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UK Would Run Out Of Food In a Year If Imports Stopped

Britain would run out of food on this date next year if it cannot continue to import from elsewhere, the National Farmers’ Union has warned.

Minette Batters, the NFU president, urged the government to put food security at the top of the political agenda.

The creeping prospect of a no-brexit deal is Batters’ concern, but the reality is as the Grand Solar Minimum continues its ramp up there simply won’t be enough food to go around anyway.

Brill-brexit or no-brexit, there won’t be any food on the markets.

Yields will tumble and countries will need to hold onto their own supplies — it’s already happening, with the Ukraine reducing its milling wheat exports by 20% due to the intense European drought.

Britain produces 60% of what it needs to feed itself, compared with 74% thirty years ago, according to figures from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

Research shows that Britain would run out of food in just one year if it were asked to be wholly self-sufficient based on seasonal growth, the NFU said.

And that research assumed conditions would remain stable.

It didn’t incorporate shorter growing seasons nor the unpredictable weather-extremes brought on by a prolonged period of solar decline.

The UK government has admitted it’s stockpiling food.

You should be too.

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  1. I would never think that the UK will run out of food and I am sure that there should be a solution to this.

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