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U.S. In Grip Of Fierce Polar Plunge; Iran’s Gas Consumption Hits Record High As Historic Cold And Snow Intensifies Across The Middle East; Russia Busts Snowfall Benchmarks; + Rare Flurries Hit Greece

U.S. In Grip Of Fierce Polar Plunge

Heavy snows and freezing lows nationwide continue to grip much of the United States.

Over the weekend, snowstorms caused travel disruptions for people in Georgia to the Carolinas, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and southern New Jersey, and towns and cities across the East/Southeast were reporting record snowfall.

Charlotte, North Carolina, broke a 39-year-old record when 1.9 inches of snow fell, the National Weather Service reported Saturday. The city’s previous record for Jan 21 was set back in 1983 (solar minimum of cycle 21), when 0.5 inches settled.

Subfreezing temperatures left many roads icy, and traveling on them was not worth the risk, said Charlotte officials.

Snow is persisting some 210 miles to the south, in Charleston, SC, too, increasing what was already the city’s ninth snowiest Jan on record:

In an elevated valley of northeast West Virginia on Saturday morning, 125 miles west of Washington, the temperature at a weather station in Canaan Valley plunged to -31F (-35C) — the coldest reading on record in that part of the state.

The weather station is managed by Virginia Tech at the Caanan Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

The previous lowest temperature measured there was the -27F on Jan 21, 1985 (solar minimum of cycle 21), according to Robert Leffler, a retired Nation Weather Service meteorologist, and as reported by the WP.

The weekend also delivered icy-cold winds to residents of Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City and Boston, and widespread snow was observed Sunday as the frigid start to the year persisted.

2022 is off to an extremely cold start east of the Mississippi, too.

Temperature in the Berkshires, for example, have held well below normal on 14 of this month’s first 23 days — the persistence of the Arctic air has actually led to this January being the coldest since 1994 (solar minimum of cycle 22), and with further formidable lows forecast throughout the coming week, particularly Tuesday night into Thursday, older benchmarks are set to be surpassed.

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Jan 25 – 26 [tropicaltidbits.com].

The models are also suggesting something fierce could be driving down during the first week of Feb:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Feb 6 – 7 [tropicaltidbits.com].

The snowfall will also continue:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Jan 24 – Feb 9 [tropicaltidbits.com].

Iran’s Gas Consumption Hits Record High As Historic Cold And Snow Intensifies Across The Middle East

Gas consumption in Iran hit a new record high over the weekend –with record cold and snow continuing to batter the Middle East— prompting the country’s oil minister to urge citizens to reduce usage and “wear warm clothing”.

Oil minister, Javad Owji, said on Sunday that with people’s cooperation gas consumption can be managed. He urged people to reduce usage so that “we can pass the next 10 days without any problem” after consumption at homes and industries hit 692 million cubic meters in the past 24 hours — a new record high.

This figure is expected to climb even further in the coming days, with Mohammadreza Joulaei, head of distribution at Iran’s National Gas Company, warning that even colder weather is on the way. Consumption is set to rise by another few million cubic meters per day as people crank up their heating to cope. “There are 28 million gas subscribers in the country,” said Joulaei, who went on to warn that industries such as petrochemicals and steel would face supply cuts so as to prioritize gas to households.

With a record cold spell currently gripping Iran and the resulting surge in heating demand, shortages of gas have become acute and the country has reverted back to burning dirtier fossil fuels in order to handle the higher load.

This is a scenario playing out across Europe, too, where a rushed, ill-conceived switch to renewables, combined with historically cold winter conditions are fueling an all-out energy crisis.

Iran is a case in point. The country has the second largest reserves of natural gas in the world but it is barely able to satisfy domestic demand. This is due to a decline in production thanks to a chronic lack of investments in an out-of-favor oil and gas sector due, in turn, to fears of a CO2-induced catastrophe. The ‘climate crisis’, at least to my mind, is one component of a controlled demolition of society–of Build Back Better–of The Great Reset. I don’t have any other argument for it.

Record amounts of snow are continuing to batter Afghanistan, too:

And in northern India, the story is very much the same, according to a recent report by hindustantimes.com.

Over the weekend, heavy, record breaking snow across the higher reaches of Himachal has brought life to a standstill, blocking more than 730 roads, including four national highways; shutting down more han 700 electricity transformers, mostly in Shimla, Lahaul-Spiti and Chamba, which has caused widespread power outages; and halting over 100 water supply systems.

Koksar and Sissu received 1.5 ft of snowfall over the weekend, where it is reportedly still coming down; Rohtang has seen 2 ft of snow, so far; while a whopping 6+ ft has been registered on Chandhal Peak.

Staying in India, and as reported last week by indiainfrahub.com, this winter has already delivered the highest-ever snowfall in the history of Jammu and Kashmir, and temperatures have routinely sank to -30C (-22F).

Russia Busts Snowfall Benchmarks

As was the case last winter, and the winter before, bone-chilling lows and record-busting snows are besieging large swathes of transcontinental Russia — and the MSM, as occurred in previous years, couldn’t care less.

Krasnodar is the largest city and capital of Krasnodar Krai–a federal subject, located in the North Caucasus region in Southern Russia.

As documented by Aleksander Onishchuk on Twitter (shown below), it has been snowing in the city non-stop for the past three days. As a result, school and work has been cancelled, and the air traffic disrupted due to “record snowdrifts”…

…snowdrifts that have added to the Northern Hemisphere’s well-above average total snow mass this season:


Rare Flurries Hit Greece

And finally, Mykonos woke up on Sunday covered in snow — a rare event for the cosmopolitan Greek island.

Locals say that the last time this amount of snow fell on the Cyclades was “decades ago,” reports greekreporter.com.

Flakes even dusted the island’s famous beaches, such as Psarou, Super Paradise, and Elia:

Mykonos snow
The famous beaches of Mykonos coated in snow. [Greek Reporter/Stacey Papaioannou]

Snow has swept the majority of Aegean islands –an elongated embayment of the Mediterranean Sea located between Europe and Asia– which is an even rarer phenomenon.

On Friday, and in response to the region’s impending shot of cold, Greece’s National Meteorological Service issued an alert warning that heavy snow, strong winds and icy temperatures will persist Saturday though Wednesday, inclement conditions that will also likely result in the closure of many schools and businesses.

True to the forecast, heavy snow beset Athens Monday morning (Jan 24):

Heavy Snow in Athens Causes Traffic Chaos
Heavy snow, Athens (Jan 24) — see featured image, too.

There is no science behind the Anthropogenic Global Warming hypothesis. It is, and always has been, a politicized weapon used to browbeat western civilization into submission, to dupe weak, placating politicians into believing that the fruitfulness ordinary people have enjoyed over the past 50+ years, such as longer life expectancy and extra capital per household, aren’t sustainable enterprises, and that a total reshaping of the way things are done is required–including a rethink of how wealth and power are distributed. Wake up to this threat, people, because despite the incessant EOTW MSM rhetoric, it’s actually the only one we have.

Social Media channels are restricting Electroverse’s reach: Twitter are purging followers, while Facebook are labeling posts as “false” and have slapped-on crippling page restrictions. And most recently, the CCDH has stripped the website of its advertising.

Facebook, in partnership with the ‘fact-checkers’ at USA Today have conspired to restrict my use of the social media platform for 90 days, meaning I can’t post anything new. I’ve been found guilty of contesting a scientific theory, which in today’s world is now considered a ‘violation’:

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26 Thoughts to “U.S. In Grip Of Fierce Polar Plunge; Iran’s Gas Consumption Hits Record High As Historic Cold And Snow Intensifies Across The Middle East; Russia Busts Snowfall Benchmarks; + Rare Flurries Hit Greece”

  1. Dale

    Any cold weather coming to the uk?
    I love reading your articles keep the good work up

  2. Jeremy Hopkins

    Thank you!

  3. ~jim

    Here in the Allegheny Mountains of Pa we seem to be getting a duplicate of last years winter. Lowest temp I’ve recorded so far this winter was -22.7F . For the last 8 mornings 1/2 have been 10F.

    Temperatures like this is hard on livestock. I left my Jersey dairy cows out of their stalls 10 days ago so they can stay moving in the lounging/feeding barn. They are doing well, but milk production is down severely. The sheep flock is smiling. No worries with them.

    But the horses are the animals that are really hurting. Even with dry stalls blankets and boots on my star mare has developed winter onset laminitis. An all grass n grain horse in perfect condition developing laminitis? Never had that happen before.

    Now I read this morning that Hunga Tonga ejecta reached 55km and science is struggling to come to grips with SO2 amounts.

    Me thinks if I’m going to keep farming, I’m going to have to account for some new variables.

    1. ~jim

      I got autocorrected a bunch above should read:

      “.. half have been Less than -10F”

      “An all grass no grain…”

      1. Memere613

        I know less than a yuppie on horses – but a quick Google of laminitis seems to indicate that an all grass diet would likely cause laminitis…

        1. ~jim

          Yea, I know what you mean. I just googled “climate change”, turns out the earth is getting warmer and it’s all due to human population.

          Nice catch on grass causing founder though… guess all the wild mustangs, ponies, and zebras are doomed. Unless someone starts shagging grain for them.

  4. John Oglander

    I notice that while most of the world seems to be cooling, and the volcanic eruption in Tonga is likely to intensify this trend, the media, especially the BBC, only ever talks about areas of record heat, such as the alleged 50C in Australia. We need more cooling to shut up the mainstream media. Here in Britain this has to be the most boring winter on record. Is it possible to purchase a boringometer?

    1. Dallas Schneider

      Looking at windy.com looks like the cold air has reached Iceland today.
      Let’s see if it reaches Britain or not.

      1. Michael Peinsipp

        I use Ventusky.com

  5. John Oglander

    Concerning heat records, I am beginning to suspect the accuracy of some of these, such as the alleged 50C heatwave records in Australia and Argentina, and the alleged 50C heatwave in Canada last Summer.

    1. Andrew Stone

      – John
      Do you have access to local newspapers for those areas for those time periods? Small town papers that report local weather might not be quite as susceptible to data tampering.
      I’ve got half a mind to write a web scraper for that specific purpose. Have written a few simple examples out of curiosity and while following coding tutorials. Seems like a worthwhile little project.

    2. Matt Dalby

      Generally a lot of the heatwave records that the MSM loves reporting on only occur at one weather station and are due to one of both of the following:-
      A poorly sited/badly maintained weather station, e.g. Scotland’s “record” temperature that was recorded a few years ago in a car park with an ice cream van parked next to it with it’s engine running. The Urban Heat Island effect is well known, but can also have an effect on much smaller scales i.e. it’s not just large urban areas that produce inflated temperatures but even a small amount of infrastructure or heat radiating tarmac can raise the values reported by a weather station. This seems to be the case with the “record” temperatures that are regularly reported in Death Valley where the weather station is next to the visitor centre and surrounded by buildings/parking lots whereas less than half a mile away the temperature is likely to be at least 3 or 4 degrees lower.
      A highly localised Fohn effect, whereby air descending from nearby hills/mountains is compressed and heated. This means that locations downwind of high ground can be much warmer than somewhere only a few miles away on the other side of the high ground. This explains the very high temperatures seen in Canada last year, and quite probably a lot of the other high temperatures reported by the MSM. Obviously the MSM aren’t interested in context and just want headline grabbing numbers to try and bolster their fraudulent claims about impending doom.

      1. TheMronz

        The MSM go all weak at the knees after the UK records it’s highest ever January temp. The temperature sample was taken from St James Park London, from where there are 35 miles of concrete in all directions. Same with UK all time record from Botanical Gardens, Cambridge which is right in the middle the city.
        But hey corrupted climate data is ok because it’s for the noble good, right?

    3. Terry W.

      The 50C record in Oz is nothing, I live in Central Wester QLD and the max temp on record was 53.1 at Cloncurry, not all that far from me. I have spent many Christmases in the pool (With cold beers) with 47 -49C. My point is that the MSM always jump on anything that looks scary even if it is actually normal for this time of the year. For us this is the build up for the wet season.

  6. Dallas Schneider

    Check out windy.com Australia cooled off as the SO2 went over it. The week before it was a real hotspot reported by the MSM. Now it appears WA (Western Australia) is slightly hotter than central Africa, but about 40% of what it was 10-14 days ago.

    This morning in SW Flordia south Sarasota County I had an open sky temp by infrared temp gun of MINUS 33 F. The open to the sky ground temp was 33, under the tree temp 44. Definitely a chilly start, even had to warm the car up for the dog who started shivering after 30 seconds out in the environment. The metal top on the chimney of the house read 19 degrees F. for instance. The tarp above the swing set read 32 F.

    Remember last year I predicted something BIG would happen in January 2022. Hunga Tonga sure made that prediction correct.

    No other data now predicts anything except Oct 2024 when the 2,000 year planetary cycle re-occurs. Planet earth gets pulled away from the sun about 1,000,000 miles. Inverse square law of radiation power gives us a 10-30% reduction of sunlight that winter.

    Rome collapsed over that plus debauchery (Hollywood,porn), Barbarians (dem partie) and foreign wars (Afghanistan, Ukraine)! There is the 40 Degree Parallel tipping point of the movement of the magnetic poles reached in 14 months, March 2023. By test with magnets that mark when reached will enable the movement of the poles to immensely speed up. Now my point is when a magnetic field sweeps past an electrical conductive substance it creates electricity. So when these N-S poles of the earth reach towards the equator, they will sweep past the sun every 24 hours at around 1,000 mph. Won’t this try to generate currents in the sun, and other planets? Any thoughts on that? Amazingly, this will co-incide somewhat with the 2024 planetary alignment.

    Knowledge forewarned provides for a different outcome this time.
    2022 New Year’s Resolution
    “Zero Tolerance for Disorder and Confusion”
    includes zero tolerance for nuclear explosions, just one big confusion that doesn’t solve anything when attempted to use as a weapon.

    Doesn’t NATO realize that such as thing as Karma exists, that if they create an overt against Ukraine that they could receive a motivator such as their own personal social security cards and retirement pensions getting revoked?

    Oh well, we find out soon enough!
    DS (Not BS, that’s my cousin)

    1. Andrew Stone

      – Dennis
      You may be underestimating the blinding hubris of our fearless leaders.
      Hope 2022 “events” are limited to the volcanic eruption.
      The older we get the more drama seems overrated.

      1. Deb


        Ain’t it the truth? I was thinking that the day will come when John looks fondly back to the “good ol’ days” when there was boring anything.

        Ancient Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times.

        1. Michael Peinsipp

          I want to live as we did when Trump was in office – low taxes, more good paying jobs than workers, low gas prices and NO NEW WARS!

  7. Since you are having so many issues with the communist social media companies like Facebook and Twitter, you should switch to Gettr, Telegram, Gab, Parler, and Trump’s new social media company will be coming online soon, it’s called “Truth Social.” Facebook and Twitter are slowly becoming dinosaurs, you want to get away from them.

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  8. Mystic’s Mystic

    And no one is asking 97% of the scientist to explain how their assessment of the future climate was so off the mark. Suggest they already knew before the AGW propaganda started.
    The propaganda marches on, up one snow drift and down another.

  9. Andrew Stone

    Like that comment about propaganda marching over snow drifts!
    How true.

  10. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-convergence Now.Info

    Ice Ages are big ball political/ranching/famine emergencies… hence the measures now underway to eugenically optimize/”right-size” the herd.

    Kees Van Der Pijl, an author of distinction, writes that the global ruling class or oligarchy used Covid-19 to seize power by declaring a state of global emergency. He explains that the Information Technology revolution by creating a global information and communication system was ushering in a social transformation inimical to the oligarchy’s hegemony over society. In order to stop this transformation, the global elite used lockdowns, mandates, censorship and controlled narratives to seize control over populations.

    Van Der Pijl makes a cogent argument. He shows that the “pandemic” is a political emergency, not a medical one. Its purpose was to suppress populations and transition to an authoritarian state and social structure.

    The elites’ abandonment of class compromise resulted in populist movements against elite control. To prevent a revolutionary force from emerging, a “Covid crisis” was used to advance authoritarianism and override objections from the people and from independent medical scientists. The orchestrated “pandemic” provided perfect cover for establishing a surveillance society on the basis of medical emergency without having to use overt violence.

  11. Scott

    Cap, I enjoy your commentary. One note, though – the Charleston mentioned above is in West Virginia, NOT South Carolina. Charleston, SC did have an ice storm recently, but no snow

  12. Keiran Klemm

    Have you ever heard that ” you control people with fear” First we had the hole in the ozone layer; then global warming followed by climate change; some even call it climate emergency. Climate change is either of two things if not both; 1. A political statement or 2. a new religion. It is promoted to bring about world socialism.

    1. Andrew Stone

      You are absolutely correct.
      Since there have been governments they have all controlled “their” people through/with fear.
      Governments offer a protection contract.
      “Do what we tell you to do and we will protect you from ________ (fill in favorite cataclysm, enemy, monster, form of impending death, etc.)
      The alternative to not obeying is also made clear.

      A people without fear would have little use for government. They would find it advantageous to be organized and cooperative with each other but a protection racket based on coercion would not be part of the picture. Those who did not wish to work as a team toward mutually beneficial goals would understand that they would be on their own. No threats or dishonesty. Just freedom to honestly choose. Coordinators are not the same as controllers.

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