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Washington’s Nov 2018: Wettest on Record, Coldest in Two Decades, First Measurable Snow Since 1996 — GSM Pattern

November felt more like winter in Washington this year. Temperatures were substantially lower than average, and the rain seemed to fall incessantly. 

On top of that, the city saw its first measurable Nov snow since 1996 (solar minimum of cycle 22), and the most in the month in almost 30 years.


Wettest on Record

The rainfall was record-breaking, easily pushing 2018 past 2003 into the position of wettest year of the current century.

Washington’s 7.57 inches broke the all-time November record of 7.18 inches from back in 1877 (the solar minimum before very weak cycle 12, the start of the Centennial/Glassberg Minimum).

Baltimore also had its wettest November with its 8.14 inches besting 1952′s 7.68 inches (solar minimum of cycle 18).

As of Monday, Dec 3, Washington needs just 0.57 inches more to break the record for wettest year ever, set way back in 1889 (solar minimum of very weak cycle 12).


Coldest in Two Decades

In Washington, the average temperature of 46.5F was 3.1F colder than normal and the coldest since 1997′s 46.2F (solar minimum of cycle 22).

Cold air funnelled south into the eastern United States because of the configuration of two large high pressure zones frequently positioned near Alaska and Greenland.

The Grand Solar Minimum pattern really took hold in North America in November 2018:

Comparing the above chart to NASA’s Temperature Anomaly Reconstruction Map 1680-1780 (the Maunder Minimum), the similarities are clear:

NASA – Temp Change 1680-1780

For further reading on the GSM pattern, and the role cosmic rays and cloud seeding play, try the two links at the bottom of the page.


First Measurable Snow Since 1996

The city also saw its first measurable November snow since for 22 years (solar minimum of cycle 22).

And the most in the month in almost 30 years.

The cold times are returning.

History is repeating.


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