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Sunspot ‘AR3078’ Grows, Posing X-Flare Risk; + China’s Yangtze River Hits Record Low Level, Threatening Crops And Famine

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2 Thoughts to “Sunspot ‘AR3078’ Grows, Posing X-Flare Risk; + China’s Yangtze River Hits Record Low Level, Threatening Crops And Famine”

  1. Gman49

    I like your web site, and I’m an immersed student of the plasma/electric universe. On my own After watching another episode of how the universe works or some other such CGI nonsensical. A very capable of pride I scientist who didn’t work in your name abandoned goldmine 2 miles under the ground Super fancy hexagon fish tank filled with worms most expensive water to buy every concealable technologies in managing Been there for20 years plus Looking for dark matter A quotation of the year’s dad was rolling in for the show and She kinda said oh nothing again Oh well maybe maybe maybe next year And I had to wonder why she was ignoring the data The snake oil wasn’t gonna be bought by me Anymore. It was Rather concerning because I never heard of anything other than you newtonian universe. I went up to Oregon and had front row seats as the eclipse came a shore to north America And the cool thing As under the fog So I removed my protective eye ware and watched naked eyes in living color, and I was stunned. My fiirst delve into this concept was like Starting with black holes I was watching Lightning Carved Topical formations and Possible interplanetary Energy exchanges of massive Potentials. But I saw the scaling, understood our ancestors were desperate to tell us something in the petroglyphs. And was never satisfied with the disease fever dream hypothesis. And like the multi discipline approach, and the idea of interchanging and cosmic connections through electric currents, and never bought their Sun ridiculous nonsensical model. In 6th grade we chose pen pals, I chose NASA , that was during the year of the Bicentennial. I new about the shuttle program before anyone I knew and have had a keen interest in theoretical science since. Then nd found more questions with every answer. And Legitimate concerns, and serious doubts to their increasingly complicated, nonfunctional explanations. That defied the laws of everything. And knowing they had abandoned any measures of following the simple edicts of science, and the meaning of the burden of proof, had been tossed to the wind and HR geniuses had gone off the rails and were digging an ever deeper ditch. They buried themselves in it. And when telling the world dark matter is settled science, I was disgusted. Still am. Now I see worthless mouthpieces making up fairytales, in the realm of S. King, only boring. I found String theory multivese dribble, as unprovable extrapolations of appealing to sell books. Bangor to the human ego. Just like the his of telling the universe when and how it would die. Like I’m mortsl, so are you bitch. Insanity. Hawkins black hole theory a mathematical possibility, but again creating more questions than answer. And the math states nothing can escape. Then a shill claims it eats to fast and spurs up a quasar. That’s Not the math and that’s not a back hole. And about gravity waves. Retarded. 2 singularities colliding is a non event. . First nothing escapes x2, and there’s no conflict, the material is at the very extreme end of gravity. It has gone as far as stacking nuclei on top of each, and hen merged them into a amorphous blob of impossible density. So two bowls of pudding turning in to a bigger bowl of pudding, at any velocity, is not gonna do shit, that we would be seen. And if that’s A singularity, its actually beybd fusion. It a dead end caldesac. And no wave produced by any energy, can propagate through intergalactic space and maintain any integrity, let alone the entire universe. Just…No. And how could that ever Condense. And Explode creating everything from nothing, or the size of a pin hole. In a empy watehouse??? How many singularity are there??? Its just stupid. And of expansion, dark energy, ECT ect. And recently this really gets me. Observers have plotted by instruments, ha earth is practically in the dead center of the universe. And how the ate starled. Its simple. Its called perspective, If light has a limit as would any energize particle cannot last forever travel forever or do anything forever is a limited Life cycle. And if you are observing from earth And charting the limit of light from your perspective that would put you in the middle of The universe. Don’t you agree? Because the universe would end at the same distance where ever you look They discovered that light has a limit and they discovered what that limited is and they 2 stupid realized it Because I guess light was just travel forever No matter what A source of an orgy that was energy That would make a background radiation on echo off of nothing From the big bang I wish continues They can hear the sun in space.. But they can’t hear the background radiation noise I gave out a nobel prize for that’s aminating from everywhere in the universe as the echo tat bounced off itself and rings for billions of years across a vacuum of magnitudes. And this is proof? Of bullshit. I’m very happy, and my imagination has sprung back to life. And I feel I have found truth outside of the mainstream myopic, experts. And nothing since then has made me question a damn thing, about my conclusions. Einstein is wrong. The Newtonian universe is garbage, and the Sun isn’t a big bomb, that can’t blow itself up, until it can fuse anymore and hen foes what it has been trying to do for billions of years, and blows itself apart. With a unfusable core, A mixture of slush, and impossible distribution. Why people let them get away with such nonsense is baffling. Smart people just not their heads nd memorize the ass backwards, Tonka toy story. And think they are brilliant. And the geniuses are well, worse the the church they Despise. Good timing and thank God, I’ve never trusted the mist untrustworthy entity ever known, the establishment. Which accomplishes nothing but corruption, deceit. And bad predictions.

  2. Gman49

    No editing. Shit. My post is full of mistakes and typos from this piece of shit tablet. Which changes v words and is a source of madness and frustration. More garbage from the color age, supposed to say corporate. How Griffin {friggin and I’m being nice} How hard is that? Scumbags. Ripoffs.

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