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UN to Investigate Northern Siberia’s Reported Record Arctic Heat — I Wonder What They’ll Find…

The UN’s World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said Tuesday it is seeking to investigate the record high temperature recently reported from inside the Arctic Circle.

At a twice-weekly UN briefing in Geneva, Clare Nullis, WMO spokesperson, said that the 38C reported on June 20 in the Russian town of Verkhoyansk can only mean one thing — that we’re all still doomed.

That still unverified reading “comes amid a prolonged Siberian heat wave and an increase in wildfire activity,” said Nullis.

Nullis said the WMO will confer with Roshydromet, the Russian agency responsible for reporting Eastern Siberia’s weather, to see how unusual this event is. But Roshydromet has already told Nullis that this region “has very, very cold extremes in winter but is also known for its extremes in summer.”

So, Nullis knows that temperatures regularly hit 30+C in Verkhoyansk.

She should also know the town recorded a verified 37.3C back in 1988.

She must know that wildfires are a natural, regular occurrence in this area.

And that the Article circle recorded a balmy 37.8C way back in 1915.

Yet still, even with all this knowledge, Nullis still feels obliged to lay Verkhoyansk’s preliminary reading of 38C solely at the feet of man-made global warming.

“Climate change isn’t taking a break because of COVID-19, ” said Nullis.

“You know, temperatures are carrying on rising [and] we see continuing extreme weather events. We’ve seen satellite images this morning, and it’s just one mass of red — it’s striking and worrying.”

A wholly unscientific approach, Nullis, and an insult to the decades-worth of meticulously-thought-out-theories of climate researchers of the past, researchers that were permitted to express their findings and theories without fear of persecution, before the weather had been weaponized, and before the politicized global warming narrative had destroyed modern climate science.

Those researchers of the past were free to discover that during low solar output, the jet streams weaken and revert to a meridional (wavy) flow.

They found out that these pronounced, arching patterns can persist for months at a time, and that they have the effect of locking unseasonably cold weather on one side and unseasonably hot weather on the other.

They discovered the phenomenon is also responsible for diverting cold Arctic air to the lower latitudes, while kicking warm Tropical air anomalously-far north — fully explaining why northern Siberia has been hot of late while southern Siberia is actually suffering record cold and snow (a fact ignored by the UN and MSM).

Article from Science Mag, dated 1975.

In addition to the “meridional circulation” pattern visualized above, what’s also worth noting about the article is how temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere cooled from 1935 to 1970+ while atmospheric CO2 levels rose exponentially.

No AGW alarmists has ever been able to explain this, it’s another of those inconvenient truths that gets swept under the carpet — something former IPCC scientists Dr. Khadekar pointed out last year:

You know earth’s climate was cooling from 1935-1977 when CO2 was rising very rapidly. And nobody talks about it! The earth’s climate warmed from 1977 – 1998 along with CO2 increase, but in the last 20 years, according to most climate scientists, there has not been any statistically significant warming of the earth’s climate.

The Sun is still suffering its deepest solar minimum of the past 100+ years, meaning this meridional jet stream pattern will persist.

Regions like northern Siberia, Alaska, and the Arctic-itself will continue to be at risk from lingering pockets of anomalous heat, while the lower latitudes will suffer yet more anomalous, record-breaking cold.

And looking forward, this pattern will only intesify.

The coming solar cycle (25) and its subsequent minimum is forecast to be “the weakest of the past 200 years,” according to NASA no less:

Low solar activity = ‘global’ cooling.

However, it doesn’t take that big of a drop in the Sun’s power to cause a dramatic chill on planet Earth — there are more forcings than just Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) at play, forcings the IPCC refuses to acknowledge in its bogus climate change reports.

An influx of Cosmic Rays is one such forcing.

During solar minimum, the Sun’s magnetic field weakens and the outward pressure of the solar wind decreases — this allows more Cosmic Rays from deep space to penetrate our planet’s atmosphere:

Cosmic Rays hitting Earth’s atmosphere create aerosols which in turn seed clouds (Svensmark et al) — making CRs an important player in our weather and climate.

And as well as an uptick in localized precipitation, there are other major climatic implications to increased cloud cover:

“Clouds are the Earth’s sunshade,” points out Dr. Roy Spencer, “and if cloud cover changes for any reason, you have global warming — or global cooling.”

The UN and its corrupted little offshoots –the IPCC, WMO (and WHO for that matter)– are political bodies, not scientific ones. We should trust utterances as much as we would any politician canvasing for votes.

The IPCC was created by the UN to push the global warming narrative, no matter what. If there is no global warming then the IPCC has no purpose. If there is no global warming then the UN is exposed for the dangerous frauds they really are.

“The Arctic is heating at roughly twice the global average,” say the WMO.

But then, they say that about everywhere:

Don’t fall for bogus political agendas.

The Grand Solar MAXIMUM is over.

Another solar-driven cooling cycle is upon us, and this one looks brutal.

Welcome to the next Grand Solar MINIMUM — “the Eddy Minimum“:

Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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