UK Met Office Issues Absurd “Extreme Heat Warnings” For 32C (89.6F)

I believe you can tell a nation’s ‘sheep status’ by the percentage of its population that accepted the COVID shots; and in that ranking, the UK is up there, having had almost 80% of its people jabbed (according to the official stats).

Whether it be COVID or ‘catastrophic climate change’, the UK population seems ready and willing to head down whatever path the elites put before them.

With regards to the latter, the UK Met Office’s issuance of “extreme heat warnings” on Monday –for a high of 32C (89.6F)– is nothing more than propagandizing. Their ‘climate crisis’ narrative needed a boost. It’s failing. And the UK reaching the low-thirties in July, no matter how uneventful that may seem to those with heads screwed on, was seen as a opportunity to remind the compliant masses of their imminent demise–a rare burst of heat that the UK arm of the AGW Party couldn’t let go to waste.

Beach-goer enduring the heat induced climate crisis.

As a result of these slightly above average temperatures, the UK Met Office –a warm-mongering government agency charged with forwarding CAGW– has urged Brits to stay indoors where possible and to drink plenty of fluid to cope with the heat.

Parents are also being encouraged to limit their children’s exposure to the sun.

And the elderly, people with underlying health conditions and those who live alone are deemed to be particularly at risk.

In addition, it has also been suggested that people shade or cover windows exposed to direct sunlight, check fans and fridges are working properly, and that medicines are correctly stored.

Dog owners are being advised to avoid over-exercising their pets.

While Hampshire County Council is preparing to deploy gritters to deal with road surfaces being melted by the sun.

We’re talking about a high of 32C (89.6F) here, right?! In the month of July?!

Moreover, the majority of the country didn’t even reach 30C (86F)!

Wales, for example, rose to a high of just 28.7C (83.7F) in Cardiff’s Bute Park.

It stands that the handful of readings at or just-below 32C were registered in and around London–at the usual suspect, Heathrow airport with its ignored Urban Heat Island bias. For reference, the UK’s top five hottest recorded temperatures of the modern era occurred between 1990 and 2020, with London/Heathrow taking three out of the five spots.

But I’m past frustrated rage now, and I’m onto finding this opportunistic pounce on ordinary summer temperatures laughable.

To be fair to the Met Office, it could indeed reach the mid-30s!!! this coming Sunday. However, such readings, in the month of July, are also hardly unexpected. It stands that the most newsworthy feature about all this is how government agencies, in partnership with their mainstream media lapdogs, are reprogramming the masses to be fearful of ‘summer’.

Readings of 32C – 35C (89.6F – 95F) are not “extraordinarily high”.

Nor do they pose a health risk–nothing a paddling pool and a Solero couldn’t fix, anyway.

Where we’re based, in central Portugal, we’re located on the ‘bottom end’ of this Western European heatwave (which, in a nutshell, is caused by a plume of African air riding northwards–a phenomenon likely exaggerated by a low solar activity-induced ‘meridional‘ jet stream flow), and highs of 42C (107.6F) have been registered on our land.

In response to this, my kids have been splashing about in our lake and watching movies in our shaded pergola. It’s been fun. And we would consider readings of 32C in July/August comparatively ‘chilly’ — certainly too cold for a swim.

The UK needs to get out more — there is nothing all-that unusual, yet alone extraordinary, about this week’s summer highs.

Summer fun.

An increasingly ‘meridional‘ jet stream flow does, however, come with the increased potential for ‘swings between extremes‘ — but that is for both cold and hot, the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis explains only half of what we’re seeing, at best.

Case in point, while Western Europe is currently toasty, Central Europe is suffering a bout of anomalous cold (see below)–the exact opposite was the case a mere week ago; and looking ahead, these regions appear on course to ‘switch’ again later in the month, with Western Europe susceptible to cooler air dragged down from the Arctic, and Central Europe experiencing summer plumes pulled up from the Tropics.

A continent divided: Western Europe is hot, while Central nations (and N. Africa) are cool.

The MSM never paints the full picture.

Despite all the propagandizing, Earth’s temperature actually saw a sharp drop in June:

I have to go. My goats have busted out of their enclosure (again). I should probably help my son protect the butternut squash!

Enjoy your Tuesday.

Be sure to take steps to secure your family’s food and energy needs.

The Great Collapse appears to be quickening…

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41 Thoughts to “UK Met Office Issues Absurd “Extreme Heat Warnings” For 32C (89.6F)”

  1. Anthony

    We used to play with the melted roads in the 1960s as the tar puddles went soft….here in sunny(only just and at last) Manchester

  2. Dennis Holland

    Same here, nothing to report. We may have 3 warmer days coming up starting this weekend with temps reaching a little over 30C during the day.
    That’s summer. And i’ve had a lotof these kind a days during summertime over the many years. Nothing to see, move on a little slower and enjoy it while it lasts.

    People are taught to mitigate. But the one and only thing that has any effect is adaptation.

    1. James

      The models are giving it a 40% chance we will see 40C+ in places. It’s not a little over 30C during the day.

  3. Dallas Schneider

    “The MSM never paints the full picture.”
    Don’t expect them to come to grips with the embarrassment of the next two extreme cold winters to break the silence of the Big CO2 Climate Change Hoax
    Seems to me they would rather throw around a few big firecrackers in Ukraine
    than confess the hoax as then they can blame the extreme cold on the
    “Nuclear Winter”!!!

  4. David Beck

    So frustrating that the UK has so many sheeple. My own family are a case in point, totally brainwashed by the MSM, despite my best efforts over many years to show them evidence to the contrary. Annoys and angers me their compliance.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      Seems the best way to help is to discuss help to open them up to accepting a view different than accepted lies. One can first get help defined: “How would you define help?”. Their definition can be expected to change as the discussion progresses. For instance, help defined to a Papua Cannibal may be to add extra salt to your soup he makes of you. That is an extreme but it gives an idea your idea of help and someone else’s may wildly differ.
      The discussion of help needs to go back and forth. Demo: “How can that coffee cup help you?” By holding coffee, of course! “How can you help that coffee cup?” By washing it. How can you help me? How can I help you? Thoroughly discussing help should get communication going, then one can touch lightly on Control, especially in this arena how the MSM is using the narrative to control the population including themselves. When their compliance annoys and angers you it sounds like you may have a case of “Failed Help”!
      Failed Help leads to shootings, poisonings, atom bombs and other nasty things. Best to get the discussion going to move back up to helping one another to stay ahead of the world!!! Good Luck! DS

  5. Dennis Williams

    Here we are in Brisbane, Australia wishing for some 30c heat. It has been bloody cold and records have been broken. 30+ temperature is common for us. 30 c heatwave, that is so funny. I was in London in 1983, it was 23c touted as a heatwave. All the poms were running around shirts off and sweating while I was laughing with my pullover on. The don’t know what heat is.

    1. Anthony

      We do, it’s just that we can’t adjust to the heat as it usually only lasts a few days…going on Hols to Spain or Greece ain’t a problem…

      Regarding taking their shirts off, well that’s evolution…you need to fill up on vitamin D to get you through winter….sadly many immigrants with darker skin, stay covered up in our summer and end up dying of “viruses” in winter….

  6. Ron

    Just completed reading your article today thinking about the global warming freaks in the UK government & decided to check on our weather. We here in the southern Sierra have temps that tend to be 10 degrees less than the city of Bakersfield, just 45 minutes south. Just Another normal summer heat spell of 9 days of triple digits for Bakersfield, today is a typical summer day of 105 F. No big deal.! Then I notice a special heat warning for mono county, bishop area , 4 hours north . the temps are only going to be 91 F . Plus 10 to 20 percent chance of thunderstorms & some smoke from a fire. I fail to see the reason for a special weather notice.This is the new normal, smoke from fires. We have had smoke from fires for the last 3 years here to the point of it seeming like fog. A real bummer as then I can not ride my motorcycles up here in the Sierras riding among the burned out areas all around us.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      Thanks for the comment Ron.
      My brother worked oil leases in Calif. north of Sacramento, Willits area.
      He said there was a huge shale oil play under the central that could now be accessed with horizontal fracking to produce all the Natgas California could ever need, plus export it!
      No, the nitwits in San Francisco will not even let new construction be plumbed for natgas they are so afraid of it.
      Please pray for some common sense to show up out there!

      1. Michael Peinsipp

        Let them destroy themselves while We live with plenty of heat, AC, power for our tools and most of all…burning WOOD to heat our Home!!!
        I Love TVA and Coal!

      2. Deb

        The ones making the decisions are not stupid-they are evil.

  7. Colin

    To be fair the amber warning is for the coming weekend not the 30°C currently being experienced. They are rather egging it for a heatwave 6 days out, with “some models” giving 40°C, if you think the Met office is getting carried away the Daily Express predicts 43°C which would bust the current record by 4°C (!) As for 40°C, it’s possible, whether the warming justifies exceeding the 1976 heatwave by 4° C, well I’m sceptical.

    1. Matt Dalby

      The 43 degree prediction came from one single run of the GFS weather model last week, therefore it was predicting the weather at least 12 days in advance. Individual model runs will often predict extremely implausible scenarios 10-14 days in advance. This is usually corrected on subsequent runs of the model, however media outlets (and the Daily Express is the worst offender for this) simply latch onto one model run that all meteorologists know is an extreme outlier as it makes good clickbait.
      The latest prediction from GFS is for 38 degrees in Kent at the beginning of next week. IMO opinion GFS temperature predictions even a few days in advance tend to be a bit extreme, a couple of degrees too warm in summer and a couple of degrees to low in winter. Having said that there is a relatively small chance that it will be hot enough for the Met Office to claim a new record high temperature. If this does happen then obviously the MSM will be all over it as proof of CAGW, but it will be worth keeping an eye on websites such as:-
      If a new record is claimed one or both of these sites will investigate the location of the weather station and my bet is that it will turn out to be in a very poor location e.g. at an airport or surrounded by tarmac, buildings etc.
      As an example in 2018 it was claimed that Scotland had set a number temperature record, and this was splashed across the MSM. It turns out that the weather station was in the middle of a busy carpark (lots of heat reflecting vehicles/tarmac plus all those hot exhaust fumes. See
      The Met Office they did investigate the location of the weather station and say that the record shouldn’t count. However this wasn’t reported by the MSM so the sheeple continued to believe that a record had been set and this was more proof of CAGW. Obviously the Met Office should’ve checked the quality of the weather station before issuing a press release, but I guess the chance to put out a bit of propaganda proved too much for them too resist.

  8. Bucky

    Heat does not kill humidity kills.

    The temperature of a sauna is between 80 and 120 °C, and that feels good, because it is dry and sweat evaporates readily, which keeps you cool
    With high humidity sweat does not evaporate as easy and you will not cool down, even at relative low temperatures.
    In 2019 we had a heat wave in The Netherlands (defined as minimum 6 days 25+ of which 3 days 30+) of 6 days.
    500 more people then the average of 2600 per week lost their lives because of it.

    Then there is something like getting used to it and adapting.
    I jump of a 2.5 meter high balcony on to concrete pavement daily, without any problem.
    Who is going to try it?

    If it is not a problem for you, that doesn’t mean it is not a problem.

    1. PL C

      A few years ago my sister from New Jersey (hot and humid in the summer) came out to Sacramento CA for a seminar, in July. She had a day off before it started, and chose to take a 2 hour walk in the afternoon along the American River on campus. It was hot but not unpleasant. When she returned to her room, she was astounded to find it was 106ºF! She said, “I finally understand what you mean by ‘dry heat’!” We’ve lived for 40 years in the Sierra, and had no air-conditioning for 38 of those years. We adapted.

    2. Dallas Schneider

      From a former US Navy Seal friend of mine:
      “It’s mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!”

    3. Deb

      There is a limit to adatation. I lived 6 years in Las Vegas, but could never adapt to anything higher than 110F.

      On the other hand, I never suffer altitude sickness, even going from sea level to 11000 ft. DNA matters. I have some mountain stock in my ancestry.

      1. Archivarius

        Is adatation Missourian for adaptation?

  9. Winston Smith[Mr]

    None of the “Winston Smith(s)” at the UK Met Office “get” “1984”… and Big Brother’s “must be” recent agenda is well underway.

    “Brazil”, the movie, was AW’s favourite “1984 comedy/parody/idiocracy”movie.
    1984 the movie [Full]
    Brazil (1985) Movie [full]

    Covid 1984 — Psyop – April 5, 2020

    The globalists have thousands of favourite dystopian predictive programming movies, books and articles including now over 7600 vids on their favourite nanoparticle, “graphene”, and its effects in combination with 5G… just on this one platform. Talk to most any “normie”… they’ve not heard of what’s not been on the telly… and what’s a “Bitchute”?

    Brazil (Terry Gilliam, 1985) – UK Met Office Ministry of [Dis]Information
    Brazil (Terry Gilliam, 1985) – UK Met Office Information Retrieval

    1. Deb

      “Winston Smith(s)”.

      Gee Whillikers ( sp?)! Does that mean there’s more than one of you? I sincerely doubt it, and I sincerely hope not!

      1. Ed[Mr]

        There are also lots of “Agent Smith(s)” as well and we think that you’re probably one of them.

        1. Deb

          No, I’m just a loose cannon, and a sh*tdisturber, by nature and inclination. I work for no Man.

  10. Michael Peinsipp

    Wait till it gets warm Folks!!!
    Here in SC Kentucky we call that a normal Summer Day!!!

  11. FYI

    ***** BULLETIN ***** — URGENT — New York City Begins Preparing Population for NUCLEAR ATTACK
    Nation NewsDesk 11 July 2022

    1. Timmy

      Only butch Biden approved broad shouldered, long ring fingered show biz mtf trannies were allowed to audition for that PSA. Interesting message of what you should do after you’re already way past dead.

      1. .

        .. black mtf trannies…

      2. Homo Erectus

        Electroverse… where the professional “Sensitivity Readers” go to boot camp. Yes it’s a thing… it’s the main business in Woketardia 2022.

    2. Deb

      Don’t forget to crawl under your desk when you hear the siren…

  12. anon

    The UK Gov don’t want people going abroad for their suntan, but using staycation to boost the failing UK hospitality economy.

    The engineered crisis:

  13. True Skeptic

    This is going on in the US as well. What I have noticed is the extreme forecast inaccuracies based on over-promised and under-delivered temperature “forecasts” by the Weather Channel and Weather Underground (nice name, eh?) who seem to always be several to many degrees wrong on the over! Are they trying to Bernays’ people into believing that everything is boiling? Gee, Cap, what do you think? Almost seems that they have an agenda, or something.

    I’ve never seen such erroneous forecasts in my life – but they don’t quit, they keep on with the BS projections. It’s clearly conditioning for the imposition of restrictions on freedoms (ICE’s anyone?). Meanwhile, the energy/physics/mathematics complete nullification of EVs and AGW garbage is continuously disregarded. They won’t even try to challenge the math that shows they are wrong – not even any attempt to confront the clear science and math the proves EVs are less that worthless. Gee, I wonder why.

    That clown jim cantore and his demented democrat watchers are furiously doubling down on their AOC/Greta-driven narrative of doom. Apparently the SW US droughts of the past were non-existent, uh-huh.

    But that doesn’t matter when it comes to wasting 2500 gallons of precious water in Sacramento, CA to extinguish a wrecked Tesla (piece of $%^) – that is just a story, don’t ya know!

  14. richard

    the temp has only reached 26 here

  15. Doktor Seltsame Liebe

    US Gives Pfizer $3.2 Billion for Effective EUGENICS Vax [Eugenicide isn’t a crime when it’s done for the greater good of humanity’s long term genetics.]

  16. FYI

    Nuclear war would force Earth into little ice age,’ US military study shows July 09, 2022 Interesting timing for an engineered nuclear winter [with 5000 x 100 kiloton ea. bombs dropped on cities and industrial areas] simulation by the USM. The simulations examined what would happen to the Earth if the U.S. and Russia dropped 4,400 100-kiloton bombs on cities and industrial areas, and, separately, if 500 of the same-size weapons were detonated in an India-Pakistan conflict.
    With trillions of dollars worth of nukes, DUMBs and tunnels constructed ww and multi-million/(even billion)$ yachts positioned in the south Pacific it would be an awful waste if the military/globalists weren’t planning to use ’em for strategic purposes sometime, eh?

    Nation ***** BULLETIN ***** — URGENT — New York City Begins Preparing Population for NUCLEAR ATTACK Nation NewsDesk 11 July 2022
    This ain’t a “War of the Worlds” radio hoax folks.

    ***** BULLETIN ***** Russian Ministry of Defense: “We are on the verge of an immediate armed conflict with the United States”
    World Hal Turner 12 July 2022 Hits: 9391

    The Russian Ministry of Defense issued a very late night Press Statement saying “We are on the verge of an immediate armed conflict with the United States” after Ukraine used U.S.-supplied HIMARS weapons to attack a Russian base. As of 7:12 PM EDT, at least 7 Russian troops are dead and at least 40 are injured. Those numbers are rapidly rising and changing fast.

    In addition to the Russian MoD, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also issued a statement:

    The United States and its allies are teetering on the brink of an open military conflict with Moscow, which would be fraught with nuclear tensions, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement on Tuesday.

    “After provoking an escalation of the Ukrainian crisis and unleashing a violent hybrid confrontation with Russia, Washington and its allies are dangerously teetering on the brink of an open military confrontation with our country, which means a direct armed conflict between nuclear powers. Clearly, such a confrontation would be fraught with nuclear escalation,” the statement reads.

    UPDATE 7:19 PM EDT —

    Henry Kissinger just said on Fox News that we should expect direct conflict with Russia by mId-August.

    Dr. Strange-Kissinger-Love ain’t gettin’ any younger… expect that he wants to see the big fireworks show before he goes.

    Listen to Archives of Past Shows
    Hal Turner
    Discussing this:
    ***** BULLETIN ***** — URGENT — New York City Begins Preparing Population for NUCLEAR ATTACK
    Nation NewsDesk 11 July 2022

    1. Mark

      The American war mongers sicken me. They are using and abusing the Ukrainians and they are still up to their shenanigans in Syria, stealing their oil and financing the terrorists there. What did Syria ever do to America? Viva Putin!

    2. Deb

      “Dr. Strange-Kissenger-Love”, lol. Ain’t it the truth!
      Peter Sellers was a genius.

  17. Al

    FFS – For many years these goons keep ranting their mantra of “Keeping you safe”…this prepping agenda of safety and fear of weather, fake viruses and spooks has culminated into a brainwashed society just salivating at the prospect of being jabbed…the needle is their answer to this wretched world of BS and coverups. A Trojan horse has entered these bodies…may God be with them.

  18. john

    In Victoria we experienced a 47 C Saturday which was basically like a fan forced oven, Hot northerlies from the interior. There were devastating bushfires , they were similar to ancient flood lines. Following millennia old fire paths . Many deaths, loss of property and farm animals The devastation was not man made ,but a lot of fires helped being started by arsonists who lit fires on the outskirts of Melbourne. It was a natural event as timeless as the Australian continent.
    It’s time the global con men moved on to a new scam.

  19. Mark

    The weather station at the Cambridge botanical gardens is right next to a glasshouse. Go figure.

  20. Martin

    It is absurd for human beings to ‘suffer’ from such natural temperatures on Earth and to blame the weather, numbers (degrees) or even the environment in which we live, it seems to me that statistics are the greatest evil in the world, even more manipulated.
    We need to return to the caves to relearn what human beings have done all their lives. Is adapting to the climate/weather, not fighting against one invisible enemy.
    The greed or ‘imposed power’ is starting to find a reaction, as the lack of results from the ‘climate crisis’, net zero and useless ‘green’ salvation may now be seen as bankruptcy for some countries. There is no climate ‘Guilty’.
    Guilty are whoever created all this ‘unscientific’ and ‘unproven’ bullshit and now with inconsequential results. Who will carry the can?

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