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Summer means Winter Weather Advisories for the state of Colorado — Similar Story across much of the Northern Hemisphere

The calendar may have flipped to summer on Friday, but that didn’t stop the NWS having to issue winter weather advisories to portions of Colorado over the weekend, where up to 24 inches of snow accumulated at higher elevations, shutting multiple mountain passes.

The city of Steamboat Springs recorded almost two feet of snow over the weekend, according to CBS News. The last time the city saw snow this late in the season was on June 17, 1928.

In Estes Park, snow forced officials to close Trail Ridge Road on the first day of summer. This was already after a late opening, as deep spring snow kept the road closed until June 5 this year.

Arapahoe Basin ski area, located in the Rocky Mountains, is still open, and will likely remain that way through the July 4th weekend.

And the anomalous cold isn’t just confined to Colorado, either, as the state Montana looks, according to AccuWeather, a lot more like the middle of winter than the first weekend of summer.

While in Washington state, too, it’s been “a cold start to the summer,” according to local news outlets.

Frigid conditions have also infected the Midwest low country, where Chicago’s maximum high of 15.6C (60F) on Sunday set an all-time record low for the coldest maximum temperature in late June, according to the NWS Chicago.

And it’s also been anomalously chilly across the pond, too.

The Irish Times reports, “The country is wallowing in a cold, rainy spell that shows no signs of abating.”

While Central England is on course for one it’s top-20 coldest June’s in 360 years of records:

In addition, a brutally cold and snowy start to winter continues to blight Australia:

Our planet is once again cooling, as the sun enters it’s next Grand Solar Minimum cycle:

Crops around the world are beginning to fail, and commodity futures are responding.

Prepare, by growing your own.

Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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