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Vancouver Receives 3x its Average Monthly Snowfall in Just 3 Days — With a lot More to Come

Parts of Metro Vancouver were under 40 cm (15.8 inches) of snow Tuesday afternoon — and forecasts are calling for a lot more as February rolls on.

A series of storms this week buried the area in three times the usual amount of snow for the entire month of February, in just three days!

More than 30 cold-weather records tumbled over the last few days in regions across British Columbia, said Carmen Hartt, a meteorologist for Environment Canada. It’s a pattern that will likely continue for the rest of February, she said.

“We’re expecting a cold month, so any precipitation that comes this way, there is a chance there will be even more snow,” said Hartt.

Vancouver’s snowiest February on record was in 1949 (solar minimum of cycle 18), when the city saw 60.7 centimetres in one month — this all-time record is under serious threat.

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Most of Canada was walloped Tuesday by severe winter weather ranging from an extreme freeze in Alberta to an ice storm blasting its way through Southern Ontario.

All-time cold-records are tumbling, many going back to the 1800s.

We’re entering the deepest solar minimum in over 100 years, which will likely morph into what’s know as a Grand Solar Minimum (look up the Maunder Minimum).

The cold times are here to stay, folks.

So prepare.

Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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2 Thoughts to “Vancouver Receives 3x its Average Monthly Snowfall in Just 3 Days — With a lot More to Come”

  1. Sapaud

    Waiting for “Vancouver completely disappeared under snow blanket” due to anthropogenic climate warming.

  2. Dave

    Good on Vancouver, too many greenies there making the rest of Canadians lives frustrating due to their constant grandstanding like they don’t rely on oil for pretty much everything. Let the pipeline thru

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