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Tsangpo/Siang River at its Highest Level in 50 Years

On the back of the Kerala devastation, further flood alerts have been issued to districts in Arunachal Pradesh, India.

The Chinese government issued an alert to India, stating that the Tsangpo river –the Chinese portion of the Brahmaputra– has never witnessed such heavy rainfall in the last 50 years.

China was forced to release water into the Siang –the Indian portion of the Brahmaputra– and the water level has been swelling ever since.

“Because of heavy rains, the water level has increased to this level for the first time since fifty years,” said Alo Libang, Rural Development Minister of Arunachal Pradesh.

“The Government has sent us a letter and we are acting on it. We have been calling the administration and various officers regarding the water level in the areas. We have alerted places and even shifted and rescued few residents of the area. There is no need to panic right now,”

The National and State Disaster Response Forces rescued around 200 people from Assam’s flooded Dhemaji district last Friday.

India is experiencing its worst monsoon, in terms of rainfall volume, in the last 64 years.


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