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Torrential Rains and Monster Hail Destroy 55,000 Acres of Crops across Telangana, India

Torrential rains and “cricket ball sized” hail have taken out more than 55,000 acres of crops across Telangana, a state in southern India.

The paddy and mango crops were the worst affected, government officials said April 22, adding that the damage will likely increase with more storms expected in the coming days.

“The exact loss could be more, but our preliminary information says paddy has been damaged in about 30,000 acres, mango in 20,000 acres and other vegetable crops in a few thousand acres,” principal secretary, agriculture, C. Parthasarathi told the Times of India.

Officials said the damage was extensive, with acres of mango trees flattened by cricket ball sized hail and strong gales.

Banana, papaya, sweet lime, green chili, lime, and other horticulture crops were also damaged, the officials said based on initial estimates from affected areas in Peddapalle, Mancherial, Siddipet, Jagtial, Rajanna-Sircilla and other districts.

The storm also resulted in numerous roads and widespread power outages.

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