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Western Australia sees its first April Snow for 49 Years, and the Earliest in the State’s History — because Climate is Cyclic

The Stirling Ranges have broken April cold-weather-records this weekend, with residents of Western Australia witnessing the earliest recorded snowfall in a calendar year in the state’s history.

The previous recorded flakes were on April 20, 1970, according to Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) records.

BOM forecaster Matt Boterhoven called the snow an extremely rare occurrence in April.

“It’s exceptional. We’ve only recorded once, in the last 100 years, snow as early as this on top of the Stirling Ranges,” he said.

“It’s related to a very strong cold air mass moving over the southwest of the state, so when conditions get below freezing and there’s precipitation, snow can form on top of Stirling Ranges.”

The hard frost is expected to spread across the Wheatbelt by Sunday morning.

The sun is experiencing its weakest solar cycle in well-over 100 years, with the latest analysis revealing the coming cycles will likely tumble deeper still, potentially into the next Grand Solar Minimum.

Global Average Temperatures are responding.

Prepare for the cold times.

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