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European Winter brought forward to October 5 this Year — Arctic Blast set to deliver plunging Temps and Heavy Early-Season Snow

We’re admittedly a long way off, but latest GFS runs are forecasting a brutal beginning to October for the majority of Europe, with widespread plunging temps and large accumulations of early-season snow building over higher elevations.

The cold is on course to descend during the first week of October, with temperature departures of more than 20C below average in store for regions like the Balkans, located to the SE.


The Balkans are also set to see the largest snowfalls.

Over 3 feet of powder is forecast for the mountainous regions of southern Serbia, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro between Friday, Oct 04 thru Monday, Oct 07.

The Alps are also set for similarly shocking totals, as is Central/Northern Norway.

While Scotland, and even Northern England, are on course for some settling early-October snow, too.


Again, these models are still in the unreliable time-frame –so stay tuned for updates– but the fact they’re picking up on such a brutal shift from summer to winter is a likely sign of the times.

Historical documentation forewarns that during times of Grand Solar Minima (like the one we’re entering now), the growing seasons are shortened to such an extent the crops which prevailing civilizations had come to depend upon simply no longer have the time to mature.

This climate catastrophe cycle has repeated itself time immemorial and is responsible for the fall of EVERY great civilization of the past.

And I’m afraid our modern one will prove no different.

In fact, what we’ve built is arguably far more fragile and susceptible to climatic changes than those which came before.

A main road closure –due to drifting snow, for example– and that’s your food supply cut off. And then the power goes out or your gas line gets interrupted, you’re gonna heat your home how?

It really isn’t going to take much to put an end to us.

Modern humans are prepared for a world of tech and tweets. Nobody gives a shit about learning how to grow their own food, or even how to build a basic fire. Without electricity, we’re all useless flabby blobs with a dangerous disconnect from nature — and that’s what’ll end us.

The Grand Solar Minimum can be ‘managed’ if you’re prepared, but if it takes you by surprise, perhaps in the middle of #ClimateStrike retweet-binge, you’re gonna struggle, and panic, and then potentially windup in the awkward situation of having eat your neighbor.

The cold times ARE returning, in line with historically low solar activity:

Don’t believe NOAA’s cherry-picked, UHI-ignoring global thermometer data.

Instead, ditch the iPhone and prepare.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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  1. warren Schaich

    Thank you for your daily briefing on the GSM. You are fantastic!

  2. Anonymous

    Great article as always – no doubt when the prolonged cold arrives, despite cold being defined as the absence of heat, they’ll claim global warming caused this upcoming GSM

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