‘The Center For Countering Digital Hate’ Successfully Strips Electroverse Of Its Advertising

They could not have chosen a more Orwellian name: ‘The Center for Countering Digital Hate’. This is the body, founded in 2018, that has the power to strip truth-seeking websites such as Electroverse of their advertisement.

“The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) is a global non-profit organisation with offices in London and Washington, DC. It campaigns for big tech firms to stop providing services to individuals who may promote hate and misinformation, including neo-Nazis and anti-vaccine advocates.”

George Orwell’s 1984 is no longer an imagined, often romanticized, dystopic future where a global tyrannical power controls the masses with surveillance and propaganda, it is today’s bleak reality, and one we’re all suffering in (whether we see it or not).

The Center for Countering Digital Hate was setup, for the most part, to silence “anti-vaxxers”, and in that regard, the timing of its inception (2018) could be looked upon as suspicious. But the body also works to de-platform neo-Nazis and “climate deniers”–to even mention these in the same breath gives a sense of the instability and disconnect from reality going on here.

The CCDH wants to take down “The Toxic Ten” — 10 fringe publishers which it says “fuel 69% of digital climate change denial”.

According to a recent article on, the CCDH’s official website: “Google promised to stop monetizing climate denial content through its Google Ads business, starting 9 Nov 2021” … “But new research (by the CCDH) shows that Google Ads are still running on 50 new climate denial articles. All were published after 8 Nov 2021 and are from 14 different publishers.”

The CCDH continue: “In the run up to COP26 the Center for Countering Digital Hate published its Toxic Ten report that showed social media posts linking to articles from just 10 ‘super polluter’ publishers account for up to 69% of Facebook interactions with climate denial content. The examples collected include articles from 5 publishers that are part of these ‘Toxic Ten’.”

The CCDH then go on to list a handful of articles “still carrying ads”:

* A Breitbart article claiming Global Warming is not real and “a hoax”

* A Breitbart article that called COP26 “a gigantic eco-fascist gaslighting operation” and claimed that “groundless” environmental scare stories are being used to “terrify us into submission”

* An Electroverse article claiming “there are no credible scientists warning of a ‘climate emergency’ — not a single one.”

* A Western Journal article claiming “Whether the climate is changing — and whether it is caused by man — are questions not answered definitively.”

* Numerous articles attacking climate science as “alarmism”

“The Toxic Ten’s websites have received nearly 1.1 billion visits in the last six months prior to COP26,” bemoans the CCDH, “earning those that are part of Google’s AdSense platform an estimated $3.6 million in revenue” — but this is a paltry sum, a mere drop in the ocean, and nothing compared to the $43.1 billion that Pfizer generated during the same period (Q2 & Q3, 2021) thanks to its dogmatic campaign full of fear and exaggerations, which the CCDH sees as ‘a-okay’.

Imran Ahmed, Chief Executive of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, said: “Climate change denial is a cynical strategy that seeks to delay the action needed to prevent ecological disaster.”

Really? They think the goal of Electroverse is to ring in the end of world and, therefore, the demise of all its inhabitants, including my three young children? If they’ve even read one of my articles to the end –which in turn assumes they can actually read– then they can’t think that, and I don’t believe they do think that — the extreme stance they’re taking is required in order to justify such a Ministry of Truth take down of an opposing view.

Lines of thinking found guilty of contradicting the mainstream narrative must be quashed by any and all means, because a public with access to objective thinking and alternative views is a threat — a healthy dialogue could lead to a narrative more closely resembling truth, which in turn risks the people pointing the finger at the system instead of at one another.

That is why innocuous stances such as the sun at the heart of ‘climate change’ are now being branded as hate crimes, with the justification being that if such views were allowed to proliferate wider society it risks bringing about the literal end of the world.

George Orwell is referenced to death these days, to the point where quotes can seem cliche. But when a piece of writing (1984) is proven so prophetic (along with Huxley’s A Brave New World), it is acceptable, in these instances, to betray a lack of original thought — there is no better summation of what we’re seeing today than, WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.

For those who appreciate what I do at Electroverse, please help me continue my fight.

Losing ads is a hit but it can be mitigated by those willing to join my already 516-strong army of patrons –who I am immensely grateful to btw– and donating via Paypal is another option (button within the sidebar if on desktop, scroll down if on mobile) — two platforms that haven’t yet expressed a desire to remove me (but if you know of alternatives to these, please get in touch).

My young family and I are busy preparing for what we see as an inevitable societal collapse (off-grid in Portugal, originally hailing from England), and this website is our only source of income. Something has prevented my from ditching it for more lucrative ventures (much to the exasperation of my wife, and at times even myself), but I see this as the biggest battle in modern times, I feel that everything is at stake here, and I am compelled to do my part.

Please help if you can.

And thank you for reading to the end.

Enjoy your weekend.

I’ll see you on Monday.


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73 Thoughts to “‘The Center For Countering Digital Hate’ Successfully Strips Electroverse Of Its Advertising”

  1. Sad news, but I was kicked out a long time ago.

  2. Dallas Schneider

    Refer any inquiries from the Washington Pee to an attorney.
    Sue CCDH!
    DS (NOT BS, that’s my cousin!

  3. David Richardson

    Sad news indeed.

    Shocking that people are so far on the Kool-aid that even facts and reality are too much to contemplate. I have come across this with individuals before, but to see institionalised is shocking, if not surprising.

    All the best of wishes

  4. Andreas

    Hi Cap, you are doing great work, thank you.
    We are way past 1984. George could not have imagined the digital development. 1984 has started in the middle of 1990.
    The east German workers paradise had cards for the information on their people, just imagine if they would have had the capabilities of today. There would have not been a revolution!!!!!
    All the best and have a great Christmas with your family

  5. Love following your stuff and we may be joining you in PT before long. My husband hails from there and UK is getting unbearable, especially where we are. I will try to donate when I have some cash free. Keep going do not be discouraged. By the way you made a mention on Natural News and a link so hopefully more people will find the site!

    1. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-convergence Now.Info

      …”but I see this as the biggest battle in modern times, I feel that everything is at stake here”… yes… we’re in an undeclared war/culling and assimilation into the hive mind ww.

      Situation Update, Dec 15, 2021 – Volcanoes, global cooling, food crop failures, inflation and crypto bubbles

      Catherine Austin Fitts Explains: ‘We’ve Been Lured to Create Our Own Prison’

      Think Censorship Is Being Coordinated on a Global Scale? It Is.
      The International Grand Committee on Disinformation consists of “an international array of legislators, policy advisers and other experts” who work together “to forge international alliances that bring shared, effective strategies into the battle against online disinformation.”

      Graphene and Graphene Oxide Basics (full summary)

      What is VR, AR, MR and VDR: The Different Realities
      Lots of realities exist in the world of technocracy, i.e., VR, AR, MR and VDR. They respectively stand for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Death Reality. But what are they and how do they differ from one another? Virtual Death Reality is when the VR, AR and MR sims have virtually lobotomized the main meat cpu and it is powered down unable to power up again, reboot or send/receive signals.

  6. Dallas Schneider

    1at time Donor here!
    Keep up the good work, Cap!
    Have fun with the kids!
    Make that Patreon button more prominent!

    Readers, Please promote Electroverse, not
    the W. Pee, the CC (Concentration Camp) or
    any site that has the word “hate” in it.
    Whatever one puts his attention on, he gets more of it!

    Flourish & Prosper!!!

  7. Roger Boswarva

    Cap, Patreon works for some folk, but not me. I want to make a decent one time payment to you for work well done.
    I simply do not like the idea of automatic charges occurring.
    My wife died recently and undoing all her automatic monthly, etc., credit card payments to charities she supported was a nightmare.
    At 86, I don’t want that kind of nonsense when my time comes.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      Sorry for your loss, Roger!
      At 75, I have to look around, where am I bleeding money?
      I am sure I can cut somewhere else to support Cap.
      Electroverse is the very first website I read in the morning!
      So long as he doesn’t mind my crude jokes I am alright!

      Besides, I love to comment!
      DS (not BS, that’s my cousin)

  8. Dallas Schneider

    The Concentration Camp Deep a-Hole people
    (if they are people and not some dumb bot)
    must really dislike themselves.
    How can they sleep at night?
    Either that or they know they have crimes of great
    magnitude that must not be exposed!

    Even fire trucks have dogs barking at them as they
    roll on to the fire!
    Let them bark, before they disappear into the snowdrift.

    I swear, back in 96(?) in the eighteen wheeler I was stuck in
    a blizzard in Connecticut. I had delivered in Boston area,
    supposed to get a load back to Florida on a Sat. Drove to Conn
    and Sunday noon this blizzard started snowing in Dec, much like
    this year. I and my co-driver (nice lady) got a motel room right next to
    the truck stop. All we could do to make it through the 200 feet of cold
    and snow to the restaurant for 48 hours.
    Tuesday conditions downgraded to Near Blizzard. Snowdrift up over our bumper, say 4 feet. The wind had filled the INSIDE of the reefer unit on the front of the trailer through the tiny 1/8 in cracks of it’s front doors!
    We headed to Danbury reaching it late afternoon. In the middle of the street we stuck the Freightliner on some ice. A small Toyota pickup helped pull us off the ice. Such a funny sight.
    At the yogurt plant close to sundown we had to back into the factory door off a side street with houses on it. It took 7 men with shovels, a pickup with a snow plow attachment, and a cop car to help get us maneuvered into that door.
    Now in front of the house in the still blowing cold snow was a hedge covered by a snow drift. As the truck front was backing swinging around the co-driver dragged the front of the truck through the hedge under the snowdrift.
    That hedge pulled the blinker light from the front of the truck completely off!

    I could hardly believe it. What was more UNBELIEVABLE was I couldn’t find the blinker light the size of a loaf of bread in the snowdrift!!!
    We proceeded to load 40,000 lbs of yogurt, and head to Chicago!
    The reefer unit failed to start to keep the yogurt cool but we didn’t need it.
    It was cold enough anyway. We stayed above the Blizzard by going across above the top of Pennsylvania in New York Highway 17 I think. They have since made that route an Interstate.
    Never forgave the company!
    Did not even put them on my resume! When I did get to Florida, we turned the truck back in. We went back to work for Celadon, a great trucking company in Indianapolis, IN where we thanked them for giving us a long Holiday vacation!

    So I predict the Concentration Camp Deep a-Holes will lose themselves
    in a snowdrift, much like my truck blinker light~!

  9. DavidH

    I increased my pledge. It’s not a lot on a monthly basis but it will keep coming. If others do the same you’ll be fine. Please keep on posting. Thanks.

    BTW. The site reads better without the ads. The layout is cleaner.

  10. Wizard

    I would like to express surprise and shock, but I cannot. It was only a matter of time. I’ll be joining the 500 army starting Jan ’22. We’ll see how you put that to use.

  11. Deb

    I have been supporting you on Patreon since I first started coming to Electroverse, a matter of a year or so. I am on a fixed income, so the monthly amount is small. I am going to increase that amount, because you provide a unique forum and you deserve to be supported.

    What I donate monthly will still be a small amount, but the whole point of Patreon is not how much, but how MANY. I encourage all of your followers to get on Patreon and just give a few dollars a month. We really need you and others like you to continue.

    And the only way we are going to retain a modicum of freedom in this world is for mass numbers of people to stand up and be counted, in whatever ways they can, large or small.

    I will support you and your family in my prayers as well, and may God richly bless you. Thank you for the work you do, and Merry Christmas.

  12. Andrew

    Thanks Cap for your fantastic reports.
    A world full of growing tyranny and evil men bent on greater tyranny is where we are headed. I would be happy to donate but paypal doesn’t work for me either. Keep going mate. Yours is a righteous cause. Truth always is..

  13. Eric Flicker


    I made an initial contribution.

    I am part of a local conservative group looking at a climate change presentation. You would be an excellent resource.

    Could we schedule a virtual presentation and possibly raise some additional support?

  14. GR99

    I am so sorry to read of what’s happened in the past couple of articles Cap! I have checked your website every single day since I found it about 3 years ago and it has completely changed my whole perspective of climate change. Prior to that, I had always had a niggling doubt about man’s role in the Earth’s climate and finding your website and other similar ones provided me with the evidence that my niggling doubt was well founded. I could write an entire essay on my journey through AGW scepticism, but I shall spare all readers that here!

    I am so glad to read that you will continue to post the truth despite the corrupt system attempting to silence your (and by proxy many other sceptics) voice. Do stay at it for as long as you possibly can – it may not go widely recognised, but by publishing the truth and uncovering the lies on climate change you’re doing the world a massive favour!

    All the very best of luck for the future and have a lovely Christmas with your family.

  15. RAFO

    Cap, what would help is if there was someone here in the States that check donations could be mailed to and then deposited for you in a U.S. bank/credit union. I don’t like electronic transfers, etc. I support one other site this way but they are here in the States. This would help those of us who won’t/can’t use electronic transfer but want to help support your site. We believe in what you’re doing as you don’t have a political axe to grind… God bless!

    1. Dallas Schneider

      There are Attorneys who act as Paymasters through an IOLTA
      (Interest On Lawyers Trust Account) account. They charge nominally say 0.25% for the activity. See here a PDF for Attorneys on how to do it.
      Getting this set up could lead the way to more major funding also as these people can handle hundreds of millions or even hundreds of billions.
      I know of one, will locate and email options.

  16. Bwana Neusi

    Bwana Neusi (pseudonym)
    I concur with DavidH, It is a delight to read your post without adverts, especially the flashing variety.
    I very much support your work and we will make periodic contributions, but as pensioners, it can be a bit hard.
    Keep up the good work please.

  17. John Galt's offspring

    Just upped my donation to the level 2. Hope it went through. We desperately need truth in these times. I live in a section of North Carolina where darkness seems to reign. At least it seems that way. Can’t afford to move, at least right now as we could sell at a good price, but can’t afford to buy anything. So we are staying put for now. Thanks for all your are doing.

  18. themronz

    I am disgusted by this. So having a scientific opinion which doesn’t suit the ‘narrative’ is now classed as a ‘hate’ crime!
    What these idiots don’t realise is by intervening they are massively raising the profile of the organisations they seek to repress.
    The climate change lobby ooze panic right now. The one chance they had to re-script the political-social agenda is slipping through their fingers. All they have left is to fight dirty.

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      They are panicking cuz their ‘predictions’ have never come to be. The pendulum is swinging back to Factual Science and when it hits them, they’ll know what the Power of Factual Science can do!!!

  19. Jacqui Ehninger

    Hi Everyone:
    I just looked up CCDH (after first increasing my Patreon contribution) and, not surprisingly, found this:
    Next, I will advertise Electroverse to whoever I think are like-minded people!

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      “The Center for Countering Digital Hate is a not-for-profit non governmental organisation (NGO) that is funded by philanthropic trusts and members of the public. ”
      What this means is ‘we take money from George Soros and other Billionaire Statists’.

      1. Dallas Schneider

        WoW! Even US Congress members are aware of this underhanded manipulation of the media!
        Thank you so much for this Jacqui!
        DS (NOT BS, That’s my cousin)

  20. paracelsus

    It might help if a few more people posted your plight on FB

  21. Memere

    Here’s some alternatives, although you probably already checked em out:

  22. Ragnar Ravn

    I will donate too, as long that venue stays open. I follow the Duran on YouTube. A few months back Alexander was completely white in his face and his voice shaken. They had been demonetised on YT a long time ago, but he had just been informed that PayPal Patreon and all other ways of support had blacklisted them. They survive selling mugs, T-shirts, caps and stuff and I think they have had some of the restriction lifted.
    Their crime was commenting and bringing narrative critical information to the public.
    The noose are tightening these days. A lot.
    The “mass formation” can be broken by dissent so they have to kill access and discourage content creators from producing material that keeps the light of freedom of thought alive.

    We are in for some very hard years. Food is the next big problem and not just GSM driven, the explosion in fertiliser prices, which is driven by the engineered gas crisis in EU will rockets grain prices next year, which will make the next domino, the meat prices go ballistic and accelerate bug eating.

    When you have enough data og plenty of processing and computing power, it’s easy to make seemingly unrelated events lead to the desired results. Degrowth on unprecedented scale in the western world.

    We are in their endgame and they have to root out sites like Caps that easily proves the lies and insanity. Mostly offending by being rational and logic.

    Mostly I am amazed they succeeded in making 1 C increase from LIA temps seem like a problem and not a blessing. Who seriously would want to live with the consequences of minus1 C today. Less food, more disease and more needed energy for survival.

    It is truly dystopian and dark times we are living through and the night has just begun.

  23. Pat Hanney

    Facebook has recently been found that through a lawsuit, their fact checkers are just Opinions?
    Fact Checkers, are jokes………. thrown about as truths, when in fact they are only opinion checkers.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      Facts or Opinions?
      Makes a difference, doesn’t it?

  24. Radman414

    The bottom line is this. All of the “Chicken Little” apocalyptic rhetoric about man-made climate change has NEVER been about “saving the planet;” it’s “ALL bout the Benjamins”…how they will be redistributed and to whom.

    1. Radman414

      “Censorship is the tool used by the Left when their lie loses its power.” – Me

    2. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-convergence Now.Info

      “it’s “ALL bout the Benjamins”… not… [unlimited funds are produced by the ranchers from less than thin air] how they will be redistributed and to whom.” Get radical man 414… and wake up and smell the vaxxes, tyranny and ovens.

      Eugenics – The Elites Deciding Who Lives and Who Dies

      1. Deb

        Sorry-I misquoted you. Brain fart, I guess.

  25. Radman414

    “Censorship is the tool used by the Left when their lie loses its power.” — Me

  26. Dear Sir,

    How much would a small bit of advertising space cost upon your site? My company would be proud to advertise with you, we are a bespoke glass making company from Bristol England – are you interested.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      Great Comment!
      Thanks so much for stepping up.

    2. DavidH

      CAP, Maybe you could do a sponsors page. I would definitely be favorable to purchasing products from sponsors. Probably not tons of money for anyone involved but it’s another way you could generate support.

    3. petrichor

      God bless you. I’m an American living in England. What is your company name so I can buy and promote your glassware?

  27. Tom Bauch

    Started a monthly donation. Hope you are able to survive, I too read your site daily.

  28. Moriyah

    it is hard to respond accordingly but I will do so honestly.
    PayPal is a monster. 9th largest US Bank. Banks, all of whom, violate tenets in the Bible. I do not support them. I suggest you solicit funds based on people sending an appropriate bank note of their own currency and you have something to sell in the market or trade in at the local currency trader. Electroverse has been very helpful to me in tracking the progress of the universe in effecting the Grand Solar Minimum since many years now. I would like to send $10 or more Canadian every month to help. I refuse to use PayPal or their ilk. They take 3%, or more, of your hard work.
    I suggest I mail a piece of currency, in a folded paper, maybe with carbon paper to prevent X ray, and you can save those currency and turn them in, as appropriate or convenient, to your local bank, or, a money trader working with tourists. Many other nationalities could do the same. You could also request specific currencies for this purpose.
    I admire what Electroverse has done.
    It is Beautiful. Make it easy for people to give and I think they will. Let me know.

  29. Mac McKinney

    Have you looked into posting on RUMBLE? I think you make money there.

  30. Ruth Nigh

    Just tried to donate through PayPal, twice they indicated something went wrong and try again later.

  31. Christine Hyde

    How is it possible that all these people do not know that science has to be open to all argument or it isn’t science.
    Great story about the eighteen wheeler! This is the weather we may be living through soon. It’s absurd that we are being prevented from preparing for it. I don’t know any place other than Electroverse where with the help of tropical tidbits and videos we can get an idea of what is happening and where.
    Donations coming!

    1. Deb

      The ones who are using it don’t care that it’s not science-they are simply using it to manipulate mass numbers of people.

      And the mass numbers of people who are being manipulated don’t know what science is in the first place, only what they have been taught from birth, that science is god, not to be questioned.

  32. Chris Norman

    as a pensioner I was giving you a small amount. I will double it.

  33. Daemon

    I am not surprised, it is the way of tyranny.

    Much love.

  34. Center For Countering Digital Hate decscribe “Damian Collins MP” as being one of their “people”. He owns and rents out a property in London whilst also over the past 5 years claiming £148,000 off the tax payer in expenses to rent a house for himself in London. [ ]. He also submitted a £6000 claim to pay a company set up by his wife to help make the case for a new nuclear power station in his Folkestone and Hythe constituency. [ ]. Finally he chairs the UK Parliament Joint Committee on the Draft Online Safety Bill – so no conflict of interest there with being one of their “people”?

  35. Dave

    If you need uncensorable funds then you should download a wallet from write down and keep your keys in a safe then post the wallet address on your website.

    You’re not the first and certainly wont be the last to be targeted, anyone who opposes their delusions could be a “neo-Nazi” or “climate denier” if you want to begin to understand how to counter them you couldn’t do better than

  36. Juglans Nigra

    Well, Not much to see here.
    So went to the CCHate page and thought to myself: ” Who are these people due to be censored? Perhaps I could just add them to my favourites list and do my own opinion .”
    So here they are; maybe share them around.
    Appendix: The Toxic Ten.p11
    1 Breitbart..p 12
    2 The Western Journal..p.13
    3 Newsmax p14
    4 Townhall Media.p.15
    5 Media Research Center.p.16
    6 The Washington Times.p 17
    7 The Federalist Papers.p.18
    8 The Daily Wire.p.19
    9 Russian State Media .p.20
    10 The Patriot Post.p..21
    Appendix: Defining “climate disinformation” and “climate denial” p….22

    So my question then becomes: ” Where is Electroverse on this list of frighteners? Or has it just been swept up in a generalised purge by Google ?
    No matter, I just got a better list of sites to go visit.
    Thanks, Cap.
    the walnutter Down Under.


    Just sent a sharp stick in the eye to this idiotic group of globalists/communists:
    On NASA and NOAA’s temp charting – where did the 1930s go? By far the warmest decade of the last 120 years. Why was NOAA’s temp charts changed to show this last year was as warm as 1936?
    Why is there more snow/ice in the Northern Hemisphere right now than has been recorded since satellite data started?
    Why have polar populations throughout the Arctic increased as much as 500 percent in the past decade?? Talk to the Inuit.
    The Antarctic just exited the coldest winter ever recorded there? Hmmmmm!
    Speaking of the Antarctic – remember the large ice shelf that broke off about two years ago? Did you know that in the 1930s and 1950s the same ice shelf broke off, but was ten and four times larger respectively?? Yep, couldn’t find any reporting on massive sea level rise with those either….. Hmmmm!
    Remember the 130 degree “All Time Record” temp in Death Valley earlier this year – the hottest temp ever recorded? What about the 134 degree temp on Jul 10,1913 or the 130/131 on Jul 12/13, 1913 respectively.
    Have they freed the 10 ships in the Arctic from the unprecedented early thick ice? Isn’t that supposed to have melted?? Hope the two Russian nuculear powered ice breakers can free them before there’s loss of life if the ships are crushed.
    Let’s not forget the “Mega Drought” in the western US this past year………… Look up the 200 year droughts of 850-1050 and 1120-1290.
    Could I get a valid explanation as to why in the 1990 IPCC report showed an increase in sea ice over the previous twenty years and yet the 2001 IPCC report shows a decline over the entire period. Data manipulation is easy if no one looks, huh?

    Just some (very few) basic observations on the false narrative and information you are pushing. Am collecting some really amazing data on the injuries and resulting deaths caused directly by the covid “vaccine”. Interesting times we live in, Heh??

  38. Cap, there is life after Gobble.
    Not teaching you to suck eggs n all that, but….
    Do Not Quit.
    There are many independent advertising networks you could use for monetization. Compile some of your best posts and articles into a book. Take payments through Stripe. Take payments in crypto. Start a forum on Mastodon if you are in to that sort of thing. Sell t shirts, mugs etc.
    Expand your reach with guest bloggers with authority. A video channel about your farm in Portugal perhaps, on anywhere but YouTube. Interview Greta Thunberg – guaranteed exposure, just mind the death threats
    Gobble accounts for just 4% of internet search traffic. Thats 96% that you are not reaching if you rely on them.
    Like every great American Hero they are much, much smaller in real life than on the “Big Screen”
    -Nil illegitimi corborundum-
    ***flies away***

    1. Alka

      You said: “Gobble accounts for just 4% of internet search traffic. Thats 96% that you are not reaching if you rely on them.” Please clarify. Wouldn’t google have more than 4%? Thank you.

  39. Johna

    Cap I am sorry to hear this and I hope you will be able to sue them as CCDHD are a British company and subject to the operating terms of Companies House. Their Company number is 11633127 and their SIC code is 63990 and these are the areas they must conduct business in:
    Information search services on a fee or contract basis
    • News clipping service
    • Press clipping service
    • Press cutting agency
    • Telephone based information services
    They are also subject to British law and CHAPTER 2: SOCIAL MEDIA LAW UK states:

    “21. The United Kingdom is a signatory to various international obligations which secure freedom of expression. Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights maintains that “everyone has the right to freedom of expression” and that that right may only be qualified in narrowly limited circumstances. Those circumstances include:
    • national security,
    • public safety
    • the protection of morals,
    • the protection of the reputation or rights of others”.

    Disagreeing about the cause of climate change is neither of these circumstances and as well as suing them you can report this to Companies House UK and say they are in breach of their business remit as your business has been adversely affected by their actions.

    Good luck Cap

    1. Petrichor

      Thanks for constructively useful info not only for Cap, but for others in his situation.
      Electroverse was recommended to me by a mining engineer who says lots of geologists follow the site because it’s “solid.”
      I am a retired conservationist / teacher who late in life decided that I needed to learn more about solar cycles and vulcanism to make sense of climate change.
      The late great science-novelist Michael Crighton alerted me to this with his last novel , “State of Fear” and his last, thoughtful interviews with Charlie Rose which can still be seen on Youtube. Learning about the work of Dr Valentina Zharkova and Willie Soon were eye-opening, and I would never have known about them except for this excellent website.

      1. Johna

        Caps support is also solid, but it’s not a good situation as this illegal act breaches everyone’s right to have freedom of expression – a stepping stone for vile extremists to take control? Countless others have also seen through the political collusion and are trying to find out what really causes Earths climate to change.
        The UN say the Suns radiative energy is not sufficient to cause the climate to change and CO2 increases this heat which then causes the climate to change, i.e. without CO2 Earth would freeze and with too much CO2 the Earth will overheat. They say their measures to control this heat increase is to reduce CO2 being liberated from burning intrinsic carbon (0.04%), otherwise if they don’t do this their predicted 10 to 20 metre increase in sea levels will happen.
        The contra UN view is the Suns radiative energy directly causes Earths climate to change and more or less CO2 is liberated into the atmosphere as a result of this heat change. Intrinsic CO2 is a minute addition and serves to help increase vegetation growth and in past interglacial’s sea levels were higher with less ice. The UN focus should really be on NOx reduction as this is a very serious health issue. Energy efficiency and the clean use of fossil fuels are also essential in enabling all countries to try and transition to a sustainable energy future – if this is possible?
        The Science Physics and Engineering used in the quest to understand climate change has unearthed two distinct results; All ice ages show CO2 lags the heat from the Sun and with precise co-monitoring of CO2 and Temperature we see the same phase lag and the inference of intrinsic CO2 to natural CO2. But of more relevance is that all UN climate predictions do not conform to the past data, nor to what we are monitoring with current date, i.e. all UN climate models use flat earth theory which is politically contrived.
        The laws of physics and thermodynamics are real and science from all theories and hypothesises must be verified with the physics of from these realities to be acceptable. Our quest therefore is to have a free and open debate so we can present this to the Worlds populations and let them make up their minds from the Scientific data we have. It is therefore incumbent of our politicians to uphold democracy and allow this.

        1. Deb


          You really have no clue, do you, of the extent of the conspiracy of the globalists to establish their New World Order, by infiltrating and controlling every human institution on this planet. With malicious and malevolent intention, they are currently engaged in their stated agenda of reducing the world’s population by 3/4. Global warming and the Covid/vaccine fraud are simply tools to accomplish that end. By controlling the media and educational system, they have brainwashed billions of people to believe their lies. Through corruption and intimidation, they have taken control of the world’s governments. You can publish the truth all you want, but only a small percentage of people are independent enough in their thinking to believe it.

          In the words of my esteemed colleague (and Ann Landers before him), “Wake up and smell the coffee.”

          1. Johna

            I’m puzzled why you would say this Deb as you don’t even know me and therefore you have no clue of the things in my life that’s made me form my opinions, of which I share with Cap and his small group on the informal AGW conversation, i.e. this Blog is not the gunpowder plot – Act 2?? I can however tell you and all, that I do have a clue and I do fully understand the significant onerous implications of precisely all you say? But (and like a real science hypostasis) unless you can show who these “globalists” are and have evidence to prove this, I think allegations that the “NWO policy to murder 75% of the global population” is said out of frustration that our Western style of Governance is not fit for purpose and our voices are not being heard, nor can our they be acted on? But do put me straight as this is a very serious allegation.
            Your views on the virus are however medically verifiable as Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D. has belatedly spilt the beans and Dr Alina Chan has told the UK Government SARS CoV 1/2/MERS were experiments in the Department of Virology Wuhan that had “American” input. So this does indeed give some credence for a NWO/Establishment type plan to either trial a form of mass murder weapon, or that the USA military apparently wanted to see how effective it was in warfare? 6 million deaths and counting is proof that it’s more effective than a dirty bomb – as presumably they have an antidote hence why many leaders don’t care how many they murder??
            Btw thanks for the coffee and please do not fell offended by this, but I don’t like coffee and if you’ve not tried tea you can easily recover the 342 chests of tea belonging to the British East India Company that were thrown from ships into Boston Harbor by your “patriots” disguised as Mohawk Indians.

          2. Deb

            I’m pretty old, but the Boston Tea Party was before my time, lol. I decline to take responsibility for it.

            I love tea, but as an astringent, it encourages constipation. Enough said.

            If you want proof of the globalist’s intention to reduce the world’s population to one quarter, check out AGENDA 21, published by the UN, and the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES, constructed by person or persons unknown who possess lots of money.

            I don’t need to know your life history. I am responding to statements you made on this site, assuming they accurately express your views.


          3. moriyah

            Deb, after my studies of 55yrs and counting, from age 10, there is no doubt in my mind regarding your statements as being intrinsically true. It goes far deeper and wider, of course, but someone who is as ‘educated’ as Johna… is not going to believe it until he/her is staring down the barrel of a Fascist machine gun which I had the distinct experience of at age 14 on Parliament Hill under Trudeau style Martial Law. His son Justine is carrying on that tradition and overseeing the decimation of Canada. Stand on your beliefs as the solid ground that they are. At the same time note that the Super Grand Solar Minimum has begun and we are in for one hell of a ride unless the Supreme Agent steps in. Thus the reason for the depopulation…only so much food to go around. In just one year global food stocks have already declined dramatically and that is just starting. It accelerates with this winter and the spring planting. Buy food and ignore the ignoramuses. Everyone who gets the jab is financing their own starvation. Funny, huh?

          4. Deb


            Thank you for your support. I completely agree with your reasoning as to the purpose of the depopulation, but I would suggest that it goes even farther, and that the GSM is just the beginning of sorrows.

            As for Johna ( or should I say Jonah), I believe I threw him overboard once already, but here he is back from the whale’s belly, exhibiting a strange combination of erudition, naivete, and piss and vinegar ( aka sass).

            I believe the ride is going to be a lot rougher than most people suppose, what with the magnetic excursion, probable CME, and possible mininova of the sun in the wings.

            As for the Supreme Agent, as you term Him, stepping in – I highly doubt it, except on a case by case basis, since He went to the trouble of writing down for us the currently unfolding scenario about 2000 years ago.

            I confess I don’t follow your final statement, as many who take the jab are avoiding their starvation by dying beforehand.

            Isn’t Moriyah the mount where Abraham took Isaac to sacrifice him? A lot of Biblical names going around right now. I’ll add mine to the mix. It’s

  40. Alka

    I clicked on “Toxic Ten report” but it shows only the 10 News websites and not climate change “deniers”. Who is the CCDH anyway? Thank you.

  41. Bert Cohen

    Please let me know of a way to contribute within the US. I left a comment the other day and have no answer. Keep up the good work

  42. Pat Hanney

    I don’t believe there is much of a degree of separation as what some are disparagingly indicating in views here.
    Bottom line. Politicians have been corrupted by a fake altruism which is manifesting in a “climate catastrophe” which changes definitions to suit the agendas when the original cries of the chicken littles have failed.
    Yes, there is pollution, yes it needs to be reduced. What we have is here, are children growing up in their parents’ basements, because of this fake misrepresentation, who will believe anything they read to keep living in their parents’ basement and not face what is real and what is not.
    Technology, and those who create it have captured at least 2 generations and are holding them hostage to an idea, idealistic view only created on a video screen. Not what is really existing. This is feeding the parents fears of protecting their children, instead of ensuring they get out, see the world as it is, and actually interact in person. Many of these families do not recycle, garden, or get out to play. Look around your neighbourhoods. How many see children playing in the front yards, or playgrounds, instead of being shipped off to community centers, or other organized sports that many cannot afford because the parents believe it’s safe? How many people trust their neighbours to look after each other?
    Now we have a man made virus called the flu…….. which has enabled one country, or multiple investors, to exacerbate, control, and take away the freedoms of entire countries.
    Why? Because of panic, misinformation. Who controls that information, the rich, the established, who do not have anything to fear as they are the ones controlling it? They allow groups of thugs like Chinese, Columbian, Iranian, Syrian, any other established gangs, look at the drug gangs in every city, to infiltrate, beat, kidnap and maim anyone in that stands in their way, and the gangs have no clue they are playing right into the agenda, or if they do, they don’t care.
    Why? So, the rich and established don’t have to get their hands dirty and can deflect any responsibility to those gangs of thugs, while the rich, established continue their path of control and subversion.
    It’s how Europe fell, it’s how independence in the middle east fell, it’s how politicians justified their means of apathy and corruption. It’s just on a much broader scale.

    So while people debate, criticize, and demean each other for their views, opinions, and lack of understanding, which is inherently all based on the same premise, the politicians, rich and established, create the narrative, the chaos and do nothing to stop it as it suits their own personal agendas.
    I don’t believe the

    1. Deb

      I sure hope you didn’t get whacked in the middle of your diatribe against the PTB.

      1. Pat Hanney

        Opinions are just that, what we see, view and come to some conclusions on if the PTB crowd don’t like it, that is their opinion, including yours.
        I’m going to presume you believe your view, opinion isn’t a diatribe.
        Your ability to comment, makes it appear you believe yours is increasingly more poignant or valid.
        Enjoy your view as that is all it is.

        1. Deb

          Pat-Sorry if I offended. I was just concerned since you apparently got cut off in mid-sentence. I have a little trouble expressing the softer emotions and sometimes come across as sarcastic. My apologies. Glad you didn’t get whacked. Merry Christmas.

          1. Pat Hanney

            Deb, no worries. I m not offended and understand. I didn’t realize it had cut me off and was unaware of a word limit.
            Balance of paragraph:
            So while people debate, criticize, and demean each other for their views, opinions, and lack of understanding, which is inherently all based on the same premise, the politicians, rich and established, create the narrative, the chaos and do nothing to stop it as it suits their own personal agendas.

            I am very concerned about where we are, going, and end up.

            Thank you for the conern. Stay safe. Merry Christmas and an exceptional 2022

          2. Deb

            I’d rather have an ordinary 2022 than an exceptional one, lol, but thanks for the good wishes.

  43. Paul Alexander Ericson

    Who are CCDH? a group of about 6 left-wing activists who target anyone or anything which opposes the globalist orthodoxy. They obviously have the right connections because their main voice box, the odious Ahmed, manages to get his (no doubt paid) opinions on current affair programming with repeated regularity. They are self-appointed and hold no legal authority whatsoever. Among others, they succeeded in removing the libertarian Katie Hopkins from Twitter. One of their patrons is Countdown’s Rachel Riley who proudly proclaimed her alliance with Ahmed as a Jew and a Muslim combining against ‘hate’ (meaning Hopkins).

  44. ddwieland

    What a perverse name the CCDH has given themselves! How can anyone seriously think that commentary on climate has anything to do with hatred? I do, however, hate the loss o critical thinking among the alarmists and their blind believers.

  45. Jason

    See if Apple Pay is an option for donating. I’d use it, as it’s so convenient.

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