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JMA: “Weakened Jet Stream Led To Japan’s Record Cold And Snowy Winter”; Saudi Arabia Breaks 1985 Low Temperature Record — Yet Scientists Are “Already Certain” 2022 Will Be Among Top 10 Hottest Years On Record…

JMA: “Weakened Jet Stream Led To Japan’s Record Cold And Snowy Winter”

This winter was far colder and snowier than usual across the majority of Japan, which, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), was due in no small part to “westerly winds snaking in a southward direction, making it easier for cold air to flow into the country”.

As of March 14, a total of 12 observation points across the Japan were still logging all-time record-breaking levels of accumulated snow. The town of Tsunan in Niigata Prefecture, for example, still has 419 cm (13.75 ft) on the ground.

All this snow resulted in the deaths of at least 93 people, as per a Fire and Disaster Management Agency report, with the majority of the deaths occurring during snow removal work, such as clearing powder from the roofs of homes.

Accumulated snow on the roofs of houses in Itoigawa, Niigata Prefecture, Feb 24 [Hidehito Matsumoto].

As documented by the JMA, the average temperature between Dec 2021 and Feb 2021 was 0.5C lower than the multidecadal average, which aided the snowfall — persistent cold that the agency believes was caused by frigid polar air masses being “pushed out from the North Pole on four occasions” due to a weak and wavy meridional jet stream flow:

[Asahi Shimbun]

“[This winter’s weather] was continuously cold and had a huge impact on people’s lives, mainly in areas in the Sea of Japan side,” said Hisashi Nakamura, of the JMA.

Saudi Arabia Breaks 1985 Low Temperature Record

Eastern Europe and The Middle East just can’t seem to shake their winter-like lows and heavy snows.

Snow has even be reported across Israel this week, at Metula and Ariel, among other locales.

The mercury in Syria’s capital Damascus dropped to -4.5C (23.9F) recently, a new record. While in Turaif, Saudi Arabia readings dipped below -3.4C (25.9F), breaking the national March low set in 1985 (solar minimum of cycle 21).

…Yet Scientists Are “Already Certain” 2022 Will Be Among Top 10 Hottest Years On Record

Despite the spate of persistent, recording-breaking cold registered for the year to date, scientists are “already certain” that 2022 will be among the 10 hottest years on record, at least according to British AGW rag The Independent.

The rag continues: “In its monthly update, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported that this year was already off to a baking-hot start.” Letting that spurious statement slide, however –which is hard– the igger issue that article fails to address is that NOAA relies on ground base weather stations for the bulk of its data, stations that suffer from 1) very poor coverage, meaning NOAA has to “fill in the gaps” for the majority of the planet (aka “guess”), and also 2) the Urban Heat Island effect, which a phenomenon that occurs when natural land is replaced with dense concentrations of pavement, buildings, and other surfaces that absorb and retain heat. This is an artificial warming that isn’t witnessed in rural areas (so the majority of the planet then) but one that the likes of NOAA refuse to compensate for.

A far more accurate measurement of Earth’s temperature would be attained by using the raw satellite data. But what AGW Party member wants that? The 15x NASA/NOAA AMSU satellites that measure every square inch of the low troposphere (where us humans reside) show global cooling since 2016, with Earth’s average temperature down some 0.71C since then, and falling…

Added to this week’s list of dismissable warm-mongering claptrap comes a report from Yahoo News: “Arctic ice thinning at ‘frightening rate’ and summers could be ice-free by mid-century”. The alarmists don’t ever seem to learn their lesson, do they? Never put a date on the end of the world, you’ll always end up with egg on your face.

Also, don’t pick a season of such impressive Arctic sea ice growth to forward your absurd agenda. Or are the masses that easy to manipulate nowadays? Have they been so browbeaten by unrelenting “scientists say…” propaganda that they no longer even trust their own eyes to discern a basic chart?

Sea ice extent has been tracking at its largest extent since 2008 this season, with the floating ice cover in the Bering Sea reaching its greatest February extent since 2013. Also, and as reported just yesterday, Greenland gained a record-breaking 10 Gigatons of snow and ice on Monday, while the Northern Hemisphere’s total snow mass registered a sharp uptick at the same time, even as astronomical spring approaches.

All these facts are hardly conducive to an impending AGW-induced catastrophe, yet the MSM flat-out refuse to report on them, which only further exposes their agenda. But not only to they refuse to report said truth, they also appear to stage an organized media campaign to combat it: “Researchers have warned that sea ice is thinner than previous estimates – and that ice-free summers in the Arctic could be a reality by mid-century,” reads a Yahoo News headline from March 15.

Lead author of the study Sahra Kacimi said: “Current models predict that by the mid-century we can expect ice-free summers in the Arctic, when the older ice, thick enough to survive the melt season is gone.” However, as those of us not blinded by the propaganda know, we’ve been here many times before, many, many, many times before:

But to be fair, Kacimi’s study largely discusses sea ice thickness (aka volume) rather than extent. So below is a look at the DMI’s ‘Arctic Sea Ice Volume’ chart. This is a dataset that has suffered major controversies in recent months (namely the unexplained ‘disappearance’ of 1000s of km3 of ice back in Dec, 2021) but one that still shows 2022 sea ice thickness is 1) within the normal range, and 2) has actually fired a whopping 2,000+ km3 above 2021’s reading — a pill that is hard to swallow if “the older ice, thick enough to survive the melt season” is apparently on the cusp of completely vanishing:


The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre). Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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29 Thoughts to “JMA: “Weakened Jet Stream Led To Japan’s Record Cold And Snowy Winter”; Saudi Arabia Breaks 1985 Low Temperature Record — Yet Scientists Are “Already Certain” 2022 Will Be Among Top 10 Hottest Years On Record…”

  1. John Galt's Offspring

    ” Or are the masses that easy to manipulate nowadays? Have they been so browbeaten by unrelenting “scientists say…” propaganda that they no longer even trust their own eyes to discern a basic chart?” You said it. Especially jabbed minds. Normalcy Bias again for the masses. I would like to be far from the masses, however due to my age I need to be around civilization. I think this stuff with Russia and Ukraine is a smokescreen for something far worse that is on the horizon especially concerning food. Grow those victory gardens of yesteryear. Get seeds. Find like-minded people. Don’t elect “officials” who will literally destroy you. Be alert at all times. Pray to your higher power whoever / whatever…the God of the Universe, Jesus, but pray for the veil to be lifted from the eyes of those who cannot see. Thanks again for the rant.

    1. Ice Age Eugenics and Bioelectrical Graphenation/5G War/Famine Theatre Now.Info

      Another One Of The True Purposes Of COVID Has Just Been Revealed: The Virus Was A Trojan Horse To Usher In A Surveillance State

  2. Frank

    Just curious. Do we get a polar vortex from the South Pole, too?

    1. Rocket Scientist

      Yes, but because you guys are upside-down it mostly spirals or cyclones out into the area or “space” below the earth often freezing the top few turtles.

    2. Rocket Scientist

      Yes, but because you guys are upside-down it mostly spirals or cyclones out into the area or “space” below the earth often freezing the top few turtles.

      Glaciation of the Southern Hemisphere was less extensive. Ice sheets existed in the Andes (Patagonian Ice Sheet), where six glacier advances between 33,500 and 13,900 BP in the Chilean Andes have been reported.[24] Antarctica was entirely glaciated, much like today, but unlike today the ice sheet left no uncovered area. In mainland Australia only a very small area in the vicinity of Mount Kosciuszko was glaciated, whereas in Tasmania glaciation was more widespread.[25] An ice sheet formed in New Zealand, covering all of the Southern Alps, where at least three glacial advances can be distinguished.[26] Local ice caps existed in the highest mountains of the island of New Guinea, where temperatures were 5 to 6° C colder than at present.[27][28]

      Those “north” winds blow cold no matter which direction they come from but glaciers seem to prefer solid land on-which to accumulate upon.

  3. Mystic’s Mystic

    I mentioned this before but 97% of the scientist agreeing that CO2 causes global warming is impossible right from the beginning. Probably only 3% of the scientist on earth are in a discipline of science where they could even make that evaluation. Out of that group you probably get more reservations then agreement. Science fiction fills the pockets of politicians and it is a good scam.

  4. Dallas Schneider

    What ever happened to Weather Balloon Data?
    Are they still using them?

  5. Anonymous

    Have you any thoughts about the developing drought in Southern Europe? The lack of rainfall in Northern Italy is quite amazing.

  6. RAFO

    Cap, you said… “… Or are the masses that easy to manipulate nowadays?”

    A resounding YES to that question!!! Nowadays you can say practically anything, whether unbelievable or not, and people are so gullibly dumbed down they’ll believe it. Not only do they believe the insane, it’s absorbed into their psychic and becomes a part of their world view and narrative. In addition, they’ll crucify anyone who doesn’t see things the same way!

    Gone gone gone are the days when most people had the ability to critically think, do their own research and connect dots. It’s a lost art form. Discernment is totally out the window. We who have the ability to think are not wanted or desired to be around in the new order that is almost upon us. I actually look forward to leaving this world as this is no longer my country or my home. I feel great sorrow for my children and all others like them that will take the full brunt of the new order when it gets here. God help us!

    1. Doktor Schaden Freude

      Poe’s law's_law

      Dunning-Kruger Effect – Why do Stupid People Think They’re So Smart?

      It’s also known around these parts as the “Lindy and Sassy Effect”.

      1. Deb

        My “Well said” was directed at RAFO.

        And as for you, Herr Doktor, you will pay for that!

      1. John Galt's Offspring

        Critical Thinking: A lost resource to mankind.

        1. Dallas Schneider

          I am working with a new program that will produce critical thinking to pre-teens en masse, able to bring a literate non-english speaking kid to 2,000 word vocab plus morals plus genius level thinking! Ha Ha Ha!!!
          Ssssssshhhh! Don’t let this get out!
          Oh yes, in less than a year for the whole program!!
          DS (Not BS, that’s my cousin)
          Ha, Teachers may gain something from this program also! lol

  7. Ice Age Eugenics and Bioelectrical Graphenation/5G War/Famine Theatre Now.Info

    The Rise of Zelensky from Comedian to President of Ukraine – Buckle Up

    The Puppets Who Lead Us – CRP

    Jacques Attali “predicted now” in 1981 (and 2014) that WW3 will start in Ukraine.

    Central Intelligence Agency’s admission that the United States military has been conducting a covert war against Russia in the Ukraine since 2014 during the Obama administration.

    1. Deb

      The rise of Alex Jones from comedian to controlled opposition…

      Freemasons must see something in comedians that the rest of us don’t.

  8. Ballistic Logos

    When is a Canadian [human] No Longer a Canadian [an expendable prole]×1024.jpeg

    Did Globalist Jacques Attali say: “The Stupid Will Believe It And Ask To Be Treated”

    The Real Globalist ‘Mastermind’ Behind the Great Reset: ‘Prophet’ Jacques Attali (Videos)

    Let ’em come get some… especially if they don’t stick to just messing with and culling the stupid.

  9. Ice Age Eugenics and Bioelectrical Graphenation/5G War/Famine Theatre Now.Info

    What You Need to Know About the Transhumanist Agenda

    Globalists Aim to Take Over Health Systems Worldwide

    By 2025, they want an avatar into which the human brain can be transplanted AT THE END OF LIFE… ya, LOL… they… want… to… remove… your… brain… at… the… end… of… life… alright… while also reducing population down to the projected half billion people… or much fewer than that as req’d.

    Did Globalist Jacques Attali say in 1981: “The Stupid Will Believe It And Ask To Be Treated”… to euthanasia injections and/or voluntary brain removal? Well, ya!… of course… why not… just doing what already has been proven to “work” right;)? ‘s_law

    Eugenics works… and it’s OK.

    1. Deb

      The funny thing is that “immortality” is what their “useful idiots” are being promised for lending their talents to the destruction of the masses.

      News flash! Even intelligent people can get sucked into being “useful idiots”. And when their usefulness expires, the retirement plan is not exactly what they were promised.

      1. LocoLogos

        … much like Big Religion’s “Big Immortality” retirement plan. Same diff… they’re all in cahoots.

  10. The Russians Did It... All Of It

    Russian President Addresses the World Over [Donbass] Ukraine [this is the almost exact “same” but real in both cases MO/story-line/reasoning as was “necessary” to preserve German lives in Poland at the beginning “set up” to WWII … except that it was Russia who played the part of the Americans/NATO (running interference/creating narratives) back then. Why reinvent the wheel?]

    Strong M7.3 Earthquake Hits Fukushima, Japan 2022-03-16

    Likely The Russians Did It.

    CRP – Coach Red Pill – Gonzalo Lira videos – YouTube

  11. Ballistic Logos

    COVERT INTEL – Subscribers Only – “Extreme Sanctions on Russia Coming” Including Blockades from . . .
    World Hal Turner 14 March 2022 Hits: 16588

    This content is for subscribers only —

    The White House is now working on what they call “Extreme Sanctions” to be applied against Russia.

    These Sanctions would include:

    1) A Complete Trade Embargo between the US and Russia; no goods or services of ANY TYPE between the two countries, AND;

    2) Restriction of all Russian Vessels from using the Panama Canal and . . . The Strait of Gibraltar.

    Now, whether Panama would agree or not is one GIGANTIC issue, but presuming they do, WHO would enforce it? Panama doesn’t have much of a Navy. so it would fall to guess who . . . . yes . . . The US Navy.

    The Strait of Gibraltar is quite another story.

    That Strait is controlled by the British government and the Royal Navy could _attempt_ to enforce passage restrictions. But DOING SO is where things go south immediately.

    Russian naval vessels, and commercial ships, need to transit that strait to travel between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

    IF the British navy tells the Russian Navy they cannot go through . . . I suspect Russia would, at some point, open fire. And the absolute second that happens, it’s war. NATO v. RUSSIA, Article 5 invoked, and the Russians have already said what would happen “the second Article 5 is triggered.” The missiles will fly.

    Russia made clear they would hit so fast, no one in the west “would have time to repent.” They actually said “Russians will die as Martyrs, but the west will not have time to repent.”

    So watch for the phrase “extreme sanctions” to start coming out in the mass media. Should begin this week.

    1. Deb

      I know what a woman is, but I’m 70+. I’ve had a lot of time to figure it out.

      If you have questions about gender, health, politics or anything else, go throw your TV set onto the trash heap. It helps a lot!

      Next trip-bite the bullet and take your computer to the pile.

      And now, if someone would just invent a cell phone that is ONLY a phone, I’d be free at last!

      1. Father Mulcahy

        … you’d be the first one dumpster diving for your next internet “NEWS”, extreme weather and globalist shenanigans agenda info hit(s) … just like the rest of us. It’s either live with the internet addiction… or it’s church ladies and their holy glurge all the way down… foe.. ev… ah.

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