TEN YEARS AGO TODAY Al Gore Predicted the North Pole Would Be COMPLETELY ICE FREE in Five Years

On December 13 & 14, 2009, professor, prophet, and soothsayer Al Gore predicted the North Polar Ice Cap could be completely ice free within the next five to seven years.

Gore made his prediction at COP15 Copenhagen which ran from Dec 7 – Dec 18, 2009, where he repeatedly referenced “state-of-the-art” computer modeling to suggest that the north polar ice cap may lose all of its ice by 2014.

“Some of the models suggest that there is a 75 percent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during some of the summer months, could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years,” Gore claimed.

“Join me in asking president Obama and the US Senate to set a deadline of 22 April for final action in the US Senate,” he said. “I do not believe we can wait till next November or December.”

The Guardian wrote on Dec 16, 2009 in an article entitled “Al Gore rallies the troops in Copenhagen“:

[Gore] kept up the pace by calling for the international community to sign up to a fully fledged climate change treaty by July 2010 – and then announcing that Mexico was prepared to host a deal-making summit.

He scolded rich countries for demanding the developing world offer evidence of emissions cuts while at the same time trying to inflate the funds they were prepared to offer poor countries to deal with climate change. And he was just as tough on activists who have embraced him as a hero, demanding they set aside their pride and their principles and embrace a deal – no matter how imperfect. He said he recognized their frustration with the glacial pace of negotiations. He agreed that cap-and-trade schemes to cut carbon emissions were an imperfect solution – Gore confessed to favoring a carbon tax – but the current efforts for a deal were the best prospect of avoiding catastrophic climate change.

And there was no trace of sympathy for opponents of action on climate change. Gore began with a brief run-through of the latest science on melting of the Arctic ice cap, evidence he said “only reckless fools would ignore.”

Well who’s the fool now:

The year 2020 is now all-but upon us, Al, and we have clear evidence that the ice at the poles is now not only not melting, it is in fact once again growing, in both thickness and extent (DMI).

But instead of graciously admitting defeat, the CAGW camp has merely pushed back its date of doom:

What most alarmist fail to realize is how incredibly complex earth’s climate system is.

The margins for error in the IPCC’s own models are truly immense. How they can tell us anything with any certainty based on those models is truly a joke and one that leaves me cynical.

The IPCC was created by the UN for the sole purpose of pushing its AGW agenda, and no real world observations, no matter how contradictory to that agenda, will get in the way.

Just look at past narrative shifts as the real world observations altered: we’re now to believe a warming world means more record snow and more record cold, not less as was previously prophesied.

But unfortunately for these political bodies, real world observations are soon to become insurmountable. The sun is shutting down (relatively) — all four magnetic fields are going out of phase (Zharkova) — and the upshot will be a dramatically cooler planet.

Anyone with even the slightest background in this field knows a) during previous known periods of global cooling the Arctic has in fact warmed, and b) low solar activity causes the jet stream to shift to a more meridional flow which, in the NH, sinks cold Arctic air south and pulls warm Tropical air north.

History is repeating, UN and IPCC.

You should be helping us prepare instead of taxing us for a wholly beneficial trace gas.

The lower-latitudes are refreezing in line with historically low solar activity.

NASA has recently revealed this upcoming solar cycle (25) will be “the weakest of the past 200 years,” and they’ve correlated previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

Don’t be fooled by bogus political agendas — our future is likely one of ever-descending COLD.


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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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13 Thoughts to “TEN YEARS AGO TODAY Al Gore Predicted the North Pole Would Be COMPLETELY ICE FREE in Five Years”

  1. K

    “Missed it by THAT much!”

  2. Dr Simon kKibias ibias

    The world and the universe is for ever.Globalist and global warming is fake.Weather changes like Elnino and Lanina can occur.What we are witnessing is trade wars on manufacture and sell of green energy devices.

  3. Terry

    I am no expert but tend to read quite a bit and from what I see both sides of the CC debate are guilty of not citing sources making it almost impossible for the lay person to have an informed position on the subject with both sides just expecting people to blindly accept their position.

    For instance, it says in the article above; “But instead, thanks to the continued research at the DMI and others, we have clear evidence that ice at the poles is once again expanding.” With such a bold claim, why is there no link to the stated research?

    Until such time as both sides provide links to genuine peer reviewed papers I will struggle to add credence to claims from either side and will continue to be bored stiff with it all.

    1. Cap Allon

      Clicking ‘DMI’ should take you to their Arctic Sea Ice Volume graph.
      Though their research is easily Googled, and confirms that Arctic and Greenland ice is once again growing.
      Our climate is cyclic, never linear. Nobody can deny that.

  4. George

    Rubbish article.
    First, Gore never predicted the ice cap would be gone in 5 years. That is completely false. The statements he made were concerning surrounding sea ice, not the polar cap, i.e., that cited research suggests that the sea ice could be gone by X (range of years – not 5yrs).
    In citing number of years, Gore quoted scientists and research as suggesting the loss of ice – HE never predicted anything, anymore than Allon is “predicting” when he cites DMI studies.
    Seriously shoddy reporting. No facts, just silly gossip. Just a few minutes on Google produced the real story, along with Gore’s speeches. Only ones spreading the 5yr prediction story are alt-right conservative sites. So much for science and objectivity. I’m embarrassed for you Cap!

    1. D Mason

      Gore quote from the video posted above (start at 2:05):

      “…and some of the models suggest to Dr Maslowski that there is a 75% chance that the entire north polar ice cap during summer during some of the summer months could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years…”

      There is a LOT of weasel-wording in this quote, but he clearly specifies that he’s talking about the entire polar cap.

  5. Tom

    North America is still mild. We’re not seeing anything of a vortex and nothing long range is saying there will be a cool down soon



  7. William

    So Al says, ONE scientist found a FEW models that SUGGEST it MAY be gone for SOME of the summer months in 5-7 years.
    This does not sound like the basis for immediate action on National Policy.

  8. Janine

    I just visited the website of DMI and they say that the ice melting is still very high. I just try to understand the situation because I question everything befor I believe it. By the way, I found your website by accident and the facts are very interesting. Thank you for that!

  9. JaKo

    Contrary to a quite colorful descriptors of former VP, I think that just the intro-section is incomplete: “professor, prophet, and soothsayer “


    MAN-BEAR-PIG (Half-man, half-bear and half-pig)

  10. Susan D Applegate

    With God anything is possible, he created all things and has the power of any outcome change of Mother Earth!!

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