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Was a Solar Storm to blame for THOUSANDS of UK Racing Pigeons “Vanishing into Thin Air” last Weekend?

Bird handlers are devastated after THOUSANDS of homing pigeons vanished into thin air during a race across the UK.

Some 9,000 set off from Peterborough, Cambs, on Saturday on a journey to the North East that should take no more than three hours — but over half were still missing as by the time night drew in.

“We’ve seen one of the very worst ever racing days in our history,” pigeon hobbyist Richard Sayers wrote in a Facebook post after approx. 5,000 of the Peterborough racing birds failed to make the 170-mile round-trip flight.

The avian competitors, part of 250,000 pigeons released in approximately 50 racing events across Britain last weekend, remain unaccounted for. In fact, of the 250,000 only 10% returned on time, and tens of thousands have been reported missing across the country.

Ian Evans, of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association, said: “We became aware quite quickly that something very unusual was happening.

“I have never heard of anything like this.

“On the face of it the weather conditions were good. But in the event, thousands of birds simply didn’t return. Something happened that disrupted their navigational abilities. We believe it may have had something to do with solar wind activity.”

The Association is holding urgent talks with the UK Met Office to obtain reports on any unusual solar activity

Richard Sayers and his fellow Peterborough bird-racing enthusiasts came to the same conclusion: “Most of the breeders I’m talking to are blaming the atmospheric conditions — possibly a solar storm above the clouds that created static in the atmosphere — but no one really knows.”

While a solar storm would indeed be possible of creating electrical disturbances throughout the atmosphere, including to the geomagnetic field that these birds use to navigate, there haven’t been any storms of late.

In fact, the sun has been oddly quiet in recent weeks — solar wind fluctuations have been small, and any CME’s that have been fired-off have missed earth.

However, Evans and Sayers were on the right track.

Earth’s magnetosphere is losing strength. This is due to 1) an ongoing magnetic excursion/reversal, and 2) the historically low solar activity we’re seeing — as a result of these two factors, our planet’s magnetic poles are wandering which, in turn, is throwing-off the onboard navigation systems of certain animals.

Increased lightening and changing animal behavior are some of the key indications we laymen can see on the ground –given that the official pol shit/field strength data is largely hidden, and only released, at best, every 4 or 5 years– and another example of this concerns the beach Tasmanian pilot whales of 2020 (linked below).

Earth’s magnetic field is failing as we race towards the next geomagnetic excursion.

Evans added that the losses weren’t just been confined to the UK: “We’ve had reports of heavy losses in Portugal and in Belgium as well … We are obviously hoping that the majority of these birds find their way home given time.”


Since 1850 Earth’s magnetic field has been weakening. At the turn of the millennium it then began reducing exponentially, at more than 10% per decade — this drop off is extreme and concerning, and here’s why.

Earth’s magnetic field protects us from space radiation. Our shields going down is very bad news for all life on our planet, and could possibly even lead to the next mass extinction.

For the past 100-or-so years, both north and south poles have been rapidly headed towards the equator (shown below), and their pace is increasing: The south pole is now off the Antarctic continent and making a beeline for Indonesia, and the north pole is shifting across the Arctic circle towards Siberia–it too headed for Indonesia, where the pair are likely to meet within the next few years/few decades.

This “meeting” will lead to one of two eventualities: 1) a full flip will take place (aka a “reversal” where the magnetic poles switch places), or 2) a “snap-back” will occur where the poles quickly return to their original starting points (aka an “excursion”).

However, it is not the shifting poles that will cause the main problem–though it is certainly one of the problems.

No, the biggest concern is the waning magnetosphere that comes as a result of a pole shift.

As the magnetic field weakens on Earth more cosmic radiation enter the planet’s atmosphere–and not only cosmic rays, but the entire broad spectrum of radiation is increasing.

It is during times of solar minimum that we see maximum cosmic radiation bombarding the planet, and given that we’ve recently suffered the deepest solar minimum of the past 100+ years, this too has contributed to diminution of the magnetic field, and so confusion to the onboard navigation systems of certain animals.

Also, notice this summer, when just standing in the sun for even a few minutes — it is hellish.

That’s because we’re of the historically low solar activity we’re experiencing in combination with a reduced magnetic field. You’re feeling the effects of that influx of radiation on your skin — and, unfortunately, this is only set to increase for the rest of our lives–or until the reversal/excursion takes place.

Magnetic excursions and full-blown reversals have been responsible for some of the largest mass extinctions on the planet, including the Younger Dryas event which eliminated up to 65% of the world’s megafauna.

This modern magnetic excursion/reversal is going to continue as the the sun also slips into its next grand minima cycle. These two events occurring simultaneously are unlikely to be coincidental, and they will accentuate the rush towards the next ice age.

Many scientists have been wondering what transpires to kick-off the ice age cycle. Well, we’re likely looking at it: the poles are rapidly shifting, as the Earth’s magnetic shield is weakening, plus we’re entering a Grand Solar Minimum.

Cycles upon cycles are aligning.

We all appear be living through the commencement of the next Cosmic Catastrophe here on Earth.

Prepare accordingly— learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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3 Thoughts to “Was a Solar Storm to blame for THOUSANDS of UK Racing Pigeons “Vanishing into Thin Air” last Weekend?”

  1. bill hirro

    please to help educate people
    no solar energy of a storm n nature at all during this time but
    magnetic poles are moving everyday towards the Indian ocean
    earth mag field is weakening
    planets are changeling in line with galactic current sheet
    sun chemistry changing along with its magnetic flip
    animal changing migrator patterns
    storms intensifying on planets including earths
    trade winds broken bringing Hugh change
    earth charging more energy to dissipate
    sink holes
    please do 30 day challenge at after 30 days of science paper review and world observations you will understand

  2. Noel Sieuw

    Hey,it was not the first time this year the pigeons didn’t come home here in Belgium. The first weekend of june (5and6) was dramatic for all of the flights returning from France. Now yesterday same happened again.

  3. Matt Dalby

    Geological evidence clearly shows that magnetic reversals/pole flips do happen, and happen fairly rapidly. However when considering the massive time scales that geological time covers it isn’t obvious if fairly rapidly means a few decades or a thousand years.
    Since the position of the magnetic poles has only been accurately known for just over 100 years it isn’t possible to say with any certainty whether the recent massive shift is part of the normal pattern or a sign of an impending reversal.
    Apart from pigeons and whales plenty of other species, e.g. turtles and probably some birds rely on magnetic fields for migration/navigation. It will be interesting to see whether or not more unusual patterns of behaviour are reported. However I’m prepared to bet a large amount of money on the MSM, backed by dodgy scientists, blaming any changes on climate change, warming oceans or some other anthropogenic cause.

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