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UK: Heatwave pushes up Fruit and Vegetable Prices as Yields Fall

It’s the UK’s driest run-up to harvest for 80 years. Many plants stop growing above 25C, and the country has seen daytime temperatures consistently above that for almost two months.

With no notable rains either, fruit and vegetable growers are feeling the wilt.


Wholesale prices up 55% year on year.

Crop expected to be 25% smaller.

A brutal spring delayed planting and then a lack of rain and high temps in the summer months put crops under stress.


Wholesale prices up 22% year on year.

Demand is up 40%.

Yields down 25%.


Wholesale prices up 55% year on year.

Yields (forecast) down 40%.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Broccoli prices up 37%.

British caulis surged 81%.


The size of both the pea and the crop will be smaller, as the hot, dry weather causes plants to wilt.

Arable Crops

Barley was planted late in the spring due to bad weather and has “barely known rain” since, according to the NFU’s Guy Smith.

He said crops could be at half their normal levels.


The hot weather has killed off the grass.

Farmers are forced to use fodder, normally saved for the winter months, due to the lack of fresh feed for cows and sheep in the fields.

On the brighter side, the hot weather should allow Raspberries and Cherries to recover their 20% losses from earlier in the year.

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