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Western Australia: Perth just Recorded its Third Lowest May Temp Ever, while nearby Pearce suffers it’s Coldest in 55 Years

The Antarctic air mass pushing into Western Australia is starting to take names — Perth, the capital of WA, just shivered through its coldest morning of the year with the mercury dipping to 2.1C (35.8F).

Saturday’s low of 2.1C (35.8F) will go down as Perth’s third coldest May temperature since records began — the number one spot taken by the 1.3C (34.3F) set on May 25, 2012.

And it got even colder in Perth’s outer regions (away from the urban heat island effect), with Pearce recording -0.3C (31.5F) and both the Swan Valley and Jandakot dipping to just 0.5C (32.9F).

According to the record books, that -0.3C (31.5F) at Pearce will go down as the coldest May temperature for the area in 55 years, since the -0.6C (30.9F) set in 1964 (solar minimum of cycle 19).

The current cold snap is expected to extend into next week.

Wrap up WA.

Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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