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Substantial Spring Snow To Hit Two-Thirds Of The United States–From The Northwest, Through Texas, To The Northeast (GSM)

After suffering its chilliest winter in many years, and its coldest Jan and Feb since 1996, the United States isn’t done with anomalous lows and heavy snows just yet… Spring officially began Sunday morning, but two-thirds of the country could still see snow over the next few weeks, according to an AccuWeather long-range forecast.

From the Northwest, to the Texas Panhandle, through the Midwest, and into the Northeast, substantial spring snow is on the cards over the next few weeks: “A few more storms will track from the Northwest to the southern Rockies then cutting across the Plains and the Ohio Valley through early April,” said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist and Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok.

Starting this week, Pastelok is calling for potentially severe storms and snow across Texas — “a March Blizzard”. The National Weather Service in Amarillo has backed this up, saying that the largest accumulations will hit the far north of Texas, although Amarillo itself can expect one to three inches of wet snow:

And up to Nebraska, areas west and north of Lincoln, for example, will face some significant winter conditions Tuesday morning. The NWS is warning of 3+ inches of snow and wind gusts climbing above 40 mph. Almost three-dozen counties in south-central, central and northeastern Nebraska are under winter weather advisories, which commence 1 AM. Hazardous travel conditions are expected, and the combination of strong winds and heavy, wet snow could bring down tree limbs, added the weather service.

Shifting east, New York City is also forecast additional wintry weather as waves of polar cold descend down the East Coast. And while it’s likely safe to pack away the snow shovels for areas south of NYC, Staten Islanders may want to think twice before swapping out winter coats for spring apparel, reads the AccuWeather forecast.

As mentioned at the open, a whopping two-thirds of the CONUS are set to see snow over the next few weeks, well into April. California, Arizona and the Dakotas are other states expecting impressive late-season flurries, but the cherry will likely be taken by Wisconsin — up there they could be measuring totals in the feet:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) March 22 – April 7 [tropicaltidbits.com].

Canada can expect something of a spring burial, too.

ECCC Meteorologist Terri Lang said even though Sunday was the first day of spring, it isn’t feeling that way: “It’s trying, but it won’t feel like spring … with the temperatures reaching towards -20C (for La Ronge),” she said. “I think it’s going to be a slow warm up for this spring. All of the longer-range forecasts are calling for a bit of a cooler spring,” she added.

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) March 22 – April 7 [tropicaltidbits.com].

And looking even further north, it’s also been unusually cold across Greenland.

The Summit Camp Station in the Greenland Plateau has cooled significantly over the past few days. On Monday, March 21 the mercury hit a low of -61.3C (-78.3F), which is a reading not far off the year’s lowest — the -62.4C (-80.3F) set on Jan 31).

And finally, despite recent ambulance chasing MSM reports re. a “boiling Arctic“, the mercury has since cooled-off up north. Substantially so, in fact. Temperatures are now holding far closer to the multidecadal norm. And the same can be said for the Arctic’s southern cousin, too — the Antarctic. The ever-intensifying Grand Solar Minimum and magnetic pole shift are about to deal us modern humans a very bad hand. And all we can do is buckle up and see where fate takes us. There is little mitigation. Or assuaging. Preparing our own survivalist gardens is essential, as is providing adequate off-grid shelter; but when it comes to lessening or averting the blow exerted by the impending cosmic catastrophe there is nothing we can do. Luck will play a crucial role. My advice: tune out the wretched narrative spewing from your TV and radio, and crane your neck back, because that’s where our truth lies — up.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre). Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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18 Thoughts to “Substantial Spring Snow To Hit Two-Thirds Of The United States–From The Northwest, Through Texas, To The Northeast (GSM)”

  1. Harry Davidson

    Last year I pointed out that it was the 4th cold winter in a row in the northern US states. I asked how many it would take before northern voters would rebel and demand that their beloved Democrat party change its policy. I was told it was no biggie, they are used 4 cold ones followed by a warm one. Now it’s 5 in a row, and getting worse.

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      Wait till they see snow and/or cold weather in SUMMER!

      1. Dallas Schneider

        I am just waiting for them to “see” anything!
        The dems are looking blind, deaf and dumb to me.
        How do you tell a man doing life in prison from his teenage years
        about the beauties of Central Park?
        Seems a huge amount of confessionals are due to be delivered
        before they take the blinders off.
        I hope they are up to baring their soul so they can experience some
        DS (Not BS, that’s my cousin)

    2. Mystic’s Mystic

      The government knows everything there is to know about the cold weather that is coming. If they were truly deceived they would have the scientist that convinced them there was global warming coming on the carpet to explain their faulty predictions. Watch them closely because none of them are shocked. The propaganda has all been deliberately executed.

      1. Anonymous

        Yes Mystic, I recommend watching/listening to the following videos for all the diligent TransPreppers in this order:

        Situation Update, Mar 18, 2022 – No, Russia isn’t losing… the WEST is self-destructing!

        Situation Update, Mar 21, 2022 – The DEATH and REBIRTH of human civilization will lead to universal AWAKENING

        The Babylon Bee’s Man Of The Year Is Rachel Levine

        Handy DIY instructional video on MTF bottom surgery in case SHTF requires a quick at home gender change colourfully narrated by Doktor Harry Vox. The second video completing the top surgery [the half brain removal surgery to complete the transition will follow shortly]. Note the second surgery may require the help of another person as it is almost impossible to complete as a now fully functioning “woman”. Also best of luck with your post surgery recoveries.

        Note the following are not Babylon Bee articles.
        Russia is now engaged in a NUCLEAR EVACUATION ‘DRILL.” President Vladimir Putin is said to have ordered this “Drill” and HIS FAMILY HAS BEEN EVACUATED!

        Four Star Admiral Rachel L. Levine (HSS) (a.k.a. The TransPrepper)

  2. Kate

    I am fairly new to this site. Wondered if you have offered any info about the value of large hoop houses or full on steel structured greenhouses with heavy duty plastic film, to weather the unusual cold and high snow/rain we are experiencing. Even smaller structures on top of beds can help a lot!! And lots of Remay. Can’t expect to do a garden and get anything much without it, given the late springs and early falls. I even overwinter root crops and greens that way. And it is so helpful for keeping torrential rains off of the beds, if you can then water them in the dry weeks. Best of luck to all! Kate


    Could you shed some light on the major flooding around the world that has been going on for some time?

    1. Dallas Schneider

      Seems the falling magnetic field or we are entering a more dense area of the galaxy or both are allowing more cosmic rays to enter the atmosphere scattering causing more particles for raindrops to form and flood.

      ” In 1995, Henrik Svensmark discovered a startling connection between the cosmic ray flux from space and cloud cover. ”

      In 2015 I was talking on a Saturday to a man in Sierra Leone about property there. I asked him if it ever flooded, being well aware of the cosmic ray connection, having seen increasing flooding occur starting in 1976 when 27 inches fell in Bakersfield TX in a week in an area normal rainfall is 6 inches ANNUALLY tops. He said “no, it doesn’t flood here”. The next day on Sunday Freeport got hit Massively, killing over hundred people. Not just killing them, ripping their clothes, their arms, heads and legs off. A complete disaster. He called me a “see-er”, saying whatever I told him he was going to listen!!!

      This is True (Ok to Publish)
      Dallas Schneider

      1. Anonymous


        Please excuse the poor headlines, We begin to expect it from them.
        For if no rain, no flood unless a dam breaks or a tsunami hits.
        This was a rain induced event.

        1. Matt Dalby

          We’ve been in an area of the galaxy that is dense in stars and hence cosmic rays for millions of years, hence the long running ice age. I’m using the scientific/geological meaning of ice age, not the everyday meaning, which states that we’re in a short lived inter-glacial period, but looking at a much longer term picture such as the past 2 million years such conditions are fairly uncommon and it’s far more typical for much of the Northern hemisphere to be covered in ice.
          The position of the solar system in the galaxy does affect climate, but only on the time scale of millions or tens of millions of years.

          1. Dallas Schneider


        1. Dallas Schneider

          Not a current gofundme, No donation expected.
          I am not associated with this fundraiser.
          It just has great pictures.

      2. Dallas Schneider

        Correction – 2017, not 2015 for the Freetown flood.
        Also, not over 100, but over 300 people killed.

  4. Balboa

    Says 16 to 20 inches to hit madistan, wi. While i hope this prediction comes true. I have to report throughout this winter season, those previous predictions were almost nonexistant or amounted to slim to none accumulations. Temps were definitely on colder than normal temps from late december through 1st week of march. Our location snows went north or south all season. Was a very consistently dry, cold winter here. Bring on the snowpocalypse please

    1. Deb

      We did not get much in mid-MO either. A couple of 4 inchers and a light dusting. Far from the 18″ predicted by forecast models on the first one. Milder temps than last winter, too.

      1. Dallas Schneider

        Thanks for this report, Deb.

        1. Deb

          Dallas- Why are you buttering me up, lol?

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