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NOAA: Winter Storms Were The Deadliest Climate Disasters In 2021; Mt Shasta Recovers; Record Cold Hits Mt Washington; + ‘Green Ideals’ Caused Europe’s Ongoing Energy Crisis

NOAA: Winter Storms The Deadliest “Climate Disasters” in 2021

In an overview ahead of its full report, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has said that 2021 ranked as the third costliest on record for “climate disasters”, totaling $145 billion.

Weather also claimed the lives of 688 people (or 0.0002% of the population), according to the overview — odds that are pretty darn good given that we’re supposedly in the midst of a “climate crisis”. If you’re left-handed, you actually had more chance of dying from using a right-handed product (approx. 700 left-handed Americans are killed each year from using equipment meant for right-handers).

But that ‘688’ death-toll figure has already been called into question.

Using excess mortality data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), researchers were able to ascertain that 702 people died in Texas’ big freeze alone, far more than the state’s official tally of 151, and making it by far the year’s deadliest climatic event.

“It was a tough year,” said agenda-driving NOAA climatologist and economist Adam Smith, who compiled the report for the agency (full version due out Thursday). “Climate change has taken a shotgun approach to hazards across the country.”

Mt Shasta Recovers

Around 4 months on from the alarming publications re Mt Shasta’s diminishing summer snowpack –which even at the time was nothing out of the ordinary– images of the mountain taken from space now show a dramatic wintry turnaround.

“It’s scary,” said Andy Calvert back in September, a scientist in charge at Mt. Shasta for the U.S. Geological Survey. “The pace of change right now on Mt. Shasta seems very fast, and its glaciers are getting smaller at a rate that makes me sad.”

Well, Andy, prepare to turn that frown upside down, because well-above average snowfall in December and early-January has replenished Mount Shasta’s snowpack -and glaciers- to levels not seen in many a moon. Unfortunately, though, I am yet to see any retractions/updates from the MSM.

Satellite imagery of Mt Shasta: summer (left), winter (right).

And Shasta’s above-average snowpack is far from an anomaly.

Elsewhere in California, all-time record accumulations for the month of December were logged, including at the UC Berkeley Snow Lab and Yosemite National Park. In fact, the story is the same across much of the West, where historic falls have been observed from WA to CO.

Aided by America’s unprecedented totals, that Snow Mass For The Northern Hemisphere chart keeps on keeping on — its latest data-point (Jan 10) puts us at almost 500 Gigatons above the 1982-2012 average:


Record Cold Hits Mt Washington

Brian Fitzgerald, Mt Washington Observatory’s director of science and education, said that Tuesday saw a record low temperature atop the mountain: -31F was registered, busting the old coldest Jan 11 on record — the -29F set in 2020.

“We had a strong Arctic cold front move in overnight,” said Fitzgerald. “Not only was it cold. it was pretty windy, too. Windchill values across the state were below zero.”

Fitzgerald attributed the record-low reading to the location of the jetstream, which dropped down, funneling cold air in from Canada. Fitzgerald added after a brief warm-up in the valleys on Thurs, “we’ll have another influx of Arctic air over the weekend.”

‘Green Ideals’ Caused Europe’s Ongoing Energy Crisis

Europe’s shortsighted approach to energy is crippling the continent’s already flagging economic recovery post-COVID.

In the fall of 2021, European gas and electricity prices hit record highs as supplies dwindled and a cold snap increased demand. And with the new year settling in, and with swathes of Europe –particularly the East– freezing through a bitter winter, there are no signs that relief from painful bills is on the way.

Wholesale European gas prices soared more than 800 percent last year, the Financial Times reported, with demand for resource spiking for several reasons, reports, including the colder winter in Europe, failing renewables, production issues, chronic under-funding (with fossil fuels out of favor with investors), and nuclear power outages.

Adding to the pricing pressures, Russia has been sending less natural gas to Europe, with some analysts saying it is restricting supplies for political reasons in order to push European governments to approve the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

But Moscow has vehemently denied any maneuvering.

Samir Dani, a professor of management operations at Keele University in Staffordshire, Britain, points out that Russia has had its own gas production problems: “Russia itself also faced problems because of very harsh winters; they have depleted a lot of their gas resources, and, due to the pandemic, they also faced maintenance issues. So they haven’t been able to ramp up production and supply,” Dani told China Daily.

Russia provides around 5 percent of the UK’s gas, but otherwise is Europe’as majority provider of the resource.

The Netherlands, Europe’s top domestic producer of natural gas, started phasing out its main gas field at Groningen in 2018 due to ‘green ideals’, a move that has further compounded supply problems.

According to data from Gas Infrastructure Europe, the continent’s percentage of available gas in storage at the end of December was 74 percent, compared with 94 percent this time last year. And with the harshness of winter still yet to come (with cold weather expected until April/May), some analysts are warning of rolling blackouts.

Gayle Allard, a professor of economics at IE University in Madrid, Spain, said the European Union could have acted sooner to cushion the impact of shortages: “Supplies could have been diversified. … Infrastructure for U.S. gas could have been prepared. Not investing earlier and more heavily in renewables was another mistake.”

To my mind, the calamities of the past few years –the pandemic, the climate emergency, the stoking of racial tensions– are ALL components of an orchestrated take-down of society. They want a collapse, a global civil war. And from the resulting ashes they plan to ‘build back better’, but in their name, not ours; in the interest of the few, not the many — and they’ll rewrite the rules in order to quell dissent: online censorship will be ratcheted up and protests will be banned, because without free speech and the right to assemble, organizing a ‘coup’ will be nigh-on impossible and we’ll be enslaved, indefinitely, and the next generation will quickly forget how good we used to have it.

We know now that COVID was an “American-created” virus — at least that what’s recently leaked DARPA documents state. The same papers also reveal that Ivermectin is an effective treatment against COVID, while the vaccines are all-but useless.

For more on this, watch the below Project Veritas video:

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be and grow your own.

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23 Thoughts to “NOAA: Winter Storms Were The Deadliest Climate Disasters In 2021; Mt Shasta Recovers; Record Cold Hits Mt Washington; + ‘Green Ideals’ Caused Europe’s Ongoing Energy Crisis”

  1. Dallas Schneider

    Very Well Done Cap,
    on finding the -31 F on Mt Washington.
    Seems the western and mid-western USA
    ultra low temps are finding their way into
    the Northeast States.
    Seems it is good for them, especially
    Washington DC. Hopefully a Texas Freeze
    doesn’t happen to them.
    Back in the day in Texas when the low speed limits
    to save fuel were in place often a bumper sticker
    was seen in Texas “DRIVE 65, FREEZE A YANKEE!”
    Hope those D. Y’s can take a joke! LOL DS

    1. Andrew Stone

      Believe it or not, traditional Americans living in NH, the “Live Free or Die” state are very independent (hence the state motto), self sufficient people who admire and feel warm kinship with like minded people all over this country. Texas is near and dear to many of us in NH due to your famous independent spirit. We cheer every time you tell the radical progressives to stuff it. Your traditional values warm our hearts, we absolutely love your sense of humor, and we’re proud to be on the same team with you.

      Don’t be fooled by the liberal Northeast talk.
      I’ve been all over this wonderful nation and met good, honest, down to earth people in every single “lower 48” state. Haven’t been to Alaska or Hawaii but am sure the same holds true there.

      The city folks in every state tend to lean to the left. Most of the rest of us are somewhere in the middle with rural folks leaning to the right.

      We don’t (and never had in this country) a North/South or East/West problem. The so-called political divide has always been, and continues to be, urban vs rural values. Political power is clustered in urban areas, particularly large cities, wherever they are.

      The Civil War wasn’t North vs South. It was industrial big city vs rural. At that time the big industrial cities with their powerful oligarchs just happened to be mostly in the north, which is odd considering the warm south would seem to be a better place for such things. Cold, snow, and ice are definitely not helpful for manufacturing.
      Probably has more to do with how the US was settled by the Northern Europeans in the first place.

      In case any Pollyannas out there still believe that war was about freeing slaves, read Lincoln’s personal letters for a rude surprise. Racial discrimination was about the furthest thing from his mind. Like every other war it was about money/power. Anything said otherwise was propaganda. Somethings never change.
      As always, friends and relatives were lied to and forced into conflict with each other as blunt tools of politically powerful interests who generally maintained a safe distance from actual conflict.
      Frankly, especially these days, it’s easy to see why the South wanted to go their own way. All things considered, who could blame them?
      As a so-called Yankee with rural roots back to the Mayflower, trust me when I say the normal, decent, hardworking northern “Yankees” just wanted to be left alone to care for their homes and loved ones exactly as Southerners (and everyone) did. Northern folks were perplexed as to exactly why they were being ordered to go fight other Americans who they never had a single problem with. A very large number of Yankees told the politicians to go fight their own damn stupid war, renounced their American citizenship in anger, regret, frustration and sorrow, and became Canadian citizens. How many Southerners are aware of that?
      Yankees were coerced, lied to (brainwashed), and forced into that conflict. Those who refused were imprisoned, hanged and/or shot as “traitors” as examples (and there were many, many of them) to the hesitant masses who did their own thinking.
      Many were somehow convinced they were fighting for a just cause. (See coercion, brainwashing and Lincoln’s letters).

      Like most of us, I had relatives on both “sides” of that conflict. Those who were not brainwashed wanted nothing to do with it! The black folks were released from bondage but that would have occurred soon anyway like it did in every other “civilized” nation. War actually had little to do with it. Kind of like how unnecessary the war of Independence was. All of England’s colonies that wanted independence eventually became independent nations without 600,000 lives being brutally lost in the process. So what, really, was the point? It wasn’t about tea. Taxation without representation was part of it but likely not the whole story.

      So do Yankees have a sense of humor? Of course we do because we are the same people as the Southern folks (who have the sense to live where it’s warmer 😉).

      Boston city folks annoy rural Northeast folks. They seem to think we all have buck teeth, drool on ourselves, have perpetual cow dung on our footwear, and come from severely abbreviated family trees, with several brothers named Daryl. Which is kind of funny, because a few years ago NH had a higher literacy rate than MA. Not sure if that is still true since so many of them have immigrated to NH in recent years to escape the liberal cesspool they voted in over the years.
      Chicago folks are unpopular with most people in Wisconsin (just ask them).
      Most of Californians (geographically speaking) are hoping their left coast drops into the sea (the sooner the better).
      The western sections of both OR and WA absolutely cannot stand being associated with their heavily populated coastal counterparts.
      Left coast city folks are not welcomed pretty much anywhere east of the Sierras.
      Texans are wondering if Austin is infected with lead deficiency, and NYC has made themselves despised by “flyover country” and pretty much everyone else who hasn’t fallen from the progressive precipice.

      My hope is that Americans will all meet amicably in the middle and cut the extremists (of all stripes) free to drift away (along with our fearless psychotic leaders).

      If anyone or anything threatens to pry us apart, the problem is to be found, and solved, on the other end of the crowbar.

      Peace be with you.

      1. Deb

        I learned more about the Civil War from your post than in 4 years of high school history class.

  2. Frantz Herr

    Yes Dallas we can take a joke. “All hat, no cattle” is a good one too… 🤣

  3. Guy M Daley

    Personally, I would be embarassed to quote any government stats about how many people died due to a climate disaster. They always lie and cheat with the stats to further some agenda. See covid as a prime example.

    They like to include people dying of a heart attack while shoveling snow, people sliding off the roads and dying in car accidents, etc, etc. They’ll even claim a tree falling on a person as an example of deaths from a “climate disaster”. Lie, cheat, lie, cheat = standard government practice. Essentially anybody who dies outside of a hospital during a “climate disaster” is counted as a casualty of that “disaster”.

  4. Michael Peinsipp

    “Supplies could have been diversified. … Infrastructure for U.S. gas could have been prepared. Not investing earlier and more heavily in renewables was another mistake.”
    It fascinates me how IGNORANT so called educated people can be with simple facts. Green Energy is 1 Not green, 2 Costs 2-5 times as much as fossil fuels, 3 Are not reliable and last but least – wood is the real ‘renewable’ and coal/gas is good for another say 2-300 years. By than we will have Cold Fusion!

  5. Mystic’s Mystic

    Is this possible?
    Things that are adding up.

    1977 snow in Miami. Ice age prediction: before 2050.

    The government makes a move for an all volunteer armed forces.

    The government makes law that allows the news media to become pure propaganda outlets.

    The government eliminates the scientific advisory panel advising congress on scientific issues so they Congress can avoid hearing and or ignore real scientific facts.

    The government begins a global warming deception on a grand scale. Which is still in full force as we live and breath today. Do the frauds Algorithm & Obomanation the chief prophets of global warming doom & sea level rise believe what they are saying? They both bought mansions on beaches.

    Government strategic planning.
    Military commandeering highway. The government arranged to have thousands of wind generation assets built adjacent to future highway I14 called the gulf coast strategic highway. A strategic move to make possible the commandeering of this equipment when they invade South America. A new facility is under construction on FM3126,
    less than a half mile from future corridor I14.
    Locals say it is a huge solar panel farm. Guess where that will be going?

    The government had a full scale meltdown when an outsider like Trump became commander and Chief. So much so that chief officers in the FBI began and were complicit in a conspiracy of sedition in an attempt to have him removed.

    The government made an in your face overthrow of the last presidential election to regain their previous trajectory. Best guess joining Russia, Europe, & the western world creation China, In an invasion of the equator. Why does China get a pass on CO2 emissions? Playing Catch up?

    When the government spends money like it just doesn’t matter it is because they are going to take the gold in Fort Knox and restart elsewhere. So it really doesn’t matter not to them anyway.

    Typical human reasoning. Save the four most weapons Bristling, space traveling, high tech entities, AKA the four houseman of the apocalypse at the expense of probably less aggressive peoples.

    The invasion of the equator and equatorial Regions is back on track. Except this crazy wild animal government is cornered by less treacherous voters in the upcoming election. You know how dangerous cornered animals can be! Stand by! COVID my come to the rescue.

    Enjoy the GSM. What do you think?
    Oh yes before the government says it:

    1. Andrew Stone

      “Fear is the mind killer”.
      – Paul (protagonist in Dune)

  6. Bert

    Thanks for the Gain of function U-Tube video above.
    I got the news from Hal Turner last evening. The Video however is a bit more polite – and is more suitable for sending on to friends. Hal is more suitable for getting me moving. Ha.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. William Best

    I read NOAA’s statement regarding the Solar Cycle (SC) 25 looking to be much stronger than SC 24. Of course, I can’t find that bit anymore, but I did see that bit in a very recent Electroverse post. By my gross measuring of the SIDC/SILSO LATEST SUNSPOT NUMBER Graph as of Dec. 2021: The data point at the end of Dec. 2011 (10 years ago) shows the Sunspot number to be approx. 95 Sn. The data point at the end of Dec. 2021 (12 days ago) shows the Sn to be approx. 45Sn. Given that this is accurate data and then seeing NOAA only showing a truncated graph of the start of SC 25 without the ability to easily see back in time more than 10 years, how can NOAA seriously believe that SC 25 is coming on stronger than SC24? Watch what happens in the US Congress in the rest of January to see which way our civilization may be headed. Build Back Better better be built (builded?) back blown up. Billy Best. That’s as many B words as I can think of in a hurry. Thanks for playing.

    1. Logan

      “B”ooster “B”iden…

    2. Andrew Stone

      Uh oh!
      Another independent thinker has come loose from their mind tether!
      Call the thought police!

  8. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-convergence Now.Info

    “We know now that COVID was an “American-created” virus — at least that what’s recently leaked DARPA documents state.” … because it is a false flag psyop/diversion. The “invisible mystery ingredients” in the vaxx(s) are the bio-weapons.

    COVID-19 Vaccines: Scientific Proof of Lethality
    Post published: 5 January 2022 at
    Over One Thousand Scientific Studies Prove That the COVID-19 Vaccines Are Dangerous, and All Those Pushing This Agenda Are Committing the Indictable Crime of Gross Misconduct in Public Office

    Published 2 November 2021 by REDACTED

    Graphene, even so its mere presence in the organism increases the reactivity of biological tissues to electromagnetic fields.

    Perhaps the most serious point is to realize that the average people will not have the capacity to understand all this happening, as they will take it as Science Fiction or exaggerations, but still it will affect them, and is affecting them, as their reactions of lack of awareness and denial about this have the hallmark of being mind-controlled in favor of the system, in a kind of mental lethargy state, to which few turn out to be immune against, those who realize what is actually happening.

    Likewise, it has been claimed that biology, DNA, always returns to its original pattern, and this is still true. However, this nano-technological system causes constant damage to the biological system, to DNA, so it no longer functions under the same principles as before. Principles that use manifestation of subtle etheric energies on the organic matter or DNA, this is being changed by an electromagnetic system of specific controlled frequencies that prevent the original and natural process of DNA manifestation to work.

    Needless to say, the consequences of all this are extremely serious.

    This present document represents the combined effort of Doctors towards the end of October 2021. By no means does it mean that the data is completely definitive, nor does it include all processes or things that inoculations cause. There will also be an evolution on our observations so we will give timely updates as they arise. We see that other researchers are coming to other conclusions that complement each other, each at their own level and ability.

    1. Andrew Stone

      Isn’t it curious that some otherwise intelligent people cling to the notion that all arises from physical phenomena that somehow “self organizes” itself into viable living organisms, that such physical matter somehow erupted from an absolute vacuum?
      Some refer to that very singular event as a “quantum fluctuation in E-space”.
      That sounds hauntingly familiar to the medical field’s “Idiopathic process” or “undifferentiated schizophrenia”.
      In other words, “We have no idea but don’t wish to puncture our authority bubble by directly admitting that.”
      Could it be that we are spirit experiencing being human rather than the other way around?
      Seems like you are moving in the right direction.
      Me personally…
      I have no idea. I just ask lots of questions! 😋

      1. Deb

        Never stop asking questions, and you will never get old.

        1. Andrew Stone

          My hair is grey.
          Am I not asking enough questions? 😄
          Great to have your thoughts and input as always!

          1. Deb

            Lol! Try asking, “What is old?”

    2. Deb

      I saw on one of the other links you sent me that there’s going to be a major fire-up of 5G on Jan 19. I wonder if we will see an increase of vax-related trauma as the graphene absorbs more electromagnetic radiation?

  9. DIrk Pitt

    Glen Beck introduced UN Agenda 21 to me while watching his show back in 2011. The control of everything, everywhere. The plan. The next year they had the Agenda 21 meeting in Rio and China was in charge of the meeting.
    Glen never told us China was in control of Agenda 21, it took a year and then I had the Ah Haaa moment. Almost ten years ago and they have ran it ever since. If you want to qualify as “sustainable”, China must approve. Coal no good for UK but it’s great for China. US coal is shipped to China EVERY DAY !!!
    It never was about Global warming, it’s about taking energy from the West and giving it to China, crashing the West and putting the UN in charge of everything with no borders with China in control. It worked, all countries are “IN” and to get Central Bank “money”, you must be in the sustainable loop which ultimately puts them in control because they control the loot.
    And thennnnn… they drop Blovid and shit hits the fan and now they control everything everywhere even worser. Scripted takeover of the planet, just like a bad sci-fi flick or a Clancy Novel. but this is real and there’s no Hero to step up and save the day. Trump is a chump, he played his “part”, a Reality TV Superstar. The Fed and the Pentagon are “in”, creating , funding and DEFENDING the UN takeover, controlled by China. If you want to get control back, your Freedom, all you have to do is beat them – the Fed and the US Pentagon and all the militaries that are in the UN which is EVERYBODY.
    No problem, all you need is to print the new World currency and build a new military stronger than all that now exists and build a new tech system to run it all on. A new Matrix, because they control this one. Sure, no problem.
    Glen Beck Show on UN Agenda 21, way back in 2011:

    I’m off to make the 3AM rounds, Space Weather gauges, quakes, Windy SO2, Zerohedge, GONG/NSO, SST ANOMS, Magnetic Reversal.nut. Round and round we go.

    1. Deb

      I see signs that a new matrix is being built from the ground up, by the people, with no power structure that can be grabbed hold of by the control freaks. In fact, I doubt they can even SEE it because it does not run on money, position, fame or any kind of power they recognize.
      Amazing things are happening in the world right now. Be a nice person and connect with other nice people if you want to get in on the new matrix, and it will reveal itself to you.

    2. Andrew Stone

      Dirk, can’t say I disagree with your thoughts, although I’m not as certain as you are about the big picture you are describing.

      My personal take on it is that greed and profits led American industry to “use” China as a source of cheap labor giving little thought to the possible consequences, their forethought being limited to the next quarter for the most part. The Chinese, being intelligent, but living in a culture that did not value the individual thought that leads to innovation, saw the light, so to speak.

      They have built their modern industrial civilization upon the fortunate (for them) western profit motive and are using that as a foundation to build on. The west has been China’s research and development lab. In the process they looked closely at other aspects of western civilization and found other things also worth emulating.

      One of these is the benefit derived by the west in connective relationships (Associations, Assemblies, Organizations, etc.) with other industrial cultures. So this too they have emulated, plugging themselves into the same organizations, playing by the same “rules” when advantageous to do so, following their own rules otherwise.

      Being the manufacturing base for the rest of the world that is addicted to what they produce has its advantages including much political leverage which they put to good use whenever possible. The world banking interests (probably the power behind the various thrones, perhaps answering to their superiors as well) would be fools not to become heavily invested in enormously profitable Chinese industry. They are taking care of their golden goose. What China wants, China gets, as long as the arrangement remains profitable.

      I’m not arrogant (though far from perfect) so I can only offer my reasoning and thoughts in the hope that something in there may be of value to someone.

      Absolutely no doubt that we are all “seeing through a glass darkly”, whatever is actually going on behind closed conference room doors.

  10. konrad

    Haven’t read so many beautiful comments for a long time. And these on EV!!

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