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Winter Weather Delays Nebraska Planting

It may be the middle of April but Nebraska is dealing with yet another brutal winter weather system, and the lack of any sign of spring is starting to cause serious headaches for farmers trying to get into their fields and begin prep for planting season.

A normal sight around this time of year is a farmer out in his tractor disking and fertilizing his fields, reads a article, but inclement weather and excessive moisture have made that an almost impossible task so far this year.

Local producers have some concern that the wet and cold will prevent them from properly prepping their fields for planting this year.

While the delays are frustrating for farmers experts are saying its not time to worry just yet. They say it will take another two to three weeks of winter-like weather before it really starts to put the planting season in jeopardy.

But unfortunately, looking at the long-range forecast models, that’s exactly what’s predicted.


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