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The Rockefellers, World Bank, IMF And WEF All Warn Of A “Massive Global Food Crisis”

Their plan is to thin the herd. They’re achieving this by manufacturing a total failure of our energy and food supplies, which, in turn, will bring down our civilization. They’re going to starve us out. However, as their scripture demands, they’re giving us the chance to opt out, to resist, and to prepare — they’re broadcasting warnings:


Rockefeller Foundation President Rajiv Shah called for debt relief and emergency aid to poorer nations to avert a “massive, immediate food crisis”. Shah is keen to blame Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on the shortages, but the issue, as we know, runs far, far deeper — this is a controlled demolition with all corners of the supply chain under attack.

The war has put at risk exports of wheat, corn, sunflower oil and other foods from Russia and Ukraine that account for some 20% of all calories traded globally (30% of the grain exports). Food prices are now hitting record highs, and low-income nations, already reeling from economic damage due to the pandemic, are already suffering, and are already imposing rationing and curfews as civil unrest mounts.

Another factor finally reaching the masses –via a complicit MSM– are global fertilizer shortages.

In our fragile, mono-cropping and GMO-dependent agricultural racket, shortages of fertilizers are a serious concern. Without such assistance, crop yields across the planet will be dramatically reduced.

The Russian Federation is the world’s number one producer of NPK fertilizers, satisfying more than 30% of the world’s demand. And with Russia effectively offline –i.e. refusing to trade with ‘unfriendly nations’– the 2022 yields of North American crops –for example– are going to be drastically lower (that’s if farmers can even get the seeds in the ground given the historic low temps sweeping the continent’s key growing regions) — a reality that will dawn on the masses come harvest time, so around Sept/Oct.

The fertilizer –and the coming herbicide and pesticide– shortages will have an “even worse” impact on global hunger, cutting crop yields in Africa and other parts of the developing world, added Shah, who went on to call for debt relief for struggling nations so they can purchase fertilizer and food for their people with “money that would otherwise go to creditors in the rich world, including the World Bank” — but Shah isn’t advocating change here, he’s simply spelling out the rules of the game.

World Bank

The world faces a “human catastrophe” from a food crisis, World Bank president David Malpass told the BBC late last week: record rises in food prices will push hundreds of millions of people into poverty and lower nutrition.

The World Bank calculates there could be a “huge” 37% jump in food prices. This would hit the poor hardest, who will “eat less and have less money for anything else such as schooling”. But that 37% figure looks a serious underestimate to me — food prices are already up significantly (see chart below): world wheat prices soared 19.7% in March alone, while maize posted a 19.1% month-on-month increase–hitting a record high along with those of barley and sorghum. Moving ahead, initial price increases of 200-300% are more realistic, with even higher prices to come as the shortages quickly fuel hyperinflation.

When this thing actually gets going –we’re still in the ramping up phase– it will be like a fully stoked stream train.

The FAO Food Price Index hit a fresh record of 159.3 points in March 2022, with no letup in sight.

“It’s a human catastrophe, meaning nutrition goes down,” warned Malpass at a recent IMF-World Bank meeting in Washington. “But then it also becomes a political challenge for governments who can’t do anything about it, they didn’t cause it and they see the prices going up,” he continued.

Malpass added that a knock on “crisis within a crisis” is also arising from the inability of developing countries to service their large pandemic debts, amid rising food and energy prices: “This is a very real prospect. It’s happening for some countries, we don’t know how far it’ll go. As many as 60% of the poorest countries right now are either in debt distress or at high risk of being in debt distress,” he said. So there are your global famine and your global liquidity crisis warnings issued: check & check.


The IMF have also warned, in strong terms, about the impending global food crisis “if the world leaders do not act fast”.

In a joint statement with other global bodies, such as the WTO and WFP, the IMF recently wrote: “The world is shaken by compounding crises. The fallout of the war in Ukraine is adding to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that now enters its third year, while climate change and increased fragility and conflict pose persistent harm to people around the globe. Sharply higher prices for staples and supply shortages are increasing pressure on households worldwide and pushing millions more into poverty.”

The IMF also listed ways governments and organizations can help strengthen global food security, including provision of emergency food supplies, deployment of financial support to households and countries, facilitation of unhindered trade as well as investment in sustainable food production. But what about simply planting more crops? Why are farmers being paid to not grow crops and instead to keep their land fallow? If the IMF, et al., truly wanted to avoid a food crisis, they would being upping global fertilizer production and also paying all farmers to get planting and rearing. Moreover, if they really had our best interests at heart then they would be urging all of us start ‘Victory Gardens’ and they would be teaching gardening classes in school.

Instead though, we see the exact opposite occurring: the masses are being told that the looming food crisis can only be solved politically. But this is patently absurd and is only being said to 1) ensure the catastrophe actually occurs, and 2) to compound and prolong it. In reality though, where the enlightened reside, food shortages can be solved by dropping seeds into some compost and with the occasional watering.


World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab told the World Government Summit last month, “History is truly at a turning point,” with economic instability, conflict between major global powers, and the coming fourth industrial revolution.

In a short address delivered virtually to the World Government Summit in Dubai in March, Schwab said there will be systemic and structural changes, and that global supply chains, energy, and food systems will be deeply affected.

Again, they are broadcasting their intentions.

They are giving those that are awake the time to prepare.

Their plan likely actually requires the survival of the alert and strong, because these people will be tasked with ‘building back better’. I worry that after a few years of struggling in an off-grid existence, and long after after famines have ripped through the cities, that many of us preppers will be seduced by the proposed restructuring and will willingly assist in the formation of the New World Order, dooming the cycle to repeat, once again.

The U.S. Administration

Finally, we have Joey J-Joe Biden.

And although very few are still paying attention to anything this bumbling shell of a man says, the guy is reading from the very same script that all the others are, meaning his utterances will also prove prophetic: “It’s going to be real,” he mumbled recently re. food shortages.

America, you are a country full of wonderfully resourceful and creative people, but what’s happening right now is tragic. Famine is on the horizon and social unrest is already rife; and although these issues aren’t confined to the U.S., it stands that you guys have the most the lose. With each passing day more and more power is being ‘wired’ to the east, almost gleefully, and as a result the U.S. dollar is collapsing and, in turn, the American dream is threatened with collapse.

The entire West is guilty of being asleep at the wheel. Social distractions and concerns with fabricated catastrophes (such as AGW) have allowed malign forces to stealthily penetrate the deepest reaches of our culture –our schools– and destroy us from the inside. Children are growing up vacuous and devoid of original thought. They are more concerned with their preferred pronouns rather than the ‘slave-like’ workforce their about to enter into, or how they’re going to eat in a genuine catastrophe.

Because as is always the case with transitions into The New World, it’s the ordinary folk that pay the ultimate price.

And be sure to disregard any MSM spin and hopeium. This collapse is baked in. It is going to happen — it’s ALREADY happening!

Now, with all these warnings entering the mainstream consciousness, it would be pretty dumb to go down with the ship, right The opportunity to resist has been afforded us. Take it. Heed their warnings. Head off-grid and grow your own — take back your family’s food security, either that, or psychologically brace them for breadlines.

I’m off outside to transplant my beefsteak tomatoes (third generation, seed-saved from the past 2 seasons). I urge you all to start a vegetable garden today because failure is part of the game and it’s better to fail now while food is still largely available.

A years food supply and a sizable (heirloom) seed bank are other necessities.

This is going to be bumpy ride, unfortunately. But the sun will still rise each morning and the rains will still come. My overarching hope is that this upheaval will allow those that escape to live life as it was intended, free from totalitarian control and, without getting too hippy-dippy about it, at one with the earth and with cosmological forcings. There is so much we have been untaught.

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49 Thoughts to “The Rockefellers, World Bank, IMF And WEF All Warn Of A “Massive Global Food Crisis””

  1. Gerry, England

    You will soon be able to get good coverage on Twitter now that Elon has taken it from the fascists.

    1. Wizard

      You got another thing comin’ if you think this Twitter circus means anything. Elon Musk is the carrot for Schwab/Rockfeller/Rothschild stick

      1. Christopher Norman

        Totally disagree. I think Gerry is right.

        1. Wizard

          Fine by me. Then I suppose that Elon Musk was in WEF “young global leaders” group training is of no concern?

      2. Timmy's Mother

        Little Christopher Normie would say that. Eugenics works and it’s OK…. now get off that dang computer and go outside to play!

    2. Timmy

      Elon Musk, WEF Young Globalist Leader/Pied Piper

      How INBRAIN Neuroelectronics develops graphene-based neural implants
      From Elon Musk’s NeuraLink to smartphone-powered ‘mobile mind control’, neural implants have created a lot of buzz in recent years. The hype is understandable – a device implanted inside the brain to manage neuropsychiatric conditions sounds like science fiction, but advances in the field are coming in thick and fast.

      Ger, Ger, Ger… still SMH after all these years.

        1. Ballistic Logos

          Like they say Stan… “You ain’t seen nuttin’ until you’ve seen the Jerrys ‘chip’ out” i.e… “Go ‘nano-small’ or go home.” – yikes,eh?
          EPIC [Ger-Aryan] SEMICONDUCTORS (vids from 7 years ago)

          1. Stanley

            They made the current videos unavailable to those who dont know the links.I found them during a graphine 5 G search I was doing. Here is another one I have saved.

        2. Ballistic Logos

          Great finds. When the tracked and measured old-timers, lazy/sickly/dead non-producer/consumer zombies slow down so too will their pre-programmed UBI credits “automatically” come to a Great Non-reset. Technocracy Efficiency^2. Cheers.
          Alan Watt foretold of these coming days decades ago.

        3. Archivarius

          A: “They made the current videos unavailable to those who dont know the links.”
          Q: Where Did the Rest of the Internet Go? (FYI)

          1. Baba Looey

            … so after watching that… how really valuable is/are Electroverse/Truthstream Media… right here, right now, Amigos?

          2. Archivarius

            The followup vid to: Where Did the Rest of the Internet Go?
            On the Digital Wall, Part II

    3. By jove, I think he’s got it!

      The Show Must Go On

      A Night at the Theater

      One evening a gentleman decides to go to the theater. There is a play showing that is reputed to be a very funny comedy. It’s hilarious, people are raving about it.

      At various points in the middle of the performance, hecklers disrupt the play, shouting disparaging insults at the actors on stage. At first, the actors on stage ignore this and carry on in their roles, but then, at some point, some of them lose patience with this, and respond to the hecklers. Let’s say it begins when an actress on the stage, who is portraying a very prim, proper lady in the play, goes completely out of character and responds to the hecklers with salty language worthy of a sailor. The audience bursts out laughing. Then other actors go out of character as well and there is hilarious repartee between actors on stage and the hecklers in the audience insulting one another.

      Truth told, the whole thing is actually very entertaining, but our upstanding gentleman is kind of annoyed. He would very much like to the see the play as it is intended to be seen. But also, the whole thing is rather strange. He wonders: what is going on here? Why are these hecklers allowed to do this? Why aren’t they kicked out of the theater??

      Well, this is known to be a very fine theatrical production with some superb actors and he would very much like to see it properly without any interruptions from hecklers. So, at a later date, he goes back to the theater. He buys his ticket, finds his seat…. Amazingly, at the same key moments in the play, the very same hecklers disrupt the performance, just like the first time. And there is the very same repartee between the actors and the hecklers in the audience.

      Now, this man is completely perplexed. He cannot understand why the theater continually allows these hecklers to disrupt the performance. He is utterly confused. At this point, the lady sitting in the seat next to him leans over to him, smiles, and whispers: “I love this. It’s my favorite part of the show.”

      The man smiles back sheepishly. He is feeling a little bit embarrassed that he was so slow to figure it out. But, of course it now dawns on him what is really going on. By jove, he’s got it!

      This “Night at the Theater” story that I have outlined provides some framework for thinking about the pervasive propaganda matrix and we shall return to it. However, first, we need to go over some basics.

      Shit happens. Organic versus synthetic events.

      When you turn on the television and watch the news, there are, very broadly speaking, two types of news being reported: organic and synthetic events.

      All the world is a stage…

      It’s part of the show!

      I began this essay by telling a story about a man’s visit to the theater. For the life of him, he cannot figure out what is going on. Why are these “hecklers” allowed to disrupt the show?

      In that story, the protagonist is definitely a bit on the slow side. He has to go back to the theater and see the show again to figure out what is going on. Surely most people catch on the first time round. Even so, we can be sure that people will vary quite a bit. Some will figure out that the “hecklers” are part of the show almost instantly, and the rest will take varying amounts of time.

      You see, the show I described does break the normal model of how things work. Normally, there is a very clear-cut separation between two groups of people in the theater: the actors who are up there on the stage performing and the spectators who are in the audience watching the performance. Actually, there is a technical term for this in drama critique, the Fourth Wall. In this theater show, when an actor on stage directly responds to a heckler, the “fourth wall” has been breached. To realize fully what is really going on, however, the spectator must realize that this is deliberate, scripted; it’s part of the show! Until one makes that conceptual shift, one cannot really understand what is going on!

      Three Dog Night – The Show must go on [they explained it all back in 1975 already]

  2. Mystic’s Mystic

    Another SiFi possibility. There seems to be a sudden urgency to eliminate meat from our diets without any rational explanation. What if what ever a COVID injection contained is something that needs an elimination of meat to become active?
    I know this sounds a little crazy but with each passing day the lives of us peasants are placed more and more in jeopardy by the elites and it appears as though they get pleasure from doing it. Eat some bugs 🐜 everyone.

    1. Ragnar Ravn

      I suspect the hatred of meat by TPTB is apart from energy and resource conservation rooted in the effect it has on testosterone and the will to oppose the tyrants.

      Remember Robin Hood was a poacher, hunting in the TPTB forest for meat,

      In the Middle Ages meat was reserved for the upper classes and the lower classes restricted to corn products. In order to revolt you need the extra energy and also meat has a lot to do with development of the brain.

      So if TPTB want a compliant population, they should restrict meat and people will be easier to manipulate and handle.

      The old Ottomans actually had rules that the warrior and ruling classes only eat meat and never touched wheat,corn and the like, while the population were not allowed meat.

      I have suspected the last couple of years, since the war on the white male was initiated that it’s about removing opposition from rational thinking and acting parts of society. If you look at pictures from early last century, men had much more masculine traits in their faces and bodies than the millennial generation that also has problems with their gender perception.

      Testosterone and live sperm and seem amount has more than halved since 1970 in men. Men are less than half men today.

      Boys are fed soy and other endocrine disturbing foods and live in rooms filled with pftalater that has same functions, from toys and paint.

      The real crises that is ignored is the de-masculinisation of men. But it is also on purpose since they could be leaders of revolts.

      Actually the reason Hitler got so many votes was because the majority of his voters were women. With broken families and boys growing out without a father the likelihood that the women and children will accept the rules of the TPTB increases.

      Men used to fight and survey the sorroundings for danger. Today they game imputes and watch Netflix. Eat sugar and soy.

      What Cap is doing takes balls and will……most just dream the good life will continue and live like ostrich’s

  3. AZ1971

    Growing your own food still requires storage for the winter months. There have been sharp reductions in the availability of glass canning jars, lids, and bands over the past two years as more people sat at home during the pandemic and decided to try their hand at skills well-honed by the likes of their grandmas and great-grandmas. The price for a 12-pack of pint jars (475 mL) here in Phoenix is ~$14.50 USD, more than a dollar a jar — and that’s if you can actually find them in the stores.

    Personally I don’t think there will be famine; I think it’s going to be a matter of high prices for essential commodities like wheat. So the food will be available, just at untenable prices for poorer nations. Of course, the UN and other entities will step in to “assist” them affording it, but we should be clear about such a move being charity and not loans for repayment. And as a richer nation, one will have to ask how much more throwing money down that rabbit hole are you willing to do for nations who either cannot or refuse to take responsibility for their own sovereign needs? War will be fought over mass migration between the haves and the have nots far more quickly than anyone would think possible. And then the real fun begins.

    I’ve canned my own food with my mother until my early 30’s and have, from time to time, canned again in the ensuing two decades for things like roasted tomato & garlic soup, caponata, and the like. It’s fairly easy, especially pickles (who doesn’t like pickles?) and it’s fun to do while also setting aside food for the lean times. But it’s staples like potatoes, beans, cabbage, carrots, and other root vegetables that will be required for people to weather lean times, so I wonder how well the average non-prepper is at creating cold storage for months at a time. (I mean, I know how, but I had a prepper childhood thanks to Depression-era parents raising me and knowing the value of every calorie consumed.)

    Buckle up, it’s going to be a fun ride.

    1. Mama J

      You are spot on!

      1. LocoLogos

        Sassy Mama Martha… you sprout another new personality?

          1. Deb

            No, I’m well out of this maelstrom, doing much needed cleaning and repairs and planting of greens and herbs. And finding more peace, withdrawing to the life of a hermit-which suits me well-because of the price of gasoline. Enjoying one normal day at a time.

          2. Deb

            I almost forgot…and living a life pleasing to God.

          3. Father Mulcahy

            Romans 8:8
            Those who are in the flesh cannot please God…
            … And Bless you my child if you’ve got ’em all memorized for let it be knowest to all that Sassy walked with God. Amen.

          4. Father Mulcahy

            I love seeing things where someone dresses up as jesus and comes when the name is said.

    2. Ragnar Ravn

      You are right.

      Also all the debt of African nation was erased in 2004 and now it’s back in high digits. So forgiving It does nothing.

      Macron said during the election that EU would expect o receive at least 60 million immigrants the next 20 years

  4. Wizard

    I’m not of the opinion that these are the end times, but I definitely could easily understand why some people would believe in such a thing. “The signs” are all here.What I must add, Cap, is that you include getting right with God, in whatever way one may perceive that, in the preparing sequence because without faith we are basically hairless talking monkeys and in that case, it doesn’t matter whether we are free or not, dead or alive etc.

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      History is cyclical.
      By this I mean their was the original Dark Time before FIRE!
      Then after each Good Time comes a worse Dark Time. Each Good Time gets longer and each Dark Time gets shorter but much worse.
      We are at what I will call the Ultimate Dark Time – nuclear weapons usef, bioweapons (think COVID but worse) and Armys with massive death dealing weapons. It will be very short and very violently deadly. Afterwards…no Man can say.
      Maybe…maybe we will have learned to live together and leave each other alone…NAH!
      Ain’t I a stinker!

    2. Deb

      Some hairless talking monkeys can really talk the talk, tho they do not walk the walk. It’s a puzzle.

      1. Timmy

        … hairless talking monkeys lives matter too… especially if they’re black.

  5. No irony there – these elites are the same rats who promoted the Climate-and-Covid-lies that led to this food crisis.

    I’ve been predicting energy and food shortages for years, starting about now. Recent posts:

    I published on 18Mar2022, primarily because of global cooling and Ukraine:
    “This year there may be grain shortages – I’m going to research this further in the next days.”

    Here is a recent article on food shortages – I have not verified the contents and do not know the author.
    20 Facts About The Emerging Global Food Shortage That Should Chill You To The Core
    Michael Snyder April 3, 2022

    Meanwhile, our idiot leaders obsess about false global warming / climate scares in a cooling world. [Insert strong expletive here]

  6. Ice Age Eugenics and Bioelectrical Graphenation/5G War/Famine Theatre Now.Info

    Jay Dyer – The Globalist Tyranny We Saw With COVID Was Mild – April 25, 2022 – ANP
    While still available watch/save especially the embedded Jay Dyer video overview summary of the big picture [updated for 2022]

    British Plans to Depopulate the World – February 22, 2020 –

    Doktor Seltsame Liebe/Kubrick/Orwell/Bertrand Russell/Carroll Quigley/Jacques Ellul/H.G. Wells/Henry Wellcome [Trust]/ Cecil Rhodes, Pilgrims/RIIA/CFR/CIA/Vatican/Jesuits have been telegraphing/implementing the long term objectives/steps since way before 1776… we’re getting to watch and live through a naturally unavoidable/engineered/eugenical (cyclical ice age famine/boomer/libtard die off/cull] step during these many long planned for “interesting times” step by step in perfect lockstep with the cyclical astro/geophysical changes… these 2020’s are still just the beginning steps of the Great Work/Magnum Opus within the many cyclical mini ice ages and intergalicals… nobody gets out alive, no species survives forever… there’s only extended playtime on the pasture [or luxury time at the little latitudes on the big boats] for the cows that “get it”… as for the rest… well 5 billion have already been recently “injected” for an early exit during this pre-major ice age/Boomer/Libtard famine cull/die off… eugenics and high-grading works, everything is like an experiment in the Electroverse in any case… it’s ongoing… and it’s OK… we’re just made of meat… some can and do learn from history… some can observe a lot just by watching/listening/reading.

    Getting the masses and the Boomers ready as the toilet is/was about to flush.

    Dying young: ‘It’s not what you think’

    The Coming Boomer Retirement Crisis: Baby Boomer Sell Off – Baby Boomer Die Off – Feb 6, 2020

  7. Father Mulcahy

    The WEF Conversion Of Worldwide Slaves 2020
    “You’ll own nothing” — And “you’ll be happy about it.” – Klaus Schwab

    The Christian Conversion Of Negro Slaves 1711
    “You’ll own nothing” — And “you’ll be happy about it.” – Bishop William Fleetwood

  8. rondo

    I gotta say the “get a garden going” thing is pretty darn naive and to me it is more grovelling with your head in the sand like an ostrich.

    Look, how many “common people” have enough land to feed themselves for 1 week? And when will people admit that it is “game over”? Also when will people put 2 things together, Solar Minimum Ice Age and fake pandemic (I worked on corona genetics), hospitals murdering, full-blown genocide worldwide?

    If I read one more sky is falling starvation article I’m gonna puke. Wise folk must realize they are acting like peasants/farm animals, you get what you act out. Prop-o-gandhi aside it’s time to act in surgical precise …definite defiance. Quit yer damn groveling.

    Did Abrahamic religions spawned by a mid-east tribe create this complacency? Perhaps. Learn the truth, study some early advaita.

    1. Cap Allon

      Then who do you trust to grow/raise your food?

    2. Wizard

      You’re missing the point, man;

      This is not one man putting down an acre of potatoes to feed the whole world. This is millions and millions of us going back to the land, each one of us growing those damn potatoes, or cabbage or whatever to have our own when the system does collapse, and it will collapse. From that point, we can barter with each other and circumvent the system of control.

      Armed, and any other resistance can bring about change, but it does not solve the root problem, and that is our damnable dependency on large-scale industries for providing our food which gives them the control-switch on our behavior, since if we don’t behave, we don’t get food.

      I don’t want to take up arms to overthrow a government so that my son might grow up without a father in an unchanged system so that he himself becomes a father who will take up arms to overthrow another government, while leaving the underlying problem of food control unaddressed.

      Going back to the land means breaking this cycle of control, and I hope you’ll realize this yourself: the sooner the better

      Cap is right, and yet he doesn’t go far enough sometimes.

    3. Rambo Rondo

      “it’s time to act in surgical precise …definite defiance. Quit yer damn groveling.” – that’s what I initially thought when I first woke up to the reality in 2006… but after a few weeks of serious research I “got it” … eugenics works… There Will Be Blood and then there will likely be a be a “rondo free” Morning [hopefully years] After once again for the “lucky” few. Technocracy eats up the unprepared tough guys for breakfast… or just turns off their bank accounts. Cheers.

  9. Doktor Seltsame Liebe

    Some Truth On TV

    Today’s Source of Money Creation

    9/11 The Footage They Didn’t Let You See Twice (the Official Kick off to the Great Reset… back when truth was still hidden… and now 21 years later the wilfully oblivious actively still hide from truth… eugenics works… and it’s OK)

  10. Al

    They are doing their best to starve us with removal of fertiliser and supply. Crop yield will suffer from poor nutrition and cooler temps. Even if the evil reverses course today, it would take many months if not years to sort this agenda. What about all those living in high rise buildings?….they will suffer the most. A great takedown of these evil is about to happen…their reset will not happen and instead will be our reset on our terms. The outrage when the truth comes out, will bring about the new system…Russia is a mere distraction from the dangerous effects of these injections. I expect some sort of Angel Of Death to strike very soon…it will get dark and ugly for a period but much better times will come to those who are prepared.

  11. William Best

    Hello Cap. I think you are being overstimulated by the world events and have stuck your oar into the political swamp. I believe that the attraction of Electroverse was your ability to offer empirical weather/climate data that none of us could ever easily access. We all have the ability to make our own individual decisions on who to vote for in the near future and it probably will not be for The Powers That Be (TPTB). In Canada, we are faced with another almost three years of Justin Trudeau and his socialist heresy. Please stay the course and let the rest of us who follow your posts, try to determine our own paths forward through the impending cold times coming. Billy Best in Vancouver

    1. Bob and Doug McKenzie

      Our other brother, Billy [knows] Best obviously, about being overstimulated especially after barely surviving an extended brain freeze incident when he was just a little kid. Don’t pay him no mind… pretty much every village up here in the Great White North has one. Cheers from Edmonton, Canada.

    2. Homo Erectus

      Klaus Schwab is someone who’s definitely been to the beach both figuratively and globally… like Billy Best and Trudeau up here in the Great White North we feel we all have the ability to make our own individual decisions on who to vote for in the near future and trust to know what is best for humanity and the planet.

  12. Doktor Seltsame Liebe

    “…they’re broadcasting warnings… this is a controlled [selective] demolition [like using neutron bombs] with all corners of the supply chain under attack” [while also leaving most of the infrastructure intact]

    “Efficiency and progress is ours once more,
    Now that we have the Neutron Bomb,
    It’s nice and quick and clean and gets things done.”
    — Dead Kennedys, “Kill the Poor”

    Ah, the neutron bomb; that miracle of modern science and engineering. Supposedly, a detonated neutron bomb has negligible if any explosive force but instead emits a pulse of deadly, somewhat non-specific radiation, that leaves things like buildings alone but kills everyone dead. That way, one can rid an area of some inconvenient group while still maintaining high property values. No issues with radioactive contamination/cleanup, either.

    The truth is very different. The Neutron Bomb is unique, and controversial, in that while other nuclear weapons indirectly generated radioactive fallout that could cause negative health effects, the Neutron Bomb was the first weapon to be specifically designed to use radiation to kill people. Although it differed from inventor Samuel Cohen’s original conception, the neutron bomb as designed and built was just a fancy tactical thermonuclear warhead. That’s right, thermonuclear. It was a very small fusion bomb. However, while more conventional thermonuclear bombs have radiation casings which reflect neutrons back and increase the explosive yield, a neutron bomb lacks this radiation casing; the neutrons are just allowed to escape. They don’t contribute to increasing the explosive yield, which is thus relatively small; a neutron bomb will have an explosive yield of a few kilotons at most, although that still exceeds most conventional bombs by several orders of magnitude and is quite devastating. However, it means a particularly intense and deadly pulse of highly-penetrating immediate neutron radiation. Why would someone be interested in such a thing? It turns out that main battle tanks are surprisingly resistant to the blast and heat effects from a nuclear explosion, especially from a small tactical device.

    There was also the concern that given the nature of radiation poisoning there would have been a significant amount of ‘walking ghost’ [zombie] cases who would remain functional for a few days but whose eventual death was certain. Studies showed such troops would most likely react by attacking ferociously, attempting to do as much damage to the enemy as possible before they succumbed to their fate.

    The Soviet Union described the Neutron Bomb as “a capitalist weapon” because it was designed to destroy people while preserving their property. (And mostly because they didn’t have one of their own.)note They even called it the “landlord bomb”.

    Compare and contrast with the Depopulation Bomb trope, which the Neutron Bomb is frequently mistaken for an example of. See also: Biological Weapons Solve Everything.

    Though It Seems Crazy Now, the Neutron Bomb Was Intended to Be Humane
    Although Samuel Cohen never achieved the fame of Robert Oppenheimer and Edward Teller, he had been part of the U.S. nuclear weapons program from its very inception. He had worked on the Manhattan Project, where he performed calculations related to the atomic bomb’s yield of neutrons. After the war, he was a consultant at the Rand [Eugenics] Corporation.

  13. Vlrdngr

    “However, as their scripture demands, they’re giving us the chance to opt out, to resist, and to prepare — they’re broadcasting warnings:”

    They are not giving us a chance to opt out, they need a number of slaves to make sure they can continue living like they always did. They want to go back to Roman times where even slaves had slaves, but this time with nice technology.

  14. FYI

    Incoming Carbon Taxes and Worldwide Climate Lockdowns – April 27th, 2022.

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