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Under Threat: Britain’s All-Time October Low Temperature Record

Western and Central Europe is bracing itself for a Polar onslaught forecast to begin this weekend, with cold-weather records set to tumble across a myriad of nations.

According to Met Office data, the coldest temperature ever recorded in the UK for the month of October was -11.7C in Dalwhinnie, Scotland in 1948. With the second being -11.4C in Braemar, Scotland in 1880.

Some recent forecasts are seeing Scottish Highland temps dipping to as low as -10C through Saturday night, Oct 27.

High pressure is going to move up towards Greenland meaning brutal northerlies will get dragged down over the UK.

With the air originating from so deep in the Arctic, it is more than possible for a northern, exposed region of Scotland to dip a little lower than the forecast low and break that all-time record.

The pattern on this chart is incredibly unusual for this time of the year.

Though it isn’t surprising, given low solar activity.

Research shows blocking persistence increases when solar output is low, causing weather patterns to become locked in place at high and intermediate latitudes for prolonged periods of time.

During a solar minimum, the jet stream’s usual Zonal Flow (a west–east direction) reverts to more of a Meridional Flow (a north-south direction).

This is exaggerated further during a Grand Solar Minimum, like the one we’re entering now, and explains why regions become unseasonably hot or cold and others unusually dry or rainy, with the extremes lasting for an extended period of time.

Read more on that below:

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