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UPDATE: Europe’s Shocking 10-Day Snowfall Totals — GSM

UPDATE: Europe braces as yet another big winter storm looks set to smash into the continent — very few regions will escape the snow.

Latest GFS runs show monster snow totals look set to bury practically ALL of Europe during the second half of January, adding to the misery and record-accumulations seen in Eastern, Southern and Central parts over the previous few weeks — Germany and Austria have declared a state of emergency and the army has been deployed to areas dubbed “frozen hell”.

Snowfall of more than 2 meters has crippled Turkey, Italy and Greece, too, where work and school has come to a standstill for vast regions. Poland hasn’t fared much better, nor has the Ukraine and Scandinavian nations.

Tens of people are already known to have died in direct relation to the “worst winter in more than 30 years” — and we’re not even halfway through.

The GFS forecasts the worst affected regions over the next 10 days will (again) be Norway, Finland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Slovakia, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Germany, the Alps and Northern Spain.

GFS Total Snowfall Jan 13 thru Jan 22:

With regards to the UK, a punishing Arctic front looks set to dominate the last week of January and into February as the affects of the ongoing SSW over the Arctic begins (click for more) — bone-chilling temperatures of up to 10C below average are predicted with heavy snow in tow likely blanketing the entire country.

The brutal cold front means finding temperatures above freezing anywhere in Europe will be something of a task come the last week of January.

GFS 2-Meter Air Temperature (in degrees C)

Stay tuned for updates.

History is repeating.

Grand Solar Minimum

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