Why People Continue To Believe the Global Warming Hoax

Written by Dr Tim Ball

It’s difficult to convince people that the science behind the claim of human-caused global warming is wrong. The technocrats developed their own language and technical terms to protect their control over the information; to make people pay a higher price for their services; to ensure they remain unaccountable for their actions.

The three lawsuits filed to silence me from explaining their science in ways the public could understand all came from technocratic members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

After you successfully convince the people about the deceptive use of science, you confront a more difficult problem. You must explain the motive to people who can’t believe that scientists would corrupt science, use it for a political agenda, or that a few people can fool the world.

It is 28 years since Channel 4 in the UK produced The Greenhouse Conspiracy.  It covered all the things that were wrong with the AGW theory. They are still valid, but now time-tested. Unfortunately, most people still don’t understand how it disproves the theory, despite all the efforts to educate people about the misuse of science.

The bureaucratic technocrats, including those funded by them, who created and promote the deception, rarely respond to scientific challenges. Why bother when the public doesn’t understand? However, they respond when you discuss the motive behind their actions.

There are signs that the skeptics are influencing public opinion, but overall little has changed.

The public is in a holding pattern.

They know something is wrong as reflected in a growing distrust of science generally, and climate science specifically.

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  1. Ron

    I still see Global warming being pushed. Of course, the Solar minimum and how it signals cooling is never mentioned.

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