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Ukraine Expecting Poor Quality Wheat; Chitin In Insects; + “Cannibal” Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) Inbound: ETA Tomorrow

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4 Thoughts to “Ukraine Expecting Poor Quality Wheat; Chitin In Insects; + “Cannibal” Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) Inbound: ETA Tomorrow”

  1. Ray

    I think we should guard against ‘cherry-picking.’ That is one of the sins of the CAGW crowd. The World is vast with a lot of variation over both time and space. The whole point about a wavy jet stream is that it makes for regional extremes.* And one can find a ‘good’ story for every ‘bad’ one.

    For example, there is this current report.

    ” USDA estimates Canada wheat production for marketing year 2022/23 at 35.0 million metric, tons up 3% from last month’s [estimate], 62% above last year [production] and 15% above the five-year average. ”

    I actually had no idea that Canada had had such a bad wheat crop last year! But that is why we have a (somewhat) free-enterprise system. So that a bad year for one crop or product is mainly the farmers’ problem and only a little bit the consumers’ problem*. There are life-time farmers in my family. Judging by the amount of moaning they do, one would think they are perpetual victims but judging by the the size of their bank balances…!

    * The European Union is sufferrng drought and poor yields, but Russia is having a bumper year!

    Of course, a succession of bad years for all crops everywhere would be disastrous but is that happening NOW?

    1. Ray

      Perhaps a bigger immediate problem with our food is that it is not sufficiently nutritious. The macro-nutrients are there; but too many carbs,
      too much processing, and too few micro-nutrients seems to have led to
      chronic states of ill-health, afflicting rich and poor.

      1. Deb

        But not the very rich.

  2. Thomas Dunn

    How do I subscribe.

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