Extreme Weather 

Worst Rains in 64 years kill 511 during India’s monsoon season

Since the start this years monsoon rains, 511 people lost their lives and 176 others suffered serious injuries as floods and landslides devastated India.

According to a report released by the Central Water Commission (CWC), since the start of this year’s monsoon on June 1, 91 districts have been affected by floods and landslides with some 55,000 houses damaged.

Around 1 million livestock and 81,147 hectares of crops were lost as well.

The report added that this year’s monsoon was the worst in the last 64 years in terms of rain volume.


A Dangerous Trend

During this year’s monsoon season (June 1 to July 16), many states have received below average rainfall yet’ve experienced devastating floods.

Regions are going from generally no rainfall to sudden biblical deluges, causing flash flooding.

A recent Down to Earth analysis showed that between July 5 and July 11 there was a 25%-69% jump in excess rainfall in at least 28 districts across the country.

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