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“The World’s On Fire” — Are You Kidding Me?

“THE WORLD’S ON FIRE” read the front page of a multitude of newspapers around the globe July 25. “The planet is ablaze as it was gripped by a mammoth killer heatwave which has left hundreds dead.”

The weather has been hot in places, anomalously hot.

Extreme drought scenarios are developing in regions where notable rainfall hasn’t fallen for months.

Harvests are failing. People are dying.

But “World on Fire”?

Perhaps “Regions on Fire” would be more apt.

Here are a few temperature anomaly charts from the last few days.

Make up your own mind.


July 25 USA & Canada Temperature Anomaly Chart

US cold front www.electroverse.net

A vast cold front plunged into the US and Canada Wed, July 25 bringing snow and well-below average temperatures.

The US is part of the world, right?

July 25 Europe Temperature Anomaly Chart

Europe cold www.electroverse.net

While northern Europe battles an historical heatwave, due to an anomalous high pressure system locked over the region, southern Europe, the Mediterranean and northern Africa are all experiencing well-below average temperatures. With heavy snow currently falling in Italy.


And its about to get a lot colder

As we enter August, things are forecast to get very chilly.


Aug 03 Australia Temperature Anomaly Chart

Australia 03rd Aug www.electroverse.net

A brutal cold front is forecast to hit Australia August 03, likely bringing record-breaking low temperatures and snow totals with it.


Aug 09 Europe Temperature Anomaly Chart

Aug 09th cold forecast www.electroverse.net

And the stifling heat currently causing northern Europe to bake is predicted to flip 180 by Aug 09, with flooding, record cold and snow all in the forecast.

The extremes are intensifying as we descend into the Grand Solar Minimum.

The recent hot weather is selling newspapers, and has global warming alarmist punching the air and pointing at us deniers with “I told you so” fingers.

But these extremes were predicted by us deniers. Because we look at historical documentation.

And perhaps the alarmist should wait for Dr Roy Spencer’s July UAH Global Temperature Data before getting too far ahead of themselves, due out in around a week.

I can confidently predict July will see no dramatic spike up in temperature.

This is human civilisation in jeopardy.

Ignorance will assist in the death of millions over the coming years.

People can’t prepare if the real dangers are obscured.


[Featured Image: Headline from The Sun newspaper]

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2 Thoughts to ““The World’s On Fire” — Are You Kidding Me?”

  1. Sam

    I posted some of the same info on one of Paul Beckwith’s videos because I was sick of his claims we are ander a “global heatwave”. A follower in Australia posted a forecast for only the eastern part of Australia to prove I was wrong. Like all other AGW zealots, he ignored the cold regions. Like you, I’m sick of the media and alarmists claiming the entire planet is under a massive heatwave.

    1. Cap Allon

      It’s incredibly frustrating.
      But the truth is out there — just takes some wading to find.
      Thank you for your support!

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