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Vancouver just Suffered its Coldest October 9th Since 1930

According to Environment Canada, temperatures around the Lower Mainland were at record lows on Wednesday morning.

A bone-chilling 1.8C (35.2F) was registered near Vancouver International Airport yesterday, which Armel Castellan, Meteorologist with Environment Canada, has confirmed was the coldest October 9th in 89 years, since the 1.7C (35F) recorded way back in 1930.

“It’s safe to say that it’s the coldest October 9th since 1930 and one the top 10 coldest in history,” Castellan told the Daily Hive, adding that the coldest Oct 9 ever belongs to 1916, with a low of 0C (32F).

Furthermore, NEWS 1130 Meteorologist Russ Lacate has said: “Thursday morning will be even colder” and is set up to be “frosty” and “break more records.”

Canada has been very cold of late, routinely registering temperature departures some 20C below the seasonal average. The country has also received heavy harvest-delaying early-season snow, particularly in the south, with yet further wintry-disruptions on the cards this weekend:

GFS TOTAL SNOWFALL (inches) OCT 10 to OCT 26

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