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Storm Gloria brings Heavy Snow to Spain, killing at least 3

RED ALERTS were activated across the Mediterranean this week as “Storm Gloria” approached bringing with it the threat of heavy snow, torrential rain and gale-force winds…

And “Gloria” did indeed deliver, lashing many parts of Spain through the weekend and into Monday–forcing the closure of Alicante Airport along with more than 30 roads in the east due to heavy snow.

Some 10,000 homes in and around the southeastern town of Orihuela were left with electricity Monday following power-line faults, while at least 3 people were killed across the country.

In Valencia, fire fighters were dispatched to clear the roads of snow, while in the Balearic Islands, roads were closed as rivers burst their banks following 24 hours of torrential rain. Storm surges also struck the islands — 14.22m waves were recorded in Dragonera island (the highest ever recorded in Balearics).

The first fatality occurred in Asturias when a 44 year old man was killed by a truck skidding out of control as he attempted to put snow-chains on his car at the side of the road. The second was a 50 year old homeless woman who died of exposure after sleeping in a park in Gandia on the Valencian coast. And the third was a 63-year-old Spanish man who died on Sunday afternoon in the central village of Pedro Bernardo after high winds brought a roof tile crashing down onto him.

Spain’s weather agency AEMET issued warnings for the “eastern third of the Peninsula and the Balearics” for “wind, rain, snow and waves” that would continue through Wednesday this week.

Heavy snow was recorded in Valencia, as these pictures from Biar and Banyeres de Mariola show.

The lower-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activity.

Don’t fall for bogus, warm-mongering political agendas — IPCC: “Milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms” — the reality is proving somewhat different, isn’t it…

Open your eyes, not a copy of The Guardian — prepare for the coming COLD:

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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3 Thoughts to “Storm Gloria brings Heavy Snow to Spain, killing at least 3”

  1. Gaziger

    At what point will the bogus AGW narrative fall apart?

  2. Matt

    “The lower-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activity.”

    Then please explain why there’s been a stark lack of snowstorms and severe cold outbreaks across most of the European continent so far this winter. If the lower latitudes are supposedly refreezing, why is very little of that brutal arctic air you keep talking about not showing up? It’s interesting how you’ve selectively left that little fact out in each of your articles talking about Europe’s weather; it’s almost as if you’re deliberately not talking about it because it conflicts with the message you’re spreading. Why does that sound eerily familiar?

    1. Cap Allon

      The Northern Hemisphere is bigger than just Europe:


      Also, look into Meridional jet stream flows…

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