol.

      2. Deb

        I have a question you might be able to answer for me, as I believe you were raised Catholic. It’s not something I would want to walk into a church and ask a priest, and I don’t happen to have any Caholic friends at this time. I recently heard that Catholic married couples are not supposed to engage in physical congress except for the purpose of procreation. Could that be true? The God I know doesn’t pull dirty tricks like that, but I would be interested in an informed viewpoint.

        Unfortunately, it will be 2 1/2 weeks before I can read your answer. I overspent my gas budget-in fact my entire budget-and will have to sit home with no internet for that length of time.

        Inflation is a real thing. I’m getting hit now, but have an idea that may prove lucrative, tho slow to build, and requires a website, which I am utterly incapable of setting up.

        But God provides, of that I am quite certain.

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