The Political Hijacking of Global Warming

Global warming is a globalist agenda, a fear issue that puts nationalistic boundaries away and makes everyone come together to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.


It appeals to scientists because they seek funding and opportunity, it appeals to politicians because it offers them an admirable moral platform, it appeals to campaigners for its stark and simple message that needs little explanation, it appeals to ordinary people because it fools them into thinking they can make a difference, and it appeals to petty officials because it provides them with a justification for a hundred new rules and restrictions, for a bigger department to enforce those restrictions, and a larger desk for the man at the top — Grumpy Old Archive



Margaret Thatcher was the first politician to identify CO2 as causing global warming.

The person on her science advisory comity, helping her validate the link, was a man called Lord Monckton. They were the first to use earth’s climate for a political agenda.

The whole of England was being controlled by the coal minors union at the time, with the President of the union threatening to cripple the country.

Thatcher was looking for a way to undermine the coal miners union and switch to atomic energy, but that was a hard sell at the time due to Three Mile Island and the Chernobyl disaster.

So what she did was use Monckton and a body of scientists to ‘prove’ that increased CO2 emissions were causing dangerous warming to the planet, and that the burning of fossil fuels was responsible.

“Greenhouse gases are increasing substantially as a result of Man’s activities … this will warm the Earth’s surface, with serious consequences for us all,” remarked Thatcher while opening the Hadley Centre.



After Thatcher and Monckton, the ball was picked up by a guy named John T. Houghton, head of the UK Met office.

He believed industry was a sin and the production of CO2 was bad. He was a scientist that had studied CO2 but also had strong religious views that ultimately coloured his studies.

At the same time that Houghton was running with the ball, there was a group setup called The Club Of Rome. The group included Mikhail Gorbachev and Ted Tuner, among others, and was created to push the idea that the world’s population would outgrow the food supply.

The Club of Rome took this idea and expanded on it, proposing the population would outgrow ALL resources, not just food.

They surmised the only solution was to reduce the world’s population. An obviously dangerous path to go down.

The exhaustion of resources is not back up by evidence — not by any stretch of the imagination.

Global food production is 1.6x the population, for example.


Limits to Growth

Paul Ehrlich wrote a book called Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment. His co-author was John Holdren.

Their Ecoscience book predicted a drying up of all the resources too, and one of their fixes was for the government to incorporate forced abortions to reduce the population.

John Holdren later became Barack Obama’s science man, and sat in the White House influencing policy.

They commissioned a very simple study called ‘Limits To Growth’.

The study took a particular resource, calculated the usage right now, and then projected forward using basic linear trends — we will run out of this resource by this year.

This study was where the term ‘peak oil’ came from.

And it’s total horse shit.

Dangerous horse shit.



Maurice Strong, a very wealthy industrialist, and member of the Club of Rome, is another using environmental issues for political gain.

The problem with the world, according to Strong, is that industrial nations are using up resources at an unacceptable rate.

“Frankly, we may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrial civilization to collapse.” Strong said in 1997.

Maurice Strong, backed by his own finances, went to the UN to control the agenda.

He setup the UN environmental program out of which he created Agenda 21 — which was formalised at the Rio conference in 1992.

At that same time he formalised the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was initiated to showcase the science linking increased CO2 production to runaway global warming.

The IPCC was designed to show that industry was the problem and needed shutting down.

The IPCC was setup in such a way to be totally controlled by the bureaucrats appointed by member nations of the UN.

The bureaucrats would then dictate to the politicians in every country, and what politician would dare question the science coming from the sources they themselves appointed.

There is a deep state control of the IPCC. Science doesn’t rule, politics does, and always did.

“Maurice Strong was using the UN as a platform to sell a global environment crises and the global governance agenda,” said Elaine Dewar (Cloak of Green) after spending 5 days with Strong in the 1990’s.

In 1992, Strong was appointed chairman of Ontario Hydro and quickly got to work introducing all of the proposals and plans that he wanted the world to adopt, proposals Obama and the majority of other developed nations, particularly in Europe, have now adopted — that is to reduce the use of fossil fuels and replace them with forms of alternative energy.

Ontario was the most prosperous province in Canada before Strong rolled in, but it is now receiving $1,200 per person per year because their economy has completely folded in on itself.

They’re taking money from the other wealthy provinces to prop themselves up. Their socialist economy has collapsed. Energy prices have skyrocketed.

The plan the Club of Rome and IPCC want applied to the world is clear.

But it fails.



It’s failure has result in a shift of the paradigm.

Global warming and extreme environmental issues are gradually losing their merits.

Populations are waking up.

But change has losers as well as winners, and change is never easy to adopt.

Natural global warming ended in 2007.

Eleven years on and the public are still only stirring from their controlled slumber.

Eyes open.

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