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Today’s Widespread UK Snow Labelled as “Just the Starter to Thursday’s Main Course”

UK — Four winter weather warnings are in place as temperatures and snow continue to fall. Authorities are bracing for what is expected to be the worst travel chaos since last year’s Beast from the East.

Huge swathes of the country have been gripped by severe wintry weather today, with drivers urged not to travel in the “treacherous conditions.”

But according to meteorologists, today is “just the starter”.

The delicious “main course” is due tomorrow (Thurs) as a band of even heavier snow looks set to tear across the breadth of the home nations, lasting well into Friday.

The Met Office expects this winter’s current record low of -10.8C (12F) to tumble.

Flights have already been grounded across the UK’s busiest airports.

And many schools have been shut, with road closures widespread.

The Met Office has warned the “significant” snowfall will last all week, with the worst yet to come.

Stay tuned for updates.

GFS 10-Day European Total Snowfall (cm) — Jan 29 to Feb 08

Cut some wood.

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