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Sri Lanka’s Public Sector Workers Given Fridays Off To Grow Food; Pakistanis Told To Drink Less Tea To Fight Economic Crisis; + Iran Turns To French Barley After Germany, Russia and Kazakhstan Fail To Deliver

Sri Lanka’s Public Sector Workers Given Fridays Off To Grow Food

Sri Lanka has told its public sector workers to take an extra day off each week to grow food in their back yards. A move that is expected to ‘domino’ across the planet over the coming months in a bid to forestall an inevitable global famine.

An unprecedented economic downturn, supply chain woes and global crop failures have left staple foods in short supply in Sri Lanka. The same can be said for petrol and medicines, too, as record-high inflation continues to ravage household budgets.

The country’s public employees, which amount to 1.5 million people, will have every Friday off for the next three months with full pay. Workers will also be permitted to find work abroad and send money back to the island without it impacting their seniority or pension amid a labor crisis primarily driven by a critical shortage of foreign currency to buy imports.

“It seems appropriate to grant government officials leave for one working day of the week and provide them with the necessary facilities to engage in agricultural activities in their backyards,” said a cabinet statement–which, even with all the political spin and downplaying in the world, must have Sri Lankans panicked — it should have us westerns worried, too.

The day spent working the vegetable garden would be a “solution to the food shortage that is expected to occur in the future”, the statement continued, adding that cutting down on civil servant commutes would also help reduce fuel consumption.

The UN has warned that Sri Lanka faces a “dire humanitarian crisis” due to food shortages.

The county has also defaulted on its $51bn foreign debt and is in talks with the IMF for a bailout.

Victory Gardens: returning to a western nation near you soon.

I believe this it is.

This is the start of the collapse ‘proper’.

And while I am still expecting a ‘blow-up’ in the stock market, an irrational price explosion where equities climb exponentially higher off the back of some Fed policy change (rather than an economic revival), after that though –and perhaps even sooner if that final pump fails to play out– I see it as being all down down down in the very near future…

In order to have Great Reset, you first need a Great Depression.

Pakistanis Told To Drink Less Tea To Fight Economic Crisis

Similarly in Pakistan, the government there has appealed to its citizens to drink less tea in order to help save on imports amid the nation’s deepening economic crisis.

“I appeal to the people to reduce their tea drinking by one or two cups a day because we also borrow money for the tea, which is imported,” planning minister Ahsan Iqbal said at a press conference on Tuesday.

The government spends about $600m on tea imports annually, with a single Pakistani drinking at least three cups a day.

The appeal has been lambasted across the country, but Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has deemed it necessary to help avert an economic disaster and also to meet conditions set by the IMF in order to revive a desperately needed $6bn bailout package.

The request to drink less tea may the final straw for everyday Pakistanis, however.

In recent months, the government has increased the price of fuel, natural gas and electricity by 45%, which in turn has sent food prices soaring. And to the shock of many, Sharif’s government late last night announced the third 24 rupees petrol rise in the past three weeks, taking the price to approx. 234 rupees per liter — an almost doubling from where it was when Sharif took office just two months ago.

And in an interesting side-plot, Pakistan’s previous president, Imran Khan, who was removed in a no-confidence vote in April, has claimed his successor, Sharif, came into power under a United States’ plot–a charge Washington denies.

Now in opposition, Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party recently took to Twitter, claiming Sharif’s government has damaged the economy, barely two months since taking office.

Khan blames the current administration for rolling power outages, which are now commonplace, as well as for the country’s currency, the rupee, plummeting to a record low in trading against the US dollar.

Iran Turns To French Barley After Kazakhstan, Germany And Russia Fail To Deliver

Iran, short on grain reserves, has booked at least two cargoes of French barley in a rare move.

According to La Pallice port data, a vessel with 63,000 mt of barley is currently being loaded destined for BIK port, Iran.

The move comes with Iran short on reserves, according to market sources, namely feed grains.

Canada and France have been the only nations able to meet their expected barley exports in recent months, with other traditional suppliers, namely Russia and the Ukraine, failing to meet demands for well-documented reasons.

Iran traditionally buys 44% of its imported barley from the EU, usually from Germany and Baltic origins; a large portion also comes from Kazakhstan; while 40% of all its imports derive from Russia. This year, however, all have had to turn Iran away, which has forced the country to scour the global markets to fulfill its needs, and it is paying a premium to do so.

This is the story for many import nations as global shortages and food nationalism hit.

First, you have spiraling prices and shortages (check & check), and then comes the famine (now an inevitability). Next, you have civil unrest, violent regime changes and, finally, a Great Reset with all that that entails–including a complete overhaul of the monetary system.

It’s all meticulously planned and there’s now no was of stopping it.

What we can do, however, is stand strong and reject their version of the ‘reset’ once it is proposed. There will be a negotiation. They will push things hard to see what they can get away with, it is then that we push back and don’t give them an inch.


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6 Thoughts to “Sri Lanka’s Public Sector Workers Given Fridays Off To Grow Food; Pakistanis Told To Drink Less Tea To Fight Economic Crisis; + Iran Turns To French Barley After Germany, Russia and Kazakhstan Fail To Deliver”

  1. Michael Peinsipp

    America is in a recession already and since the Fed raised rates 75 basis points (.75) it will now fall faster.
    We are +- ready and many here in America are ready for the riots/looting that is coming.
    We live very rural so we are safe. Only 1 Family member is in a big city but we have a plan to remove her very quickly to safety.

  2. Martin Siebert

    About the great crisis of 29…(or 2029?)
    “All this prosperity (false green energy progress) was supported on extremely fragile foundations.
    Unregulated credit and the growth of financial speculation created a bubble of false prosperity that was on the edge of the precipice.
    Society became incapable of realizing what it was about to happen”. Could this 1929 cicle be happen again?

  3. Ajulasne

    Yes, We the people will have our own great reset that has nothing to do with globalism, the WEF, the WHO and the deep state! I know the system has to fail, but we can choose which direction we go once at the bottom. I’m as prepared as I can be. Bring it on I say, the quicker we get thru this part the quicker we can rebuild with systems in place that people actually want and need, instead of the old central bank system that’s been running and ruining for so so long

    1. Ranch Ghost

      Ajulasne · @Ajulasne 1 day ago. I am so glad I left the US. What a sad and dangerous time for you all there. Stay strong and grow food.
      “I’m as prepared as I can be. Bring it on I say, the quicker…”… just like with heaters, staples and staplers ‘n preparedness… if you know how many or how much you got… then you ain’t got enough… even if you’re not in the US.

  4. Ice Age Eugenics and Econo-Techno-Psycho-Biowarfare Now.Info

    “In order to have Great [pre Ice Age/cold period] Reset, you first need a Great Depression… and a few bank runs… along with a Great [mega-eugenical democide to re-boot] Reset and “Right-size” the herd.

    There’s a run on Chinese banks and it’s being ignored by the World

    World Hal Turner 14 June 2022

  5. walnutter Down Under

    For all the preppers out there:
    Remember the scene in the movie “Dr Zhivago ” where the doc has retreated to his family summer-house / dacha and begins living quietly in the caretaker’s cottage ? One day he goes to the village for supplies or whatever…. and is arrested and drafted back into the Red Army as a doctor again. Big Sister will not be argued with in the long run. Every wall will have ears. In Stalin’s day, in Romania every family had its paid (or blackmailed) informant to the Stasi.
    This is not to belittle any preparation; however to suggest we add neighbourhood friendly groups and reliable communication as a priority. Also to resolve the most critical long term preparation: When we meet our Maker, where have we prepared to be for eternity ? The spiritual dimensions are not measurable, that does not dismiss their reality .

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