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The NWS: Multiple All-Time Low Temperature Records either Tied or Busted in Idaho and Wyoming this week

The National Weather Service (NWS) Offices in Pocatello, Idaho issued a ‘record event report’ at 5:45PM on Sunday after a cold Canadian air-mass descended upon the Gem State.

Record low temperatures were set/tied at Pocatello, Burley, Stanley and Idaho Falls on June 09:

  • Pocatello recorded a low of -1.7C (29F) on Sunday, June 09 — that was cold enough to break the previous record of -0.6C (31F) set in 1999 (just exiting solar minimum of cycle 23).
  • Burley’s 0.6C (33F) ties the previous record set way back in 1924 (solar minimum of cycle 15)
  • The mercury in Idaho Falls sank to -1.1C (30F), busting the previous cold record from 1999 of -0.6C (31F)
  • While a very frigid -5C (23F) was measured in Stanley, tying the old record, also from 1999.

In addition, two low temperature records fell in Wyoming on Monday, June 10, according to the NWS Offices in Riverton and Cheyenne (following the five toppled the previous day — see link below):

  • Buffallo’s low of 0.6C (33F) on Monday, June 10 annihilated the previous record of 3.3C (38F) set in 2008 (solar minimum of cycle 23).
  • A low of 0.6C (33F) was also measured at the Alliance NE Airport on Monday, which crushed the old record of 1.7C (35F) set way back in 1903 (solar minimum of cycle 13).

The cold times are returning, as the sun enters its next Grand Solar Minimum cycle.

Humans flourish in times of high solar activity and the associated warmth they bring — the periods of Minoan, Roman and Medieval Warming are evidence of this.

Our civilisations are built on the presumed constant that comes with solar maximums, and man’s reliance on its own fragile infrastructures only grows as the decades of reliable climate pass.

But when the constant is broken, it’s broken fast and the system can’t adapt quickly enough to cope with the descending cold.

Overlaying the peak of past civilisations atop the GISP2 Ice Core data clearly illustrates the pattern:

The ‘red tail’ indicates a predicted Modern Warming spike before the next Cooling drop — it’s an “eyeball estimated guess” by Mike of Mike’s Astrophotography Gallery (link here)

Civilisations have fallen time immemorial on the back of sharp climatic shifts.

Prepare for the next fall as the sun enters another relative shutdown.

Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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