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“I haven’t seen anything like this”: U.S. Wheat Farmer Woes, Decimated Corn Crops, no Feed for Livestock — What Will We Eat?

Wavy jet streams are throwing farmers something of a curve ball in 2021, as global temperatures continue to fall in line with the ever-intensifying Grand Solar Minimum (GSM)… Prepare.

U.S. Wheat Farmer Woes

Short stalks, thin rows and small bushels; Washington wheat growers are harvesting a mess this year.

“I haven’t seen anything like this,” said fourth generation farmer Kevin Klein, who grows in Sprague.

And whether you talk to a farmer, wheat breeder or economist, they’ve got one message about Washington’s 2021 wheat harvest: “Generally speaking,” said Glen Squires, CEO of the Washington Grain Commission; “for the winter wheat and spring wheat, yields are just down.”

Squires said average winter wheat yields last year were about 76 bushels per acre (with one bushel equaling about 60 pounds of wheat); this year, however, current projections show 55 bushels per acre, with that number expected to drop even further.

“The spring crop is really going to hurt this year,” said Klein, but at least he has something to harvest.

“There are some people that are not even harvesting,” added Squires. “They see two to three bushels and they just stop.”

“There’s no moisture left in the soil; we sucked out and it’s all gone,” said Arron Carter, a winter wheat breeder at Washington State University regarding the next wheat planting season.

“Even if we get normal rain in the fall and winter, we’re going into the driest soil we’ve ever had,” he added

Farmers will likely have to wait longer to plant if significant rain doesn’t arrive soon. And in addition to than less time to grow, delayed planting can mean that the wheat is too short to survive the winter.

Kevin Klein asked around the old-time farmers in the state, to see if there’s ever been a year like this one.

“I listen to the older farmers and they said 1977 is the last year it’s been like this.”

There are many comparison between 2021 and 1977.

Solar activity is the main driver of weather and climate on our planet.

It always has been, and it always will be.

This is why EVERY religion tells of the EXACT same story: a story of the sun.

For more than 400 years now, an accurate sunspot record has been kept.

This record allows us to draw tentative patterns between the Sun’s output and weather on Earth.

The Pacific Northwest’s hot and dry summer of 2021 has growers and meteorologists alike comparing it to the summers of the mid/late 1970s, and the below chart offers an explanation:

Solar Cycles
Solar activity proxy, running back to the 1940s.

Basically, the sun runs on 11-year cycles, with a solar maximum and a solar minimum within each cycle.

Looking at the chart above, we note that the year 1977 falls directly off the back of Solar Cycle 20 –a weak cycle of relatively low output– AND within a solar minimum. Forwarding to 2021, we see ourselves landing off the back of Solar Cycle 24 –the weakest cycle of the modern era– AND within another solar minimum –the deepest minimum of the past 100+ years.

Solar cycles 21, 22 and 23 resulted in the peak of the Modern Maximum: the consistently warm and predictable weather patterns this spell delivered brought-about the mass adoption of ‘monocropping’; however, with the climate now changing –in line with drastically reducing solar activity– these predictable days are over.

Some solar physicists see solar cycle 24 as the start of the next Grand Solar Minimum: a prolonged period of reduced solar output that sees the jet stream revert from its usual straight ZONAL flows to a weak and wavy MERIDIONAL one.

The impact this has on the ground is violent ‘swings between extremes’: intense bursts of heat will linger in one area, while a teeth-chattering chill will dominate nearby, and then the regions will ‘switch’ — it is this chopping and changing that will hasten the failure of our modern food production systems — crops will fail, on a large scale, and famine will ensue:

Following the West’s extreme summer of 1977 came a string of brutal winters.

North America, as a whole, recorded one of its worst winters ever in 1978 — it’s no coincidence that this came off the back of a weak solar cycle, and during a deep solar minimum.

As I’ve been warning for years, extremes will become the new normal as we move on from the Modern Maximum (21, 22 and 23) and plunge deeper and deeper into the next Grand Solar Minimum.

The poor wheat crop extends further than just Washington.

An annual U.S. crop tour on Thursday projected the average spring wheat yield in North Dakota –the top-producing state– at just 29.1 bushels per acre — this is the lowest in the history of tour records, which extend back to 1993.

The International Grains Council AGAIN cut its 2021/22 world wheat crop outlook this week, by another million tonnes to 788 million — but like the USDA, the Council’s job is to stabilize markets; they’re outlook ALWAYS leans on the optimistic side.

Expect further drops as the season progresses.

Also, look out for the USDA’s weekly crop condition ratings due today (Monday, Aug 2), and also those private estimates of U.S. corn and soy yields ahead of the USDA’s big August 12 crop supply/demand report.

2021’s wheat woes come off the back of a terrible 2019 growing season –particularly in the Midwest– as well as a disastrous 2020, during which sank U.S. wheat production to its lowest levels since USDA records began, back in 1919.

Likewise in China, the biblical flooding seen in Henan province –which accounts for 10% of China’s grains production– has destroyed the region’s wheat fields, its infrastructure, and thousands of its large hog farms.

Decimated Corn Crops

The worst frosts since at least 1994 (solar minimum of cycle 22) are decimating South America’s second corn crop, and also its coffee crop–of which Brazil is the world’s largest exporter.

The extremely rare frost covering parts of Brazil has surprised residents, with some in their sixties seeing snow for the very first time — not since the mid-1950s has the snow been this severe and widespread (not since the solar minimum of cycle 18).

The problems besetting the world’s largest producer and exporter of coffee have already been felt in New York, where coffee prices soared to above $2 per pound for the first time since 2014, with the climb expected to continue.

“It was worse than I imagined … It’s hard to see a field that hasn’t suffered any damage,” said agronomist Adriano de Rezende, technical coordinator at the Minasul coffee cooperative, on visiting coffee growing regions across Brazil.

Rezende said it’s too early to estimate production losses precisely, as yet more frosts are expected.

Workers collect coffee burned by frosts due to a strong cold snap that hit the south of the top Brazilian producer state of Minas Gerais, at a farm in Varginha, Brazil, July 30, 2021. REUTERS/Roosevelt Cassio
Workers collect coffee burned by frosts after the region’s worst freeze in decades [Reuters/ Roosevelt Cassio].

Failures of sugarcane and citrus crops are also ravaging South American economies.

Corn, as mentioned above, is also being decimated; so much so in fact, that Brazil has gone from exporter to importer.

Production numbers for Brazilian corn have continued to be slashed every time a new forecast is released — many agencies are coming in with well-under 90 million metric tons (mmt) of total corn production, down 20+% year on year.

The story is similar across Argentina, and, likewise, the corn belts of the U.S. are struggling, too.

The U.S., Argentina and Brazil are the world’s top three corn exporters — issues here have ramifications across the planet.

Ukraine is fourth, and despite what was on track to be a bumper harvest, adverse weather conditions during the first half of July threaten to take the gloss off crop quality and final yields.

Additionally, further bouts of potentially record breaking cold are forecast across much of Europe, including western Ukraine, during the first week of August:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Aug 4 [].

Note also that France and Germany –Europe’s top wheat exporters, along with the Ukraine– are also copping anomalous cold AND record flooding.

These ever-mounting failure of harvests are impacting global food prices:

Shortages come next–and this is already been felt across livestock feed markets.

We’re being told that there simply isn’t enough grain for humans AND the animals, ‘they’ are pitting us against the livestock; and as a result, herds and flocks are being thinned or sold off altogether at an alarming rate, across the board. Our future is looking more and more like a meat-free one (unless you fancy chowing down on Bill Gates’ lab-grown monstrosities).

But the crops are failing anyhow, as documented above — and even if a large percentage of livestock was wiped off the planet, we would still struggle to feed ourselves given this year’s figures and estimates (also unmentioned is the fact that the animals usually receive the ‘poor’ harvests deemed unfit for human consumption — what happens to those yields if there are no animals?).

The overarching question here, with the Grand Solar Minimum only forecast to intensify as the years roll on, is what will we eat?

The answer is a simple one to understand, but a tricky one to master: grow your own!

You need to end your dependence on ‘the system’ — relying on government handouts and rationing as the supermarket shelves run dry is not a great spot to be in. Any external body in control your family’s food security is in control of you, they have you in the palm of their hands, and, in order to eat, you will buckle to any demand they choose to enforce.

You may, for example, be adamant that you’ll never take the vaccine, but what if you haven’t eaten for days and obtaining a supermarket ration card and/or being allowed entry to the shop is only available for the ‘jabbed’? You’ll have no choice but to comply.

Regain your food security from a failing and ever-desperate system.

History shows us that when food production fails, empires crumble — these past few years could be seen as the elites putting control mechanisms in place so as to avoid losing their totalitarian grip when the silos run empty: lockdowns, food rationing, queuing outside supermarkets; these have been the realities of the past 18 months, and it isn’t all that far-fetched to view these measures as a form of ‘social readying’–as preparations for the future as tighter and tighter restrictions are placed on the global food supply.

New Sunspot

Breaking a surprise string of 5 spotless days, a new sunspot is forming in the sun’s southern hemisphere:

It is potentially interesting because of its unusually high latitude.

Details to follow; that is, if the sunspot lasts long enough to receive an official number…

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING, in line with the great conjunction, historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among other forcings).

Both NOAA and NASA appear to agree, if you read between the lines, with NOAA saying we’re entering a ‘full-blown’ Grand Solar Minimum in the late-2020s, and NASA seeing this upcoming solar cycle (25) as “the weakest of the past 200 years”, with the agency correlating previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

Furthermore, we can’t ignore the slew of new scientific papers stating the immense impact The Beaufort Gyre could have on the Gulf Stream, and therefore the climate overall.

Prepare accordingly— learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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27 Thoughts to ““I haven’t seen anything like this”: U.S. Wheat Farmer Woes, Decimated Corn Crops, no Feed for Livestock — What Will We Eat?”

  1. Deb

    I remember the winter of 1978, and those contiguous to it. It was pretty damned cold all right! In a way, it’s nice to know that my memories of long ago (and we had to walk 10 miles to school every day, young fella!) are actually right on.

    I also remember growing winter wheat in my yard during that time frame. I tilled up a large garden space and planted it in the fall, had a lovely time through the winter watching that green “grass” when everything else was dead and brown. In June I harvested it with a butcher knife into a small wooden barrel, smacking the heads of the wheat back and forth to knock off the berries, which I then winnowed on a bedsheet in front of a window fan.

    I had a manual wheat grinder so I made flour and baked bread. Not just any old homemade bread-the best I’ve tasted in my long life, bar none. The kind of bread you end up eating standing up at the breadboard, slathering slice after slice with butter, before it ever has a chance to cool down.

    Most of the food we eat these days is a pale comparison to what should and could be. We pay a heavy price for our convenience. Like Cap says, grow your own!

    1. Anonymous

      I remember Mom making bread and getting the end and ‘slathering’ Butter and than EATING like a PIG!!!
      Greatest bread ever.

      1. Deb

        I rest MY case. We just can’t be civil to one another, can we?

      2. Deb

        Go away, Winston. I’m busy. I have to wash my hair.

        1. Buffett's Brain Altered Boy Plato

          Fins to the left, fins to the right…

    2. Buffalo Bill

      Debsy, you must have stepped right out of a Norman Rockwell painting… that was so descriptive… a lovely story. No joke;)

      1. Deb

        Nice try, Winston. At the risk of seeming rude, I prefer not to interact with you, however polite the interchange may seem to be, for fear it will inevitably devolve into this:

        1. Church Ladies or Female Nature

          Either/or, I rest my case.

          1. Deb

            I was going to be nice and let you keep the goat, but now I’m afraid you and Donleavy might do something backwoodsy with it.

          2. Balthazar B

            … look at what’s happened to Deb now… she’s been all toughened up for the ‘boys no feels’ zone(s) – been trying to get her goat for years already – hang in there Deb… you’re still winning.

          3. Balthazar B

            … look at what’s happened to Deb now… she’s been all toughened up for the ‘boys no feels’ zone(s) – been trying to get her goat for years already – hang in there Sassy… you’re still winning.

  2. Wow! The authors of the original paper by Zharkova et al, 2015 where the Grand Solar Minimum was first reported are really greatful to ‘little helpers by Mr W. Soon et al, 2021 confirming our results.

    Only in 2015 it was widely reported by the media1. NAM2015 Press release ‘Irregular heartbeat of the sun caused by double dynamo’
    2. Northumbria University
    3. Moscow University Press Release
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    22. Elif Geris, the producer of “The Matt Bubala Show” on WGN Radio in Chicago, USA
    23. Kari A. Kuure, Science Journalist, Avaruusmagasin
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    25. Roger Tyler, USA TODAY
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    27. Astronomy Now
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    32. Юлия Смирнова, Komsomol’s pravda, Moscow, Russia
    33. Tom Szyszkiewicz , The Drew Mariani Show , Relevant Radio, USA
    34. Васильева Анна Людвиговна, Moscow University, Russia
    35. Dr Alex Starling | ACS TECHNICAL
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    37. Denise Robbins, Senior Researcher, Energy and Environment, Media Matters for America
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    39. Emily Richards, CNS News
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    41. Rebecca Wood, Producer, The Andrew Peach Show, BBC Radio Berkshire
    42. Caroline Sloan BA(Hons) MA | Fleet Environmental Information Officer | NAVY SHIPS-HM FEIO | Navy Command Headquarters
    43. Andy Ruzdar,. the Australian radio 5AA Breakfast show
    44. About 100 newspapers or radio presenters in Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, China (follow the major newspaper names with the mini ice age keywords).

    1. R Cannon

      Thanks for that Prof. Zharkova. Looks like the media in US focused on disputing the theory. Typical propaganda. And they still ignore the cold, only reporting the hot.

    2. Chris Norman

      I first read a paper of a major solar minimum occurring in the late 2015/2020 in about 2004.

    3. Mark Fisher

      Prof. Valentina Zharkova: Thank you for your good works. I’ve been following your work for 8 plus years and what is most striking has been how you’ve resisted the hoopla and self promotion that others have succumbed to. That you insisted on waiting until the data slowly accumulated and validated the models you’ve been crafting before announcing success sets you and your colleagues apart from a large segment of the scientific community.

      Are you coming to the U.S. anytime in the near future? I’m sure we could arrange a presentation forum for you and secure underwriting the expense of getting you to Florida if you were going to be in country.

      1. hyden

        There is a priesthood/class even in the science community, and if you question the narrative of certain manipulated knowledge systems you will be seen as a heretic/non believer/conspiracy theorist.
        Mainstream delusionaries insist upon calling this madness ‘Progress’, but really, in its standard and ubiquitous manifestation it is just shiny barbarism.John anthony west.

    4. Winston Smith [Mr]

      Witzsche [Ice Age Ahead] and Felix [Ice Age Now] and Allon [Electroverse] have been sayin’ it for decades already too… and the Chinese have been keeping records of cooler weather and dynasty crash cycles for many millennia. So why do you think the Chinese are making their move now and the globalists are going along with it. Controlled demolition/depopulation preserves more infrastructure… note:

      It’s the same old game. August 5, 2019
      “Woe unto them that pointed out that while the priests were calling for fasting, they themselves were feasting.”

      [check the important relevant Aug 5, 2019 Electroverse referenced link to the Zharkova retraction under duress comments I made back then already and the others all related below it too… so now it’s show time]

      Robert [the way, way different Robert – Winston Smith on IAN]
      August 5, 2019 at 11:03 am
      Quoted comment by:
      Robert Weisansal
      July 3, 2019 at 11:01 pm
      Some points to consider are:
      1. Global warming is a 65 billion dollar a year business.
      2. It has been stated as well as noted that those who go against global warming are harangued and not funded.
      3. Dr. Z is on record with her lecture given at the Global Warming Policy Foundation in 2018.
      4. What actually is going on behind the scene that we aren’t privy to?
      As of now, we will not have long to wait!

      Might is right, especially when truth becomes an obstacle to might. Like Galileo, it appears that Zharkova may have been compelled to go along to get along with this recent ‘Expanded Analysis’. Even Galileo had to recant to the Vatican to get a soft kill permanent house arrest instead of a torturous hard kill at the fire stake. Information wars have been going on since the first animal deceptions and camouflage. It Is Dangerous to Be Right When the Government Is Wrong.

      … and just now from your above hotlinked title name:
      Therefore, the paper Zharkova et al, 2019 has been retracted without any grounds! (That’s what the Electroverse, Robert Weisansal and I (on IAN) brought up coincidentally almost exactly two years ago)

      It’s definitely show time, right here, right now.

  3. Balthazar B and Logos Dialectic

    The perfect intro article for folks here to hopefully be better able to see the long game… and why China is going to want North American, North African and Middle East central latitude’s ww agricultural lands and much fewer woke useless eaters [as well as the well armed] Caucasians going into a projected long 2050ish maxi/mini GSM/mag/rev/ice age… obviously. This article right here, right now may be the most important and timely warning on the web anywhere Cap’n… no joke. Beans, butter, brass, bandaids, bullion, broads… and that’s just the B’s. Blessed are they who in this sea of frailty, … Cheers. BB

    Latest On The 2025 Projections
    Jeff & James Karolak – The Deagel Projections
    And Many Of The Key 2025 Numbers – HERE
    [save to file]

    For more impact look up the rest of these related articles/audios below at … or don’t.
    The Deagel 2025 Projections
    Deagel – 2020 BioWar and 2025 Depopulation
    targets – See How White Western Countries Are
    Clearly targeted and Hit Hardest
    New Site Preserves The Forecast
    Did Deagel’s 2025 Forecast For America Cut
    Too Close To The Truth For The Globalists?

  4. Michael Peinsipp

    “You may, for example, be adamant that you’ll never take the vaccine, but what if you haven’t eaten for days and obtaining a supermarket ration card and/or being allowed entry to the shop is only available for the ‘jabbed’? You’ll have no choice but to comply.”
    I am an American Citizen not a Peon.
    I live in a rural area and Bambi and others are my meat source.
    The ‘government’ can go to Hades.

  5. R Cannon

    Well we have a lot of rabbits in the neighborhood…

  6. Ed [Mr]


  7. Bowing To Tyrannical Government Mandates

    When Tyranny Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty: Enough With Gutless Americans Bowing To Tyrannical Government Mandates – Even The French Are Showing More Backbone Than Americans… the sleeping giant awakens… should be interesting… wouldn’t want a job going door to door pushing soft kill injections on folks anymore at this point.

    By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

    It is a crying shame when citizens of other countries are far more willing than Americans to fight for their freedoms, and to stand up and say “enough,” with the government overreach of power with endless mandates, whether it be the renewed mask mandates or threats of forced vaccines of experimental drugs that haven’t been around long enough to even estimate what their long term effects will be, orvaccine “passports.” 

    Italy, Australia, and France are all seeing massive protests against “vaccine passports,” being required for every day activities.

  8. yougottaloveme

    “You may, for example, be adamant that you’ll never take the vaccine, but what if you haven’t eaten for days and obtaining a supermarket ration card and/or being allowed entry to the shop is only available for the ‘jabbed’? You’ll have no choice but to comply.”

    Jawohl ! This is why we need electric money like cryptocurrency and whatever. Because when the government shuts off the electrons to our accounts, we can all practice being good little Platonic Germans and let the State do anything to us they want, including starving us to death. The State can never be wrong.

  9. ~jim

    I would love to know (find data) on how this GSM is affecting soil microorganisms which are essential for nutrient transfer to plant roots in healthy soils.

    Too much water or drought obviously are the glaring issues here, but what is happening under hoof?

    I know my question is better directed to an agronomist, but has someone ever come upon data from a soil scientist that has looked into this?

  10. Ann Crosby

    Heavens, don’t you know about geoengineering?? This massive drought is too convenient to be random. Powers That Be seek to destroy our food supply, which automatically happens when there is no water. Go to for all you want to know about it. We cannot solve the problem until recognize the true cause…!!

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