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Yakutat, Alaska Declares Snow Emergency–Roofs Collapsing; Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai Erupts to 55,000 Feet; Snowcat Buried In Colorado; + “Big Freeze” On The Way For U.S.

Yakutat, Alaska Declares Snow Emergency–Roofs Collapsing

The City and Borough of Yakutat declared a ‘local disaster emergency‘ this week, citing the imminent threat of roof collapse caused by high snow loads across the Southeast Alaska city. In response, The National Guard deployed service members and vehicles via military airlift.

As reported by alaskapublic.org, Borough Manager Jon Erickson said Yakutat has has seen 6 feet of snow over the past few weeks, causing intermittent power outages, damage to buildings and school closures. The city keeps four snow shovelers on retainer, but Erickson said the team is too small to keep up with the accumulating snow.

“We’ve been shoveling off, but right now we just don’t have enough shovelers,” he said. “So we contacted emergency management, and they’re probably going to be sending a team of 10 shovelers down here.”

The newly built $11 million Community Health Center is badly damaged, with repair work expected to run into the millions.

“We closed the Community Health Center so we don’t have any outpatient service,” said Erickson. “All we have is emergency service and ambulance service. That’s really what’s kind of scary.”

The story is a similar one across Southeast Alaska.

In Juneau, substantial snow shut schools, state offices and the community’s largest grocery store this week, and the roofs of at least two buildings gave-way due to the heavy load, including a commercial building in Lemon Creek:

A collapsed building.
Collapsed roof in Juneau. No one was injured, officials said. [City and Borough of Juneau].

While in the small Admiralty Island community of Angoon, freezing temperatures have taken a toll on the already-stressed water facility, causing village-wide water shortages.

Historic cold has been gripping the majority of Alaska in recent weeks. In the south-eastern town of Ketchikan, for example, temperatures dropped to -18C (-0.4F) on December 25 & 26 — the town’s coldest Christmas period of the past century+, with the old records being the -14.4C (6F) in 1967, and the -15C (5F) from 1917.

In fact, the past few months have been exceptionally frigid. ‘Alaska had a November to remember’, is how natureworldnews.com put it. The town of King Salmon suffered its coldest Nov on record, averaging just -15.6C (4F). And it wasn’t alone. According to National Weather Service data, many Alaskan locales suffered either their coldest or one of their coldest Novembers and Decembers in recorded history — a phenomenon tied to the behavior of the jet stream (for more on that, click the link below).

Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai Erupts to 50,000 Feet

Following Dec 19th’s blast to 49,200 feet, powerful explosive activity has continued at Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano.

The Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Wellington warned Thurs, Jan 13 of a plume rising to 55,000 ft (16.8km),

Satellite imagery confirms the high-level eruption:

From available satellite images and pictures, the presence of water is likely causing significant explosive interaction (phreatomagmatic activity) of water and magma.

This looks to be a VEI 2 eruption (maybe VEI 3) — and although noteworthy, it will likely have limited impact on global temperatures. We’re still waiting for that ‘big one’, that monster VEI 6 or 7 that shoots a seemingly endless stream of particulates into the stratosphere that block the sunlight and plunge Earth’s average temperature 2C almost overnight.

It’s coming…

Snowcat Buried In Colorado

Crews at Wolf Creek Ski Area in Pagosa Springs undertook some serious shoveling this week after one of their snowcats was completely covered by the recent record-breaking snowfall.

“Mining for the goods,” is how they described it on Facebook, “extraction of the Horseshoe Bowl Snowcat … How it started vs. how it’s going.”

The snowcat took about 12 hours to free, according to resort officials.

The area has received 217 inches of snow so far this season, driving the area’s snowpack to well-above-average levels.

Likewise across the Northern Hemisphere as a whole, total snow mass is holding 400 Gigatons above the 1982-2012 norm:


“Big Freeze” On The Way For U.S.

A winter storm is lining up to deliver yet more heavy snows and freezing lows to the U.S. this weekend, most notably in the Eastern half of the CONUS where long-standing cold records from the Dakotas to the Northeast are under threat.

Dangerous ice, snow and winds will makes their way through America’s Midwest, South and East over the weekend.

According to the Weather Channel, the winter storm –which they’ve named “Storm Izzy”– will move from North Dakota down to northern Georgia and then up to Maine Friday through Monday in a U-shaped track.

An “active jet stream plunging southward across two-thirds” of the United States will make its way from the Northern Plains to New England in a matter of four days, reads a portion of the report.

The National Weather Service has issued various winter storm warnings, advisories, and watches across areas of the Midwest and South. The storm could result in a significant bomb cyclone or a nor’easter hitting New York City Sunday night.

Dave Dombek, a senior meteorologist at Accuweather, told The New York Post: “A lot can change in the next few days, but given what we’re seeing right now, that’s our thinking — that there certainly will be enough snow at least for a long enough period of time that it will mess up travel … it could be a real mess for a time.”

The Weather Channel report continues: “Snow will continue to spread southeastward during [Friday] from the Northern Plains into parts of Minnesota, Iowa and eastern Nebraska. Snow could be heavy in some of those areas.

“Friday night, snow should eventually taper off in North Dakota, South Dakota and much of Minnesota, but will continue –heavy in spots– over eastern Nebraska, Iowa, northern Missouri, northeast Kansas and western Illinois.

“Rain changing to snow could spread into southern Missouri, southeast Kansas and northeast Oklahoma.”

On Saturday, the snow is expected to move south through areas of southern Missouri, southern Illinois, western Kentucky, eastern Kansas, eastern Oklahoma and northern Arkansas, with the southern Appalachians receiving “a lot of snow”.

As Saturday night comes around, “a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain is expected to develop from parts of northern Georgia into northern South Carolina, North Carolina and southwestern Virginia,” continues the report.

The storm will then make its way from Arkansas to southern Missouri and to Kentucky and certain areas of Tennessee.

The Weather Channel notes that from Sunday on, “the uncertainty in the forecast details is still significant, dependent on the exact track of low pressure and the extent of cold air.” But adds that on Monday, parts of West Virginia, western and central Pennsylvania and New York state into New England could see the most substantial falls of the entire event, with “heavy, wind-driven snow” sweeping much of the Eastern Seaboard (confirmed by the latest GFS run below).

Already, record low temperatures are hitting the Northeast and upper Midwest. And while forecasts remain uncertain –with the jet stream almost impossible to predict nowadays– this is shaping-up to be a record-setting event.

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Jan 14 – Jan 30 [tropicaltidbits.com]

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be and grow your own.

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42 Thoughts to “Yakutat, Alaska Declares Snow Emergency–Roofs Collapsing; Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai Erupts to 55,000 Feet; Snowcat Buried In Colorado; + “Big Freeze” On The Way For U.S.”

  1. Johna

    The awe and bewilderment of weather dynamics playing out in the GSM is in stark contrast of the corrupted science narrative that after inbound LW UVB radiation heats the atmosphere and land (T1) the outbound SW IR radiation somehow contravenes our laws of thermodynamics (twice) and excites CO2 again to become superheated (T2) and this heat gain is re radiated back to Earth to give a corresponding surface temperature gain (T3), can really be summarised by the indifference and hatred the ruling elites have for the working middles classes. This corrupted science materialised in the UK by Thatcher who set in motion the creation of the Hadley centre and funding of affiliated universities (EA CRU) etc. with the mandate to show that liberating intrinsic CO2 causes Climate Change. This has created fear and anxiety amongst the public throughout the world who are being blamed on this. But this fear is being ramped up by the fact that according to Dr David Martins precision analysis the SARS CoV pandemic is actually a bio weapon made in the USA and triad out in 2001 and mnra vaccines were developed in 2002 – Ref; US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease, Merck & Co. USA, ProTherImmune and Karolinska Institutet, Vaxconsults. So it seams that true patriots of democracy and freedom in the USA must lead the way and clear the swamp by restoring a government of the people formed by the people for the people.

    1. Deb

      Or maybe we will learn to live without government and just ignore it.

      1. Dallas Schneider

        An ELE – Extinction Level Event is planned
        by “can really be summarized by the indifference and hatred the ruling elites have for the working middles classes.”

        A “DOOMDAYS” Machine has been created to eradicate the masses
        from planet Earth. It turns life into ROCK!!! See here –

        Once CO2 reaches minimum proportions only those with access to it for their Domed cities will live! Or will the “DoomDays” machine be the last thing running on earth, as it turns the last of this life giving gas to SOLID ROCK!!!

        How does this seem to you now?
        DS (Not BS, that’s my cousin)

        1. Deb

          Is this due to occur before or after the New Madrid fault splits the USA in half?

          1. Michael Peinsipp

            Don’t laff about the Madrid. When it goes it will affect everybody from the Rockies to Maine and from Hudson Bay to Cuba. A 8.2 will destroy bridges out to 150 miles, damage severely bridges out to 250 miles and damage/drop buildings from the center to New York.
            Look at a map and see how much area that is and how many people will die!

          2. Deb

            I’m not laughing about the New Madrid fault. I’m scorning the “news article” that DS/BS posted claiming the fault was going to go off in the next week or so and that the USA was already splitting down the middle somewhere in Illinois. Apparently you missed it. I wish I had.

          3. Andrew Stone

            Where’s the link to that New Madrid fault next week thing?
            Just curious enough to read it, although in the knowledge that reading too many such things is hazardous to one’s mental health. 😉
            Would like to read it in the hope of figuring out exactly how and why someone came to that specific time frame.
            Kind of a study in anthropological aberration.
            I’m open minded enough to consider the possibility of such an event, but doubtful of claims about future specifics, and I think you know where I’m coming from.

        2. Andrew Stone

          Followed the link you provided.
          At the end of the article is this bit;
          “ Climeworks, which recently signed a 10-year carbon removal purchase agreement with major insurance firm Swiss Re (SRENH.S), also offers a subscription service, which allows consumers to pay for carbon removal through monthly payments.”

          Yes, folks, and for a limited time, if you start your subscription before midnight, we will publicly acknowledge your financial contribution (virtue signal) in the MSM of your choice!

          Call within the next hour and we will even include a bottle of “Doctor Good”!

          Just think about the approval you will gain from other people just as silly as yourself!

          Our motto:
          “We don need no stinkin’ plant life!”

          1. TheMronz

            ‘Just think about the approval you will gain from other people just as silly as yourself!’
            And there it is the crux of why people buy The Guardian and pretend they believe in Climate Change.

        3. Deb

          And yes, I do know where you’re coming from.😇 Lol.

      2. Petrichor

        “Man is a political animal” and governments are inevitable. We need governments to maintain armed forces, pave roads, make laws so that our food doesn’t poison us, and that we have a reasonably honest judiciary.
        Our only hope of honest government is the ability to vote out corrupt politicians. The 2nd amendment is the ultimate power citizens have to hold their governments accountable, and prevent tyranny. Why do you think Democrats (= socialists) are so eager to limit gun ownership?

        1. Andrew Stone

          Thank you!
          Good old common sense.
          The tricky part seems to involve the application of that amendment in very large, densely populated, “key” (swing) voting districts.
          Could another avenue involve persuasion of MSM orifices to speak honestly?
          Another route (recommended for those with the stomach for it) might be grassroots, political involvement, kind of like a political “butterfly effect”.
          I graduated high school with a person who did just that (her well to do family probably helped a little). She is now a US congress person.
          Unfortunately, she succumbed to the power of the “dark side” (left).
          Can’t beat ‘em?
          Try that ole Trojan Horse thing.

    2. Barry

      Well said, I always say that clown science is the only science that is allowed to go against the known laws of thermodynamics. No other science or engineering disciplines are allowed this. But I guess as long as you convince the public that heat flows both ways your golden.

    3. Andrew Stone

      Unfortunately, it seems to be some kind of immutable law of nature that psychopaths always rise to the top of the power pyramid.

      A brilliant, extremely funny, kind, and highly eccentric friend of mine used to say; “Give us a leader so we can be fools!” He was Polish, a modern day Renaissance man, violin maker (even created his own unique wood finish for those magnificent works of art), and was a darn good fiddle player to boot.

      Funny how people like that have very little use, or patience, for government/political bs. They are far too busy generously giving to others, being helpful and kind, to have anything to do with the sick machinations of sociopaths.

      There was a section in a famous old book where a large group of people were begging their God for a king to follow. Their God was not amused. He asked them why they would want a mere human king when they had him. Their adolescent reply; “All the other people have kings! We want one too!” Their God asked them to thoughtfully consider what they were actually asking for before He granted their request. So they seriously thought it all over, giving the matter great consideration … for a few moments. They replied that they just wanted to be like all the other people. Their God sighed, said something about “Ok. You have no idea what you are asking for, but I’m tired of your whining, so, fine. Your request is granted.

      They were given a leader so they would no longer labor under the heavy burden of self control, responsibility for their own individual behavior and choices (including the repercussions and learning associated with bad choices), and all those other frightening aspects of self determination.

      The neighborhood sociopath (at least one in every group, right?) was delighted to rule over them with an iron fist.

      They abdicated their freedom and became a mob.

  2. Dallas Schneider

    “U.S. oil firm Occidental is currently developing the largest direct-air-capture facility, to pull 1 million tonnes per year of carbon dioxide from the open air near some of its Texas oilfields.”

    Above quote from DoomsDay Machine article https://www.reuters.com/business/environment/worlds-largest-plant-capturing-carbon-air-starts-iceland-2021-09-08/

    Please note oil extraction procedures proceed from most economical to most expensive.
    1) Natural Primary Production – Flowing, Pumping with fracking & acidizing
    2) Secondary – Waterflood – H2O Injection replaces oil fluid loss in the reservoir floating & moving the oil to production wells, leaving behind 60% of OIP – Oil In Place, captured in cavities on the reservoir “ceilings”
    3) Tertiary Recovery – CO2 Injection, by rock coring test by my oil friend D.P. of Bastrop, Texas 98% of the oil was removed from the rock. He and I did a flue gas injection on shallow wells in Kentucky. A propane motor compressor injected the exhaust gas in an injection well pressurizing. It took two months for the underground “balloon” to reach a production well. When it did the increased pressure blew a refrigerator sized hole next to the casing pipe of the well. Were we surprised that morning!!! The project was discontinued as too expensive buying propane. But elsewhere in Crane, Texas see here how they do it – https://www.osti.gov/biblio/6411530-flue-gas-injection-underway-west-texas-block-field

    So don’t think Occidental is extracting CO2 from the air just for the sake of the planet, or to cause an ELE. No, as the price of oil climbs up and up, that CO2 Extraction will pay and pay. Buy Stock in Occidental? No, but Mosaic might be!
    We need the fertilizer to grow our own “Carbon Capture” units! FOOD!!!

    1. Andrew Stone

      That explains a lot.
      Follow the money.
      Thanks Dallas!

  3. Anonymous

    WA records hottest Australian day ever as mercury tips 50.7C in north west

  4. RAFO

    Cap, I envision some kind of reverse migration where peoples from the Northern latitudes (Alaska, Canada, Northern U.S.) come south as the next mini ice age sets in. Seems Northern latitudes will become uninhabitable as the snow piles up and whole sections of country become cut off from food, water, etc. People will be swimming the Rio Grande going the other way (like in the scifi movie The Day After Tomorrow.

  5. Petrichor

    Looking at photos of the collapsed roofs in Alaska, –I am surprised that they didn’t have steeper roof pitches to shed the snow before the load became dangerous.

    1. Greta

      They didn’t think they would need them, because the world is burning

    2. Nanook

      Mother Nature of Invention/Ice Age Ahead.. er Now… including A-frame housing physics and stockin’ up for “It’s coming.” education is getting taught real good, right here, right now.

  6. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-convergence Now.Info

    The Borg minded compliant Chinese have survived umpteen mini, and likely maxi, ice ages… and they have the recorded multi-millennia history and obviously repeatable systems, techniques, genetic history and controllable hive mind dispositions to prepare for them… and now the whole planet is moving towards a global China [type/like] Cult/Controlled Planet.

    1. .

      Cap’n there is no way that you are able to read and/or approve comment(s) that fast in the middle of the night in Spain… you either gotta be AI or a HAL 9000. All good either way Amigo. Cheers.

  7. Greg in NZ

    Tonga’s Hunga-Ha’apai volcano spat the dummy (pacifier) again today, sending a series of 2-3 ft (1 metre) tsunami surges over the seawalls in the capital, Nuku’alofa.

    Reports are coming in of people hearing the eruption ‘boom’ from as far away as Fiji to the west and Samoa to the east.

    Can’t link to anything on this stupid/smart device, but rnz.co.nz (Radio NZ) has video of the surges inundating the foreshore of the main town: nothing like Fukushima or Indonesia, yet as Cap wrote, the Big One is still out there…

    1. Greg in NZ

      Update to above: 3 hours after Tonga’s underwater eruption, I heard a series of muffled booms (8pm NZ time) coming from the north-east. Oh great, I thought, White Island has erupted too (it’s only 50 km off the coast here – finally, a good reason to wear a mask). However, listening to the radio, people ALL OVER New Zealand were hearing the shockwaves bouncing off the atmosphere, all the way from Tonga. Life on Earth, it’s a marvellous thing.

  8. ... and the beat goes on

    Companion/related mind control app/vid:
    TikToc is [Much] Worse Than You Thought

    Behavioral Modification: What You Need to Know

    Dr. James Giordano’s Talk on Military [Conductive Nanoparticle] Neuroscience

    Once the “why now” comes to light the imperative of the eugenical “why” purpose/rationale of the current cull becomes obvious. Cyclical/predictable/observable “Ice Ages” (mini/maxi) result in cyclical famines on the big ranch ball. (recommend saving this post and links within… it’s sorta like serendipity doo [or terminal doo-doo for the dodos] on steroids, right here, right now, Herr Cap’n)

    1. Deb

      Tiktoc CANNOT be much worse than I thought.

      1. Timmy

        Yes Deb, you’ve always been a gifted, perniciously precocious and kinda “special” entity.

        1. Deb

          I love you, too!🤪

      2. Andrew Stone

        Deb –
        Looks like the “reply” feature is time limited, so I’m responding to your helpful link listing here.

        Followed the link you provided re New Madrid. At first glance the website the link is connected to appears to be the mother lode of fertilizer spread as deep as a bottomless pit and far off into the horizon as far as the eye can see.

        There may be some connections to reality on that site but finding them is not easy.
        No doubt there is much change going on in this world at this time but that site does not appear helpful in the attempt to understand the nature of these changes.

        An analogy might be how reports of cataclysmic events by primitive people are probably based on actual events but the primitive reasoning/explanations are probably not very helpful. The “reasoning” is probably helpful to the extent that facts may be included but those facts will need to be considered in a more sophisticated context.

        It is curious that highly educated arrogant “liberals” do not generally ascribe validity to such things as “Q”, etc. Their error often lies in their total dismissal of anything divergent from their “education”. They have everything figured out to the extent necessary in their minds.

        On the other hand, it appears that comparatively less educated conservative folks grasp for explanations for things they don’t understand and sometimes, in the process, fall under the spell of snake oil salesmen.

        Actually understanding why odd phenomenon occur is not simple or easy in most cases. Ask an open minded (real – not political) scientist. Yet, people yearn for simple explanations, hence the plethora of imaginative web sites out there offering highly sought after simple explanations for people to grasp onto.

        Being a person of faith in no way requires one to put their mind on hold. On the contrary, as Augustine stated; “Using your mind is the best way to honor that which provided that mind.” It’s not a hat rack.

        I met an extremely conservative man a few years ago who was training me to deliver home heating oil at a time when I needed employment. I would say his IQ was above average. What may seem contradictory to that statement is the fact this man is a firm believer in the flat earth idea. I gently questioned his firmly convinced opinions on that matter, but he had a well reasoned (in his mind) answer to each of my questions. He had it all figured out in a complicated, convoluted way. It became obvious that his “beliefs” are important to him, so I just left his ideas alone and enjoyed his company. He is a fire arms collector and expert, as well as a prepper. He liked to talk, and I’m a good nonjudgmental listener. Such beliefs are life preservers for some people struggling to find meaning and understanding. Ok.

        Now, all that being said, Dr. Charles Haphood was a close family friend when I was a toddler. He and my parents would drink beer and play cards while I played under the table literally at his feet.

        He had some fascinating geological theories that he wrote about in his books (on my bookshelf). Dr. Einstein wrote the forward in one of them. His books were published just prior to the discovery of plate tectonics which more or less made his ideas obsolete.

        Thing is, his research and math pointed to real phenomena not easily explained by plate tectonics without including evidence of massive prehistoric cataclysms.

        It has been recently acknowledged by geologists (see Dr. Robert Schoch) that extinction level planetary events have occurred many times in the past, perhaps on a periodic basis like sun output variations. In fact these may all be directly related, but anyone who claims to have it all figured out is spreading fertilizer.

        It certainly looks like the things associated with such cataclysms are lining up at this time but can we all please try to consider factual evidence as Cap is doing, rather than climb out onto the first branch we come to on our way up the tree?

        Thanks again Deb!

        1. Deb


          I can think of several conversations I would like to have with you based on your latest comment, but I will pick only one.

          Someone I care for has become a “flat-earther”. He is always sending me links in an attempt to convert me. Up til now they have seemed pretty childish and illogical to me.

          Not so this latest one. I don’t have much physics background, but I am very familiar with the scientific method.

          I cannot fault the reasoning in this video. I can only assume there is some other force or forces at play here, but I don’t know what it/ they would be.

          If you or any other reader could help me to refute this video, I would greatly appreciate it. It may not convert my loved one, but maybe he’ll stop trying to convert me! Thanks!


          1. Andrew Stone

            Deb –
            This link may help to point out one of the assumptive errors stated in that video as “fact”.

            In the video the water vapor resulting from the applied vacuum is being referred to as water “gas”. Gas and vapor are very similar but not the same.
            The temperature in the Bell Jar was constant. Only the pressure changed, therefore, it is water vapor, not water gas.

            In the video terms such as thermodynamics are tossed around as jargon meant to imply that the information being presented is based on logic. When you can’t prove your point, baffle them with bs.

            Couple other things that might be helpful for you to keep in mind because you are a reasonable person trying to refute purposely baffling bs…

            1.) Observe the shape free liquids assume in zero gravity. You’ve seen this in videos of astronauts in a space capsule. The shape? A sphere. The most compact natural shape possible. Make those little spheres bump into each other and they just form a larger sphere. This is why gaseous clouds of particles that are attracted to each other form spheres (stars, planets, moons). Yes, there are lots of gas clouds that remain dispersed, but if the particles are close enough to be gravitationally attracted to each other, especially if they condense into a liquid (molten rock for example) a sphere is formed.

            2.) Those vapor particles in vacuum did not cease to exist.
            If Earth is surrounded by the vacuum of space but has formed a sphere due to gravity, vapor particles will be drawn toward the center of the Earth, but substances with greater mass will be drawn toward the center of the sphere’s mass (core) with more force than substances with less mass (water, gasses, etc.) so the lighter substances “float” on the heavier substances.

            3.) Science is about predictions based on observations. Liquid has been demonstrated to form spherical shapes in a weightless environment. It is an observable fact that this occurs. Where is the factual observation of weightless liquids forming flat disks? Doesn’t happen. Centrifugal force can distort (flatten to some extent) a liquid sphere but the central portion will bulge perpendicularly to the centrifugal force as it finds balance between forming a sphere and being extended in the direction of the centrifugal force (its “equate-or”).

            How do flat-earthers explain the regular obvious rotational motion of spherical bodies in space displaying completely different features as they rotate?

            Frankly, trying to argue with such a believer is a frustrating waste of time. They are emotionally invested in their ideas and have borrowed/formed explanations for all aspects of their view.

            When I was much younger I worked for a year as a psychiatric aid on a locked ward in a state hospital. I learned that even the most delusional people have fabricated “reasons” for all aspects of their hallucinatory universe. It all makes perfect sense to them. They have all the answers. Nothing you can say or do will disabuse them of their delusional world. You’ll just agitate them in the attempt. A more sane person is likely to say they seem to be experiencing something they don’t understand.

            This is basically what you are dealing with. The differences are a matter of degree.

            Hope that rambling diatribe is somehow helpful.

          2. Deb


            Thank you for your time.

            More and more people seem to be falling into fully formed “worlds” where all questions are answered. And they seem to be defending their worlds ever more aggressively against any and all facts or logical arguments to the contrary.

            I’m beginning to think that the highest sign of sanity is the ability to say, “I don’t know,” or “I’m not sure”.

            Whatever happened to keeping an open mind? Seems to me it used to be more common.

          3. Deb


            Check out the first 8-9 minutes of this video. This guy has another perspective on this same topic. Seems a lot of people are noticing this phenomenon.


  9. Bert

    La Palma quit spouting.
    I was surprised it quit.

    Now I see – south of the Equator – – where the sun is shining more – – New Zealand is popping.

    Does the Sun shine have anything to do with this? La Palma shut down/froze up in the winter, so the Volcanoes seem to grow best in the sun shine?

    Stupid comment I suppose, but..

    1. Greg in NZ

      Plus there’s a full moon almost upon us, perihelion was only a week or so ago, now-ex-Cyclone Cody is in the neighbourhood, and yes, the sun is shining too, take your pick, woohoo!

      1. DIrk Pitt

        TS Cody was a typhoon again yesterday and is powered by the heat from the Tonga volcano that erupted because of solar activity. The cyclone is Southbound where it will pull cold air North and S NZ will be record cold and get mountain snow in Summer.

        This is how the meridional jet streams are functioning around the planet. The snow in Japan, Alaska, and the US RIGHT NOW is from this process. Heat from volcanos rises, cold sinks. Not from no flares and certainly not from the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre. Impending meaning that hasn’t happened yet and if it did it would be from record HEAT which we don’t have, it’s -44F in Greenland. No big freshwater surge from THERE.
        I did weather reports in the US Navy 47 years ago where we tracked cyclones, then went to college and studied science double time for three years. Then drove tugboats to Alaska for the largest company in the world, tracking cyclones to avoid death. Switched to construction and made it up to the second largest company in the world where weather is the most important factor of your day. You try to be smarter than what you’re working with, weather. La Nina in Seattle area doing Public Works projects to make America greatER.
        I lost track of the number of baseball fields I built at schools, parks, stadiums. Bla bla bla. I’m gonna go make the rounds, check space weather, quakes, volcanos, cyclones. Round and round we go.

        Just gets more amazing every time I look at Windy.com, all day and night. Look at that cyclone! Glad I’m ‘ere and not out in it !!!

    2. DIrk Pitt

      Tool kit:
      Space Weather News is also Suspicious Observers on You tube and has many hours of educational vids on the Playlist and also has Quakewatch.net:

      Look at archives for 1/14/22 ‘ere and see what conditions caused the eruption:

      Solid data 24/7:

      Watch the Sun’s Polarity to see what caused the eruption:

      Mike at Daily Events Worldwide covers: Space weather, quakes, Earth weather, etc:

      Monitor volcanic activity watching SO2 at:

      Watch Planetary alignments which caused Tonga eruption:

  10. Barry

    And still we pay people to study this stuff to give us early warning,if you can imagine knowing a volcanoe is going to erupt in two minutes is going to make any difference. I guess you could turn to see the last big event of your life.

  11. BB

    1/16 2324 CST : Tonga just had a SECOND major eruption an hour ago.

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