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Thank You David Attenborough — Save us from all this Global Warming

Temperatures across vast swathes of the US & Canada are set to plummet 28C below-average as January draws to a close. The Grand Solar Minimum is tightening its grip.

Looking at the latest GFS runs, a brutal big freeze is due to descend early next week, lasting well into February.

This Arctic blast will only compound the recent cold-related chaos much of North America has suffered over the last week.

Grand Solar Minimum pattern

But we apparently have just 12 years to save the planet from global warming.

Another 12 years, that is — this being the latest in a long line of ‘tipping point’ deadlines.

The first such warning, to my knowledge, came back in 1989 when the UN issued this claptrap:

Entire nations could be wiped off the earth by rising sea levels if global warming is not reversed by the year 2000“ — link.

How many more deadlines have to come and go before populations wake up?

And as the deadlines are proved wrong, the AGW message appears to edge ever-more arrogant.

We’ve apparently now created a new geological age — the Anthropocene.



Who else can’t wait for the Electric Universe to slap our pompous asses back in line?

Back to the Stone Age — Al Gore, David Attenborough and Michael Mann fetching dinner

The facts are out there for those willing to dig a little:

Arctic Sea Ice continues to trend thicker — link.

Total Snow Mass for the NH is well-above the 30-year average — link.

Global Average Temperatures continue to fall — link.

And these facts have nothing to do with increasing CO2 heating the planet, they’re the result of our sun beginning its latest hibernation. which past cycles suggest is now due.

For a more detailed explanation, click the link below.

The cold times are descending.

Welcome to the next Grand Solar Minimum

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