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Torrential Rains Submerge Arkansas Crops

According to the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, counties in northeast Arkansas have been hit with “unusually heavy rains” that have prevented farmers from harvesting their crops.

Rainfall has measured over 12 inches so far in August, with some counties receiving 10 inches in just one night.

Farmers are unable to remove the water because nearby ditches are full. In some cases, water has been high enough to go over levees and into houses.

As a result, many crops have been left submerged and are now starting to rot.

Soybeans are experiencing the biggest hit,” said Mississippi Co Extension Agent Shawn Lancaster.

“The beans are sprouting in the pods and a lot of them are rotting. It smells like a sewer pond out here with all the rotting vegetation.”

Rice growers have also experienced problems due to the downpours.

While the rice is ready to be harvested, farmers are struggling to drain the fields due to excess water in ditches.

Corn has likewise been impacted by the abnormally wet conditions.

UA agronomists are concerned that farmers will see a loss of grain quality because the corn is not drying quickly enough.


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