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Three Men Freeze to Death in Serbia as Arctic Cold Front Ravages Southeast Europe

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Three men reportedly froze to death in Serbia as a brutal cold spell throughout the Balkan region slowed traffic, disrupted power supplies and closed schools.

Serbian state TV reported that the body of a 48-year-old man who apparently died overnight was found in the snow in a northern village Monday. The broadcaster also said a 61-year-old man whose body was found in the northwestern town of Sid, also succumbed to the cold.

The third victim was a homeless man whose body was found in an abandoned house in southwestern Serbia, state TV said late Monday.

In central Serbia, villages and towns have been left without electricity. 

Schools have been closed throughout the region due to debilitating wintry conditions, including those in neighbouring Balkan countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina and Romania.

Romania’s education ministry said it will close down schools in western and southwestern Romania on Tuesday after heavy snowfall hit parts of the country, causing power outages and travel delays.

Bosnian authorities say they have taken a group of migrants who were rescued Sunday after they got lost in a mountainous area on the border with Croatia to a hospital in the nearby town of Bihac.

Two migrants had suffered severe frostbite after spending a day out in the snow-covered area trying to reach the European Union country.

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The “BIG WINTER STORM” forecast by the GFS to bury Europe from Dec 12 through Dec 21 is in full swing.

The GFS nailed it.




The Grand Solar Minimum is upon us.



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