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Surprise Snow Brings an End to Pumpkin Growing Season

The pumpkin harvest is underway early at many Alberta farms after some unexpected snowy weather brought an end to an already strange growing season.

Farmer Tam Andersen, owner of Prairie Gardens and Adventure Farm, said that between the dry summer, August wildfire smoke and recent overnight frost it’s been a wacky year for pumpkin farming.

Andersen was hoping for a few weeks of settled weather to give her 10-acre pumpkin patch time to catch up.

Instead she woke up Thursday morning to a crop sitting under about two inches of snow.

For now the still-green pumpkins are sitting safe under their snow blankets, but they won’t be growing anymore.

A few weeks before Halloween they’ll be brought indoors to finish maturing in cosy greenhouses: “The skins will turn orange fairly quickly. And they’ll be really nice and hard,” Andersen said.

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