The IPCC’s Latest Climate Report is Antiscience and Antihuman — REJECT IT

The IPCC are still ignoring the influences of the sun, even in 2021. Their latest report pays it such little mind that it may as well not be there — and soon, I wouldn’t put it past these jokers to completely deny its existence.

They do have a section called “solar forcing” in the report, but this feels more of a placating inclusion rather than a genuine scientific inquiry. It appears to only get a mention so it can be immediately dismissed — but such lip service is often all it takes to fool the unthinkers into believing a topic has been covered, when in fact it most certainly has not.

As with their previous reports, when it comes to the sun, the IPCC’s focus is on “irradiance“.

This is an intentionally narrow-minded stance which excludes ALL secondary forcings, which are plentiful.

The IPCC purposefully ignore the global electric circuit; they fail to mention earth’s waning magnetic field; they don’t touch on auroras (i.e. solar wind/flares/CMES) which have been found to heat the planet; and they sidestep the influx of cosmic rays during times of low solar activity, which have been found to nucleate clouds (global cooling) AND heat the muons in the subsurface (volcanic and seismic uptick, with the former also leading to cooling).

The IPCC attempt to debunk the notion that cosmic rays have any sort of role in earth’s climate by stating: “There is high confidence that GCRs (Galactic Cosmic Rays) contribute a negligible ERF over the period 1750 to 2019”.

But that’s where they end it.

They offer no further insight and provide zero, yes zero, citations.

Basically, they just made it up.

In reality, recent years have seen a myriad of studies affirming the role of cosmic rays. In fact, the confidence in GCRs being a crucial climate component is now so high that much of today’s research is concentrated on the minutia of the mechanisms — these peer-reviewed findings are all published alongside the very same ones used by the IPCC in their reports, but they are ignored — evidence of cherry-picking.

As I mentioned volcanism above, I should point out that the latest report does include a “volcanic forcing” section; but once again, the IPCC’s analysis is yet more lip service, not scientific endeavor.

But come on now, we shouldn’t act surprised — the IPCC is political body, not a scientific one, and this fact has been showcased more than ever this week: rebuttals of natural forcings were concluded before pen was ever put to paper. After all, the sole purpose of the IPCC is to prove anthropogenic warming, that’s why the body was setup in the first place, and if ever it concluded that humans weren’t culpable for the observed changes in the climate, then, well, the organization would no longer exist.

Volcanoes, Cosmic Rays, the Magnetic Field, and the Sun are ALL forcings completely dismissed by the IPCC.

The latest report doesn’t address past failed predictions either, namely those temperature models–none of which have played-out as expected (earth has actually cooled some 0.7C since 2016).

All the IPCC has to say on this front is: “we now have more certainty in our projections”.

That’s right, failing to address their demonstrated climate model bias/uncertainty is substituted with claims of greater certainty: “we got it wrong, but we’ve learned from out mistakes, and so you can trust us now,” is my attempt at a translation.

I also don’t understand how modern climate science is supposed to accurately predict the future when it routinely fails to predict the past — and Michael Mann’s infamous ‘hockey stick’ graph is just one example of this:

Additionally, there is a clear carbon dioxide oversensitivity bias in the report, too.

The Urban Heat Island effect is also ignored–a factor which might explain why ‘global warming’ only appears to be occurring at night:

There is also the omission of the Arctic’s “Ticking Climate Bomb” which is expected to shut down the AMOC (Gulf Stream) and, in turn, plunge much of the Northern Hemisphere into ice age conditions.

This revelation, it appears, would have muddied the ever-increasing temperatures/linear warming message, and so it too was left out:

Global electric systems are other forcings impacting our planet’s atmosphere that the IPCC claim don’t exist.

Another is the Polar Cusp (a region in which the magnetosheath plasma has direct access to the ionosphere). The cusp fluxes with energy every 8 minutes; but again, not even a whiff of this is included in modern climate models, even though NASA is on record as calling it “our magnetic portal to the sun”.

And finally, another unmentioned yet well understood reality is that tropical storms are also tied to solar activity — in recent years, there has been ever-mounting studies to support this (all googleable).


My takeaway from the report is that the IPCC are “sun deniers”.

I don’t know what they believe the purpose of that bright mass of energy in the sky is, but they are suspiciously dismissive of its influence — the sun, it appears, is an inconvenient spanner threatening to jam the cogs of their fragile politicized narrative.

This is why the majority of solar forcings are missing from the report, as these omissions mean any observed changes in the climate can be attributed to human activity. In other words, denying the sun leaves big gaps in our understanding of the climate system, but these gaps are intentional and required as they mean “human carbon dioxide emissions” can be used to plug them — only by ignoring powerful natural forcings can a rise in CO2 make any kind of sense.

This latest IPCC report is not a genuine attempt to impart truth, far from it.

It is instead a political document, intended to be rolled-up and used to browbeat policy makers into implementing the “correct” measures, measures which will soon include “food/fuel rationing” and “climate lockdowns” in the name of “saving the planet” but which in reality will extend totalitarian control over the population, control they deem essential before the real SHTF:

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING, in line with the great conjunction, historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among other forcings).

Both NOAA and NASA appear to agree, if you read between the lines, with NOAA saying we’re entering a ‘full-blown’ Grand Solar Minimum in the late-2020s, and NASA seeing this upcoming solar cycle (25) as “the weakest of the past 200 years”, with the agency correlating previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

Furthermore, we can’t ignore the slew of new scientific papers stating the immense impact The Beaufort Gyre could have on the Gulf Stream, and therefore the climate overall.

Prepare accordingly— learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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34 Thoughts to “The IPCC’s Latest Climate Report is Antiscience and Antihuman — REJECT IT”

  1. Completely agree. Worse yet, the UN is driving climate alarmism for political reasons …

  2. Art Horton

    The IPCC is utter 🐄 nonsense. Notice how August is the only month that gives their massage a shred of credibility.

  3. Joel Dyer

    CO2 makes up about 0.04% of the atmosphere. Only about 3% of atmospheric CO2 comes from human activities, so carbon dioxide from human activities makes up about 0.000012% of the atmosphere.

    There is about 1000 times as much water in the atmosphere as there is CO2 produced by human activities. If we stopped burning fossil fuel, producing cement, etc., we would only affect that tiny percentage of the atmosphere composed of human activity CO2. Water, also a “greenhouse gas” would be unchanged.

    Compared to solar output, cosmic rays, volcanism, etc., human produced CO2 is laughable.

  4. Michael Evan Mann

    Cap, great article per usual and most especially your most recent ones. Just one thing though, you may not have not have been Cc..d recently on the (1968) archived video reminder for international climate content providers and other thought leaders ww. It explains how we do things at the IPCC division of the CWNS. Hopefully this refresher will bring you up to speed and back onside again. I’m sure you understand that it’s just business. Best wishes.
    As always, MEM

    (CWNS) Classified World News Service, The News-Benders (1968 )

    1. Jethro Bodine

      That comment and vid looks like a not so veiled threat directly sent from the IPCC/CWNS if we read this right. We now have white hats on the inside of the (ADS) Alternative Deep State looking into this on your behalf. Will keep you posted. Redd Foxx out.

      1. Miss Jane Hathaway

        So Jethro, what ever resulted from your investigation into the IPCC? This looks VERY serious.

  5. Ice Age Eugenics Now.Info

    CO2 makes up about 0.04% of the atmosphere or only one part in twenty-five hundred or to put it another way:

    CO2 makes up just 1:2500th of THE essential trace gas critical to all life on earth.

    Makes perfect sense to us.

    1. Archivarius

      CO2 makes up just 1:2500th of the atmosphere and it is THE essential trace gas critical to all life on earth.

  6. Roland Salomonsson

    The defenition of “Climate” is rolling 30 years of weather. That period is choosed just for it´s special suitable for manipulating weather-data. Even to make false data. And that´s what the alarmists do!

    Of course Climate must be calculated for at least 100 years and 300 years is desirable! Then “hockey-sticks etc would be impossible.

    1. Exactly what I’ve been saying for years. Glad to know others think the same. The 30-year climate definition is a sham while climate alarmism is a scam. The alarmists never reveal past data — such as this …

  7. Eyes Open

    While I don’t buy the whole man-made global warming agenda, I see on that 2021 has only had 55 spotless days so far this year. Does this not indicate that the sun has awakened from its slumber of 2019/2020 and the Earth is now entering a solar maximum? I would have expected a lot more spotless days this year if Valentina Zharkova’s GSM predictions are correct.

    I’m new to this site and I understand that the Sun will always be the real power behind any climate change, I’m just not convinced of this coming Ice Age just yet. I am also very open minded and shall be watching events closely and prepping anyway due to the multiple risks we face right now.

    1. Cap Allon

      We are ramping-up to the solar maximum of cycle 25 (due around 2024)–this was always predicted to occur and is not the same as GRAND solar maximum.
      And, overall, cycle 25 is forecast to be weak another weak one –similar to cycle 24– and after its maximum has concluded, we will be in solar minimum again before we know it.
      Cycle 26 (due early/mid-2030s) is when the real fun could begin–some predictions see no cycle 26 at all (no sunspots)–this would equate to GRAND solar minimum conditions and stark global cooling. We’ll see though. Time will tell.

      1. Eyes open

        Thanks for explaining that for me Cap and for standing up for the truth. Love your site and your factual no nonsense approach. Some common sense in a World gone mad gives me hope. It seems we may have more time than I had thought. Take care.

    2. chezki

      Eyes Open, I believe a reduction in solar activity is not enough to send the palnet into a full ice age. Enough energy would still get to the earth keep the planet plenty warm. I have looked at super volcanoes, ocean currents and meteor strikes as possibility and they also don’t cool the plant long enough to produce a full ice age. I do believe a lunar meteor strike and the subsequent dust would cause enough solar radiation block to send us into an ice age. the lunar dust would not have any friction to deal with so it would orbit for decades or centuries before clearing. Just look at all the potholes the moon.

  8. Rosco

    The whole concept of forcings is something the IPCC simply made up.

    Only the radiation from a hotter object can induce a thermal effect in a cooler object – the reverse is nonsense.

    The radiation from a cold object inducing a positive thermal effect on a warmer object was shown to be gobbledygook more than 2 centuries ago by Pictet in his “Reflection of Cold” experiment.

    When confronted with this irrefutable evidence alarmists claim the experiment didn’t include the continuous input of energy such as from the Sun.

    Funny they can’t see this excuse means the Sun is the primary heat source thus destroying their objection.

    The number of people who believe the Sun can only heat Earth to minus 19.15°C without “greenhouse gases” on average is staggering and they are staggering in their gullibility.

    The Moon is claimed to have a higher “Blackbody” temperature – minus 2.75°C – than Earth’s minus 19.15°C according to NASA.

    There must be a hell of a lot of “greenhouse gases” in the Moon’s atmosphere – LOL !!!

  9. Anonymous

    Their actions define them. Criminals. Add them to the list. The day will come. Gods will be done.

  10. Jack

    My comment here is slightly off topic.

    I’d like to offer some insight about the recent weather across the world, and I wasn’t sure where else to put it.

    In the unincoporated area that is approximately six miles east-southeast of Taylor, Arizona, some of my neighbors conspired to dry out the area over the last 15 years by manipulating the watershed, through irresponsible dirt road construction, culverts, thwarting attempts to control erosion and other tactics.

    They did this at the behest of one man, who had made some very serious errors in the site plan and construction of his two-story dry-stack house, which he built on an isolated hill on his 40 acres, without a permit.

    Building that house on that isolated hill posed a very serious drainage problem, and he concocted this scheme to dry out the area, because he made some serous errors in how he built the foundation and because the wind load of the house exceeds the weight-bearing capacity of the clay soil when the soil is wet.

    He stripped and flattened the 600-foot sloped road easement, and this road dumps at least 600-cubic feet of water per inch of rain into the wash.

    He also put a culvert under the road, claiming that my driveway was washing out his ‘driveway’ (as he calls the road).

    He and his friends stripped another quarter-mile sloped easement half a mile away, which would dump a lot more water, across the corner of the adjacent property and into the wash.

    I also suspect that he was involved in the installation of other culverts.

    Putting that much water into the washes would cause more erosion in the entire area, preventing the rain water from soaking into the ground.

    The lack of groundwater in this area would reduce evapotranspiration, which would affect the weather.

    When I moved here nine years ago, the land was parched. The juniper trees were all sickly. Most of the pinyon pines died. No matter how much rain came, it was difficult to maintain any natural growth.

    I had some severe erosion problems, due to certain natural features on my 40. I wasn’t quite sure how to fix the problems, until 2019, when I decided to do some research, to help an elderly friend, who had a serious road problem. I had fixed that road for him several times, and finally i had enough and decided to learn what to do to make it better.

    North of the friend’s house, there is a very large wash that comes from the ridge and crosses the road onto the friend’s 40, and the wash had dug a humongous hole near the edge of his driveway and a 40′ wide by 40′ deep canyon through his property.

    I found a way to fix it, and it was successful in slowing down the runoff. I then decided to work in my erosion problem at home, and I reduced the runoff from a humongous canyon that comes off the ridge that is on the 40 and the runoff at some other problem areas.

    In 2017, I set out to locate as many survey markers that I could, to satisfy my curiosity after I caught the nextdoor neighbor in a lie.

    The conditions were right. It was rainy that summer.

    I hiked almost every property line in more than 2 square miles, and many of those I hiked multiple times, and the natural growth was taking.

    The natural growth would spread. All of this natural growth would reduce the runoff into the washes even more.

    In August 2020, the neighbor with the house on the isolated hill had a real problem. His hill was washing away, and his house was crooked. He responded by dumping dumptrucks of dirt on the hill and putting down approximately 300,000 square feet of gravel on top of the hill, around the base of the hill and on the rest of his driveway (except for the road). Big mistake. Also, instead of trying to grow anything atop or on the sides of the hill, he decided that boulders would work for erosion control. Idiotic.

    In May 2021, I went to check on my erosion control here at home. I hadn’t done so for a few months, only because I was too distracted by a friend’s personal crisis.

    When I did go to look at it, I noticed that the ground was soft and red.

    If you are familiar with clay soil, when it’s red it is hydrated, but when it’s dry it is white. When it’s soft, the softness indicates that it is aerated.

    I also noticed that the trees were much healthier and had grown substantially, with very little rain.

    All of these factors indicated to me that there was water in the ground.

    I needed to act quickly to build up the natural growth, or I would lose my barren hills when the rain came, and that’s what I did. The new growth took and flourished, which confirmed my observations about the water tables.

    All of this water in the ground has turned the entire White Mountain region into a GIGANTIC Cloud Machine-Pinetop-Lakeside, Show Low, my neighborhood, Taylor-Snowflake and probably beyond. This is why we are seeing one of the westest monsoon seasons on record.

    If you look at the temperature radar, you can see that heat from the Phoenix-Vegas urban heat island comes out from Vegas, through Grand Canyon, up the Colorado River into Utah and down the Little Colorado River to Winslow, Holbrook and down to our neighborhood, where it magically stops, probably due to topography.

    The neighbor with the gravel hill created another heat problem, amidst a massive drainage problem.

    Now what happens when you introduce all of this energy into a GIGANTIC cloud machine?

    I think you know the answer to that question.

    Climate Change is a scapegoat for explaining what they don’t understand.

    It’s The Water Cycle!

    1. D Breukers 15/8

  11. Mike

    Either the IPCC scientists are behind in their reading of scientific papers and don’t seem to care about catching up, or (as I believe), they intentionally leave these things out so that the general population will continue being uninformed of the true state of the world.
    A logical question would be, what could they hope to gain by stringing people along?
    He is what I think, (This and $4.50 will get you a cup of coffee.)
    The powers behind the global warming are the same powers that divides us into race, religion, sexual orientation, politics and anything else they can so that we fight each other instead of them.
    And, to go one step further, the reason they want us distracted is not just to keep us from fighting them, but to keep us from preparing for the upcoming cold and possible grid-down situations.
    They want as many of us to die as possible during the famines, power outages and cold. They are depopulationists.

    1. P. J. Flanders

      That seems a bit extreme to me. Why would an agency of the UN want vast numbers of people to die?

        1. P. J. Flanders

          Thank you for the link. I’m almost sorry now that I asked. Almost, but not quite. The truth is more important than convenience or false security.
          This warrants further research, at the least.

          1. Understand. Many don’t want or never looked into the politics driving the climate issue. The climate issue is being used to divert attention from the real threat. This video of mine is a short excursion into the people who drive this threat. I use music to help get the attention of who I call the “walking woke” …

          2. P. J. Flanders

            There is certainly a great deal of food for thought here on this site and on the youtube channel ClimateCraze. Thank you for responding to my questions.

    2. robertL

      Its a conspiracy.

      Blast! It! ITS a CONSPIRACY!!!
      Can’t you Hear!
      Can’t you read!
      Don’t you know!

      a Conspiracy which is looking increasingly more likely with each passing day.

  12. ewing caldwell

    The IPCC seems to perceive the Sun as merely a big light in the sky which is only there to enable the IPCC reports to be read.

  13. P. J. Flanders

    I don’t pretend to understand the science but maybe some of it will rub off on me if I keep coming back here.
    I do know that something just isn’t right with the global warming scenario. That’s part of the changes in our society that seem to be increasing. People are uneasy and feel that something is wrong.
    I researched global warming, ran across global cooling, the Grand Solar Minimum and Dr. Valentina Zharkova, which led me to your article here.
    Hope you can help me make sense of some of this.

  14. MD

    Somehow this latest IPCC report, worth less than the averange bonuspack of toiletpaper, proves the fact that there is indeed a panic situation. Not about the climate at all, the entire report proves that the IPCC hasn’t got a clue about how earths climate functions, but about the fact that earth has entered a new era called ice age smoe 5 years ago.

    They are just trying to help governments and businesses to squeeze the most money out of it. Mankind has no influence on earths climate. Mankind cannot stop the next ice age. Mankind is nothing more than a virus ravaging the planet, destroying that what can keep is alive. And will, again, destroy itself.

    Have a good one!

    1. Ranch Ghost

      Mankind is nothing more than a virus ravaging the planet, destroying that what can keep is alive. And will, again, destroy itself… that’s the propaganda message and it’s working very well on the main herd… and it’s OK.

    2. robertL

      Mankind is nothing more than a virus ravaging the planet, …

      Well maybe. Consider the San People of Southern Africa.

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