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The UK has set ‘FOUR’ new all-time daily Cold Records this month vs the ‘ZERO’ for Heat

According to official weather records compiled by NOAA, the UK is having a cold time of it in September, 2019. Backing this up is the HadCET (using reference period 1961-1990 — a very cold era btw), which was actually reading negative after the first 3 weeks of the month.

You won’t have heard about it on the “Kremlin”-style BBC with all that “institutional liberal bias” (the words of veteran broadcaster John Humphrys) but the UK set FOUR new all-time daily Lowest Minimum Temperature records earlier this month verse the ZERO for heat.

The data, compiled by NOAA, reveals the following records fell:

  • Craibstone, Scotland set a new teeth-chattering all-time daily low of 2.2C (36F) on Sept 02 which smashed the previous record of 4.4C (40F) set way back in 1934.

  • Shawbury, Central England comfortably surpassed 2002’s Sept 08 record of 3.9C (39F) with a chilly 2.8C (37F).

  • While Lyneham, Central England set a new low of 4.4C (40F) on Sept 08, busting the previous record of 6.1C (43F) from 2015.

  • And Bournemouth, Southern England managed to tie its previous record lowest minimum temperature for Sept 08 set back in 2013 with a reading of 3.3C (38F).

These are new all-time cold records in station data going back at least 46 years — and with Electroverse being independent, free of the “BBC Thought Police” (and the like), we’re able to bring them to you.

The cold times are returning, in line with historically low solar activity:

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[Featured Image: Andy Farrer/BNPS]

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