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Video: Italy sees heavy SNOW as Greece and Sweden ravaged by wildfires

A new video shows heavy snow falling in the Dolomites, Italy, while at the same time Northern Europe bakes in one of its hottest summers in history – welcome to the Grand Solar Minimum.

The video was filmed by Carlo Budel who lives 3,330-metre high at the Dolomite peak.

Although snow at this altitude in July isn’t unheard of, the amount of powder falling here is.

Dr Andrea Garbinato specialises in the field of meteorology and said: “These meteorological events are connected to the instability that arises from the contrasts between the fresh Atlantic air and the warm air present on our territory, whose outcomes can only be obviously showy and striking at the same time.”

As snow covers the Dolomites, Greece and Sweden are being ravaged by wildfires, and Northern Europe is struggling through one of its most intense heatwaves in history.

Further signs of the Grand Solar Minimum’s intensification.

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