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Western Mexico: A five-foot Wall of Floodwater Crashes Through Periban — 7 Dead, 8 Missing

Seven people are dead and the search continues for eight others after a five-foot (1.5m) wall of floodwater crashed through the streets of a town in western Mexico, state officials said Monday night.

58mm (2.3 inches) of rain fell in the town of Peribán, Michoacán in the space of 2 hours, according to Mexico’s Comisión Nacional del Agua.

The unusually heavy rainfall swelled the Cutio River and sent a wave of water crashing through Periban.

Eloy Giron, the chief of operations for the Michoacan state Civil Protection agency, said witnesses reported the rush of water was so powerful that it sucked people out of their houses.

“The water devastated everything in its path,” he said.

More than 100 homes were destroyed in the torrent.

Last week heavy rain and flooding affected the states of Durango, Sonora, Chihuahua and Sinaloa, where at least 3 people died.

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