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“Upgraded” Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) Inbound — Eyes to the Skies

A dark magnetic filament bisecting sunspot AR2765 erupted on June 9th at 1800 UT. NOAA analysts are examining the event to see if it hurled any material toward Earth, and they’ve just upgraded the threat.

NOAA’s WSA-ENLIL prediction tool shows a burst of high-density plasma hitting Earth on June 13:

You can run the animation yourself over at

It reveals that Earth will be engulfed by an intense plasma stream on June 11 which will increase in density throughout the 12th to peak around noon on the 13th.

This is a dense field of plasma, and to handle it NOAA have had to increase the scale on their WSA-ENLIL prediction tool to 20/cm3.

Multiple waves of solar wind look set to combine and then follow the plasma over the coming days, and even a second and possibly third burst of plasma could start arriving from the 17th onward.

Dark magnetic filament bisecting sunspot AR2765 erupting on June 9th at 1800 UT []

We should prepare for an uptick in seismic and volcanic activity over the coming days, particularly on the 13th and 14th — however, the solar wind from June 9’s outburst would have taken just 8 minutes to reach Earth and a volcanic uptick was indeed witnessed:

Furthermore, the risk of power-outages and grid-failures as the plasma field hits on the 13th can’t be ignored — remember, we’re being “hit” while our shield (magnetic field) is weakening thanks to the ongoing GSM and pole shift.

Eyes on the skies.

For more on the potential threats CME’s pose, click the link below:

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