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UK farm suffers ‘major financial blow’ as heatwave kills off 10,000 Christmas trees​

The UK’s prolonged heatwave has killed off around 10,000 Christmas trees on a Welsh farm.

Rob Morgan, owner of family-run business Gower Fresh Christmas Trees, told ITV News that because of the anomalous heatwave rivalling that of 1976, “new tender bean shoot growths just get burnt off in the fierce heat of the sun.”

“They are just burning off before they get a chance. It’s a major financial blow.”

The farm is one of the largest tree growers in Wales, selling 15,000 a year. From seed to sale, it takes around 12 years to get the finished product.

“I’ll be doing a rain dance tonight and every night until the rain comes. I’ll be a very happy man when it eventually arrives,” Rob said, in the hope of saving his remaining crop.

And Rob’s prayers look set to be answered, as the models show a band of desperately needed rain sweeping the breadth of the country today, Monday 16th. With further unsettled conditions for the coming week.

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