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Uptick in tremors lead Experts to Warn a Huge quake is Israel’s Greatest Threat

A major earthquake is likely to hit Israel killing thousands of people, said geologist Ariel Heimann on Friday after a string of minor quakes have struck the Jewish state over the last two weeks.

β€œAn earthquake, is in my eyes, the greatest threat facing the state of Israel. It is definitely a greater threat than the Qassam (rockets) fired from Gaza, and it is a far greater danger than the Iranian threat,” said Heimann in a TV interview.

The last major earthquake to hit the region was in 1927 β€” a 6.2-magnitude quake that killed 500 people and injured another 700.

As seismic activity shows no signs of dissipating, the country looks set for another major quake in the near future.

If, God forbid, we have an earthquake like 1927, it will leave thousands dead and hundreds of thousands of people will have to leave their homes. Houses will be destroyed, and there will be massive economic damage that will set the country back dozens of years,” Heimann said pleading with the seriously unprepared authorities to wake up to the threat.

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