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The Arctic’s “Ticking Climate Bomb”: Little Ice Age Imminent

The record-early Arctic Sea Ice growth witnessed this season may actually be good news, but not for the same reasons the hordes of mindless climate alarmists believe. Contradicting EVERYTHING those warmists have ever been told, a loss of ice at the poles is now thought to be the trigger for GLOBAL COOLING and ICE AGES.

For two decades now, NASA has told us that during bouts of otherwise “global” cooling the poles actually warm — this is likely due to a GSM-induced meridional (wavy) jet stream flow that diverts tropical warmth anomalously-far north AND/OR a depletion of the ozone layer high-above the poles that allows-in extra solar/cosmic radiation–including ultraviolet. But regardless of the exact mechanism –a field of study that remains poorly understood– Arctic sea ice has been in a natural decline in recent decades, an occurrence that is now threatening to set into motion a genuine and inevitable catastrophe: a threat that is often labelled a “ticking climate bomb”.

The Beaufort Gyre is a massive wind-driven current in the Arctic Ocean. The region has been regulating climate and sea ice formation at the top of the world for millennia. Recently, however, something has gone amiss.

The Beaufort Gyre is a wind-driven circulation system that traps and pushes freshwater and ice around the Arctic Ocean. NSIDC/AMAP
The Gyre influences climate. Credit: Eric S. Taylor (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

During the second half of the 20th century the gyre adhered to a cyclical pattern in which it would shift gears every five to seven years and temporarily spin in a counter-clockwise direction, expelling ice and freshwater into the eastern Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic. But for more than 17 years now, this carousel of ice and freshwater has been spinning faster in its usual clockwise direction, all the while collecting more and more freshwater from three sources: melting sea ice, runoff flowing into the Arctic Ocean from Russian and North American rivers, and the relatively fresh water streaming in from the Bering Sea. 

As reported by Today, the Beaufort Gyre now holds as much freshwater as all of the Great Lakes combined, and its continuing clockwise swirl is preventing this enormous volume of ice and cold-freshwater from flushing into the North Atlantic Ocean. Scientists say the gyre will inevitably weaken and reverse direction, and when it does it could expel a massive amount of icy fresh water into the North Atlantic.

Polar oceanographer Andrey Proshutinsky of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has labeled this anticipated surge of water a ticking climate bomb,” noting that even a partial flush of that growing reservoir –a mere 5 percent– could temporarily cool the climate of Iceland and northern Europe. A larger outflow would actually threaten to shutdown the Gulf Stream, an event that would see ice age conditions sweep Northern and Western Europe almost overnight.

The Gulf Stream is key to Europe having the mild, habitable climate that it does.

We know this occurs, and have detailed records of a relatively recent event: during the 1960s and 1970s, a surge of fresh Arctic water was released that cooled the top half-mile of parts of the North Atlantic. Known as the Great Salinity Anomaly, British oceanographer Robert R. Dickson said the event represented one of the most persistent and extreme variations in global ocean climate observed during the past century. The surge of ice and freshwater cooled Northern Europe dramatically and disrupted the North Atlantic food chain. Between 1951 and 2010, many of Europe’s exceptionally cold winters occurred during the period of the Great Salinity Anomaly.

The discussed mechanism is believed, by many, to be the ice age trigger, and a newly published scientific paper only adds further support. Entitled, “Evidence for extreme export of Arctic sea ice leading the abrupt onset of the Little Ice Age, the new study combines marine sediment cores drilled from the Arctic Ocean to the North Atlantic. These records reveal that an abrupt increase in Arctic sea ice and cold freshwater exported to the North Atlantic starting around 1300, peaking in mid-century, and ending abruptly in the late 1300s. Crucially, the paper concludes that external forcing from volcanoes or any other cause may not be necessary for large swings in climate to occur — a previously widely held assumption: “These results strongly suggest that these things can occur out of the blue due to internal variability in the climate system,” said Dr. Martin Miles, researcher in the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at the University of Colorado.

The climate jigsaw continues, albeit slowly, to be pieced together.

The next bout of severe cooling is due –climate is cyclic, never linear– and the release of the Beaufort Gyre, in line with a rapidly waning magnetosphere and an intensifying Grand Solar Minimum, hold all the keys necessary.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING.

The “ticking climate bomb” is about to go off.

Prepare accordinglylearn the threats, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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27 Thoughts to “The Arctic’s “Ticking Climate Bomb”: Little Ice Age Imminent”

  1. Clare Swift

    Great read as always. No doubt, our future is cold

  2. William Davison

    “abrupt increase in Arctic sea ice and cold freshwater exported to the North Atlantic starting around 1300, peaking in mid-century,” That is interesting as the Black death hit in 1348 with a 40% mortality rate. It reported in London that it rained almost with little Sun from June to November. Examination of Plague pitch skeletons show extreme Vitamin D deficiency, probably cause by lack of Sunlight. Colder temps would kept people inside more and we have seen with Covid that were people catch the virus with high viral loads. Add in Crop failures going back to 1315, leading to not just lack of grain but also much low nutritional value. Population was also at a high for England of almost 5m, it crashed 40% from 1348-51 and continued to fall to below 2m by 1450. It looks like the black death was a perfect storm hitting a severely weaken population caused by Climatic changes, which in normal times would had far less impact. I am starting to think viruses and bacteria are not deadly in themselves so much as circumstance in which they spread that makes them deadly, such WW1 and Spanish flu. Good nutrition and lots of Vitamin D 5000ui+ a day, sleep and low stress create a strong immune system that can fight almost anything. i.e. its weakened immune system that is the real problem that cannot fight the infection, not a media hyped scifi killer bug.

    1. prioris

      You hit the nail on the head. I realized a long time ago that nutritional deficiencies are what makes people vulnerable..

      The so called Spanish Flu epidemic looks to be man made via vaccinations. How does one explain that the highest hit age is 28 years old and healthiest ages 25-44. The young and elderly were mostly spared.

      1. William Davison

        Thanks I did not know about that theory of the Spanish Flu and found this I not sure about this theory as does not really explain how was so deadly to the civilian population. Are they saying the vaccine caused the bacterial pneumonia to get started and then spread, as obviously they did not vaccinate millions of civilians.

        The problem is there is so much to learn, it really does need professionals to study it, but they all seem to work indirectly for big Pharma these days

        1. prioris

          Definitely. It requires detective work especially with how civilians got it. How it struck what should have been the healthiest age group of population way more than others needs to be answered.

          1. Will Johnston

            This is a good introduction to the speculation about why young adults died in disproportionate numbers from the Spanish Flu in 1918 and 1919.
            The vaccination theory mentioned above is not plausible.

        2. prioris

          the author calling the event “hubris” is mind boggling …

          there is 100+ years of hubris with even more vaccine catastrophes, still doing damage control along with mandatory vaccine agendas

          we can sweep the armenian genocide by turkey under the rug too and just call it a case of hubris

          1. Its my belief that when seeds were taken out of our fruit, like watermelons became seedless along with grapes, and every other fruit really have seen a decline in seeds. Plants infuse themselves to enrich the seeds to grow. This infuses the plants with nutrients. It only takes a few minerals to make a plant look healthy, it takes over 60 to keep us healthy. So we are eating empty food so to speak. I’m sure we are all have malnutrition.
            And if the powers at be think its OK to genetically engineer the entire world population without there consent, they probably made the virus too

    2. robertL

      Thanks william,
      Vitamin D3, amongst other things, is critical for immune health. Having good / great immune health does not mean you will not be infected but it does mean you have a really great chance of escaping the worst.

      Thanks to Electroverse for keeping us informed of the REAL science. This allows us to test it. Appreciated, Cap Allon.

      Another nail in the coffin for AGW fraud and UN IPPC crap.


    3. Jerry1xx1

      You can get the UVB that turns cholesterol in the skin to vitamin D3 from the Sun or from a Reptile UVB bulb.

  3. liveOak53

    These events can occur “out of the blue.” How can that happen if it’s all anthropogenic?

  4. Jerry1xx1

    Every 350 to 400 years, Sun goes quiet for about 50 years. The last major event was about 400 years ago the Maunder Minimum. Today it is 400 years later and it appears to be happening again. The 1300 time period actually started in 1250.
    Careful of the climate record reveals the 350 to 400 year Solar Cycle.

    Here we go again.

  5. Your info needs to get out there. Facebook and other big tech platforms censor against our best interests. It would benefit you to spread out and frequent the places millions of others have fled or been banned to., GETTR, even Parler. There are many alternatives but those are the biggest. Video services get the same. YouTube is a repressive regime. use Rumble, Bitchute, or Oddysee.. there are alternatives. Stop feeding the wolves at your door, they will starve.

  6. Bob sickles

    Good read


    Didn’t I read somewhere (maybe on this site) thatthere seemed to be evidence of a run of unusually hot years just before the Maunder Minimum kicked in? Do we see the same pattern today before the onset of the Eddy Minimum? Would like to see an article on this especially as that “Global Warming Set Piece” is to take place in Glasgow.


    Didn’t I read somewhere (maybe on this site) that there seemed to be evidence of a run of unusually hot years just before the Maunder Minimum kicked in?
    Do we see the same pattern today before the onset of the Eddy Minimum? Would like to see an article on this especially as that “Global Warming Set Piece” is to take place in Glasgow.

    1. Debbie

      I too would appreciate an article on this topic.

  9. William

    I have seen somewhere that summers could be short and hot with very long cold winters. If Pier Corbyn is right and a very wavy Jet Stream is cause by falling temps, then we can expect some very hot days very far north and conversely much more snow in places like the Sahara, which could even start to go green like it was 8,000 year ago, Sahel already has started to.

    1. James Walter
      Show the cyclical nature but no undo peaks before the minimum. And, Btw, you can’t trust the official sites since they keep fudging the numbers, tried to make the medieval warm period go away

  10. William Watson


  11. James

    Please subscribe me to to avoid censorship of the truth.

  12. Gary

    Thank you for the excellent work.

  13. Damien Hawkes


  14. Antoine Bisset


  15. Keith Hallam

    I’m a believer….

  16. Kent Cheatham

    We are entering TWO new cycles. The Maunder Minimum spoken of above, which is a 50 year event. As well as the Grand Minimum that heralds in Ice ages.

  17. Kent Chedatham

    Please subscribe me.

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