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Victoria Experiences Record Cold August: Multiple Sites Average their Coldest Month Ever + looming Grand Solar Minimum

According to the official climate report from Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), “both daytime and night-time temperatures were colder-than-average during August [in the state of Victoria].”

The report goes on, adding that daytime temperatures were well-below-average in much of western and central Victoria, while night-time temperatures were cooler-than-average in the north.

Most of the North and Northeast districts experienced nights 2C cooler than average.

And several sites in north and central Victoria experienced their lowest August mean temps on record:

  • The town of Rutherglen equaled its coldest-ever August on record in, 104 years of observations, with an average reading of just 7.1C (44.8F) which matched the previous record from 1994 (approaching solar minimum of cycle 22).

  • Deniliquin Airport’s 8.9C (48F) tied its all-time record-lowest August mean temp from 2008 (solar minimum of cycle 23).

  • Swan Hill Aerodrome’s average of 9.1C (48F) busted the previous all-time record low of 9.3C (48.7F) also from 2008 (solar mini of cycle 23).

  • Both Albury and Mangalore Airports observed their lowest August mean temperature since 1994 (approaching solar minimum of cycle 22) .

  • While Tatura ISA and Wangaratta Aero each just recorded their lowest August mean temperature since 1997 (solar minimum of cycle 22).

The above are all average temperatures over the coarse of the entire month by the way, not one-off daily blips (of which there are also many). And, as also mentioned above, the BOM’s official website states, “most districts experienced nights 2C cooler than average.”

We’re led to believe a temperature rise of 2C above-average would signal the end of times, but linking possible extinctions to global warming makes absolutely no sense.

Plants and animals thrive in warm climates — ALL the available data shows us that earth’s biodiversity increases with rising temperatures.

It’s the cold we should be concerned with.

A temperature drop of 2C, for example, would seriously restrict life on earth — all the relevant proxy and historical data we’ve ever examined reveals this as unequivocal fact.

We humans have thrived during previous epochs of warmth (the Minoan, Roman, Medieval & Modern Maximums) but have suffered miserably during prolonged spells of cold (the Wolf, Sporer, Maunder & Dalton Minimums).

And now, just as our most-recent Modern Grand Solar Maximum draws to a close –during which our species has undoubtedly thrived– and as our attention should be shifting towards the next miserable spell of cold, unfortunately the powers-that-be have us hung-up on the warmth and are somehow (carbon) taxing us for an entirely natural phenomenon, driven entirely by the sun.

It’s nothing if not ironic, just as the first world paints a future of fire and brimstone, the earth is actually teetering on the edge of its next naturally driven prolonged period of debilitating cold, which is arriving smack-bang-in-line with historically low solar activity.

For a more detailed look at the sun’s output and its impact on past human civilizations and global average temperatures, click the article below:


No carbon tax can save us from these entirely natural cycles.

Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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    When I visited Middle and East Java in July 2019 I found the night temperatures much lower than usual

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